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Computer of Terry Tips Newsletter - June 12, 2011.

Terry hi, I have a computer running Windows XP, SP-2. This will install not SP-3, or [...] Ability to master disk HDD SMART disabled
This week, Subscriber long Tom Sosna wrote an unusual problem.

Dear Terry, I am an avid reader of your newsletter and await his arrival weekly. I learned many things from him, but unfortunately I can still do some things… dumbLa second stage involved running the "check disk" tool in Windows XP. I have checked the box fix and repair as indicated… When I opened my monitor I got a black screen indicating that the capacity of master SMART hard disk had been disabled and it is also responsible for [...]

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This week online:

With my new design of the web site of Terry, my computer tips, I publish now articles individually rather than as a question online. This also means that I can link with the articles, as I have below:

  • The displaying of video on a TV
    Thailand written Keith Vogon Subscriber

    Dear Terry. While trying to find an answer via Google, I suddenly realized that I have a great guru so here goes. I was transferring my films to drive Western Digital Passport hard and suddenly realized that I didn't know how to connect my TV to

VIPRE Antivirus and
VIPRE antiviru Premium
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GFI has added a new option for VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Antivirus Premium - a new life of PC subscription option, but they have announced that it was a special June!

VIPRE Antivirus PC lifetime

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This week online - Blast From The Past
Newly posted articles

Here are the new individual articles this week on the site of Terry, my computer Tip that have posted in my e-mail or online newsletters.

As above, they are now direct links to individual articles…

  • Touchpad of the notebook stopped working
    I received a question this week of a subscriber who feared that his computer had been used to send spam during the night.

    Terry, the night before last, I left my computer on, something I normally do not, and after about 2: 30 pm, approximately 20 e-mails have been sent from my account to everyone [...]

  • Junk Mail is sent from user account
    Subscriber Greg h. wrote this week about a problem he had with his Acer laptop:

    I have a Acer Aspire 4720Z now has a frozen cursor. Using the touchpad has no effect, the cursor is just in one place on the screen. Any suggestions? Thank you first of all, I wrote back to Greg at [...]

I love the redesign of web site of Terry, my computer tips - making display section and maintenance much easier than before. I am glad that I switched to WordPress and the Genesis theme framework.

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