Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sportiiiis sets the warning lights on your glasses

What you see here is each pair of glasses in a heads up display (HUD) a way primarily.

It would be not as effective as one of this video eyewear by Vuzix or MyVu, but what you see in the image are not really designed for watching videos on the go. This Sportiiis victims video detail for effect, if there are seven colored LEDs that light up and flash as a warning to the user.

For example, if the user can not to existing performance monitors such as production counters or heart rate chest strap, the ANT + protocol use, can she in response according to the level of activity lights up. Like when you achieve your optimal heart rate you will receive a green LED. I assume that you get a yellow LED, if you are above or below the target.

For some reason my source only tells how this Sportiiiis can be used for sporting activities but I don't see why not other uses than can happen also. For example, could a blue light comes up when I have a call, then I would answer it with my Bluetooth headset. See? I thought that right now.

The Sportiiiis should in November for about $ 199. by the way, is it Sportiiiis with 4 i, such as Mississippi. In contrast to the old joke, it has four in the future and you can see at least some things.


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Solar is a fuel-saving blimp

It is one thing I like to have in the air to see, and that's airships. This solar ship makes yonder me as even more, because it very green one in the wild is blue.

As you might have guessed, the solar is solar-powered. I am sure that you know that remain airships in the air, because the helium they lighter than air does, but something to drive them. Why not solar-powered lithium ion, that fuels of the propeller have?

The solar ship can be up to 600 miles with two tonnes payload travels. Can you see a video of it after the jump, and you can, that it is not too long by a start and runway for takeoffs and landings required. This is important for situations when you need a skill that can land in tight places such as from a natural disaster affected areas. Sometimes you have to be brought out, and the solar ship is saving as a helicopter to do, probably more fuel and craft.

As you can see from the video, the solar boat is a craft work, but not public demonstrations do the company to the next year. Until then the solar ship in three different sizes, but I have no word, how much charge that can carry them.


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After France you come, stay in a bubble

Some of you may remember when we this story about the Igloo village in Finland, fall, which remain in glass igloos while observing the guests of the northern lights.

A French designer named Stéphane Dumas came up with a similar model with sleeves bubble for the observation of the stars at night. Thanks to an airlock at the entrance and a quiet pump that creates pressure, these rooms have always their bubble form.

There's a video after the jump, what you look like these rooms to see. You have that white look of the sixties and seventies's science fiction movies, and the transparent ceiling looks calm. Just so you know, this room from recycled plastic are manufactured.

I like the look of the room from the video, but I wish there were more private. Not only, everyone can see what you are doing in the bubble, but there is a toilet in the room, the only a few metres from the bed. For couples, this could be a stay to indicate a little.

My source says that one night is $700, but I hope that this price includes rent the park for the night. The video says, that it approximately $283.


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Moon Illuminated remote control

Some of us during our younger days, if we were a person of the opposite sex to advertising, promise do all sorts of things - such as politician of the other party, and most of the time we are unable, to fulfill this promise. Such promises may include but here is a chance for you the Moon and the stars, redeem, itself-let alone the number of years that passed since then. The £ 24.99 illuminated remote control Moon could be the answer to your are and it is also a suitable nightclub for small children.

The name of the device caused the game where you keep track of the Moon for it helps never note phases, when clouds already around the Moon, silvery wipe out light. All you have to do is to assemble this authentic lunar landscape on your wall, and it is ready to go, where it is specially programmed similar to go through of the actual moon phases such as the. Want to disable it? Just use the handy remote control and turn it off, and if you forget this, it has an automatic shut-off function, as well as. There must be no reflection from the Sun, but rather, is powered by a Quartet of AA batteries.

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Kingston UrDrive changes the way that you view USB flash drives

When it comes to USB flash drives, conveying speed most of the time we wonder would only what in addition can be made for improvements to such peripherals apart from more and more space to the data. -Now, Kingston has an idea because they have been in the business of storage for the longest time already, so why not leave it to them in a way find? Their latest brainstorming session led the Kingston UrDrive, where it your average USB flash drive in an active storage device turn.

UrDrive is a free pre-installed application that turn appearance on a number of Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drives, operate your average USB drive of passive memory mode, make active storage. This will also allow that user to easily access and organize your personal files, photos, music, games and videos. Also a built-in Photo Viewer and MP3 player that it is easy to check your preferred digital moments, will return on the swings, melodies, heck, the good memories.

Of course, everything feel good factor is reinforced by improved security with Norton PC Checkup offered. This particular diagnostic tool can scan for viruses, which will contain the checks for slow performance, as well as the identity and data risks while worms, spyware and adware. The inclusion of UrDrive will also further improve the digital experience 3 Web browser with the Maxthon. I know I've heard not by Maxthon 3 me before, but it is designed to provide industry-leading start and rendering speeds, while the sport of an architecture provides a portable, secure browsing experience users. You can browse basically at the same time all temporary files on public computers, history and cookies are stored on your flash drive and not on the computer itself.

On the first UrDrive that stand up as a free, pre-installed application, to Kingston for beginners DataTraveler 100 G 2, 108 and 109 USB flash drives, with the DTIG3 to get it at some point on the road, as well as come in capacities of 4 GB to 32 GB.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vibroy portable vibration speaker

If you then surely you would know an audiophile that high-quality loudspeakers offer great-sounding music - it is only natural to be. Of course, most high-quality speakers are also great, but that $29.99 Vibroy portable vibration speaker could surprise you just how this is a unique, powerful pocket-sized music speaker. It can almost everyday objects in speaker - of conversion and if a specific device with headphones work, it also works with Vibroy.

You can decide to stay the Vibroy objects, even your coffee cup to a spontaneous speaker portable vibration speaker in everyday life such as boxes, empty food containers, furniture heck. As it is rather small, you can slip it in the bag, so that you can it to everywhere dead. The "magic" stickers on the Vibroy be hold easily on virtually any surface, and if you want to remove, pull it at a 45-degree angle and restick it again and again. You are dirty should be, can clean it in an instant with a damp cloth.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

HEX supports new iPod nano with polycarbonate-icon band

We were introduced to a new iPod Nano just a few days, and you can bet your bottom dollar that companies, to churn out accessories for Apple's small portable media player crawl are, to a segment of the market, which capture. Now, HEX is an old hand at Apple peripherals, and they continue this tradition by the unveiling of a new line of icon watch straps.

You emerge in a lively area of user-defined polycarbonate, make the perfect accessory the HEX symbol clock band, when the latest generation of iPod Nano into it is placed. Since you have 16 different types of watches to choose from with the new Nano, you can be sure that the HEX symbol, wrapped around the wrist carry a surefire way every day, more or less is a "new" watch. There are also built-in buttons as well easy access to the iPod-nano-30-pin connector for compatibility with other accessories.

You will be able to choose from five colors such as blue, green, purple, white and black, while a ceramic texture of time adds more detail. If you are interested in, which is icon watch band per piece for $39.95 retail.

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LG Optimus 3D is 3D game converter

3D stereoscopic 3D (graphic, that is) seems to be that these days, what first must we 3D TVs to help usher in 3D movies in the living room, almost every other movie that appears on the screen a 3D version to rake in more Moolah, and even games has taken today also sports the 3D route - the Nintendo 3ds, as well as 3D-fähigen see title on a PC and console platform? Heck, now came even stereoscopic 3D in the world of smartphones, with the LG Optimus-3D one of them is.

I tried some native 3D games on the LG Optimus-3D recently, and they look good, although my eyes tend to, after a while tired, because it requires no glasses to wear, and if you move the listener into the more frenzied moments of gameplay, the distorted Gets the angle of view - that is why my eyes need constantly to correct itself. In any case, much different than photos on the Smartphone display 3D, works great, but for now we talk 3D games on the LG Optimus-3D. If you have some 2D games on it and asked me how it works in 3D, LG has released a 3D game converter app.

This 3D game converter recently received much interest at IFA 2011 in Germany, and is already available for download for LG Optimus-3D Smartphone owners. It is part of the first maintenance release (Mr), and the software will be met, Alraedy in Europe at the roll-out in other regions over the next weeks.

Announced the first software engine that Smartphonebenutzer Open GL-based 2D games in 3D, are transformed, while with the choice to switch back to 2D at any time, can you say, "How is cool"? In any case it would be fun to see how older 2D games are converted - the software is smart enough to find out what's "behind" the depth set can, and should the sprite to before?

As long as your 2D based on Open GL game up and running in landscape mode, which will play 3D game converter app - Nice is the modes between 3D and 2D change just a flick of the 3D of hot key away. Automatically via WiFi you can 3D game converter by the search for software updates directly to the phone settings menu.

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FINIS speed Trainer Pro

We have reported the FINIS speed Trainer Pro before, and I have a chance to the try. I wish I could try it out in the pool, but I don't have a. Also, it kind of is cold.

As we mentioned, in the competition is for serious swimmers, as those are the FINIS Trainer Pro pace. I had no idea that swimmers need to synchronize a "perfect time" to their strokes to sink competition.

The pace-Trainer Pro a waterproof timer is made as a metronome emits a beep, the perfect pace to help find the swimmers. An attempt is made, a swimmer glasses are cut off, and as here you can see it fits under a cozy Cap. Yes, this is not fall out at any time soon, but if so, it will swim directly to the surface.

The FINIS speed Trainer Pro has three key functions for three selectable modes. Mode 1 is a single tone in beats per second, mode 2 is a triple tone in beats per second and mode 3 is a single tone in beats per minute.

This device is not only for swimmers. It is for cyclists, runners, and any other activity that can be improved with a perfect pace. If this works for you on the FINIS Web site and set $49.99.

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Norton anti-theft can you stolen or lost gone notebook locks

I remember, the sinking feeling I had before a few years, when after returning home and opening up, I realized my trunk, that my laptop was stolen. Not only that, this happened while I ate, and all went back to the scene, but the chances of recovering stolen is as high as that think the world at the end of next year. Made a police report, my hope to flicker and died when I was a more statistics.

Man, if only the Norton anti-theft-Web service was available back then, where make can lock away, find and recover a lost or stolen Windows powered notebooks, or driven to modern times, an Android Smartphone or tablet. Norton anti-theft supports the Norton everywhere initiative, which would extend further, Norton security expertise and technologies to protect of the consumer, no matter where they are independent of device and platform.

How our mobile devices become more powerful, useful to enhance the security of such devices save it ever-increasing amounts of personal information. Norton anti-theft Web site can have from almost any browser, to find out where your lost or stolen notebook/Smartphone is not to mention, thus lock it remote, accessible. The main functions would be:-.

  • Search: tracks and maps the location of the device, if someone uses it, go to online
  • Remote lock: Deactivated safely use your device or your data to see others to prevent
  • Lost notification: displays a customizable message for everyone, finds the missing device, so you can agreements to get it back
  • Web control: Works safely over the Internet, so that you keep track of, look, and locks your device anytime, anywhere
  • Sneak peek: Snaps photos of no one and nothing on your device and stores the images on the Norton anti-theft site to help you back your device (webcam devices only)
  • Free support: help and answers by phone, e-Mail, live chat, or online, when you need it

This Web-based service is a snap to sign, you can create your account here. Norton has proposed a price of $39.99 for a trio of equipment, $59.99 for 5 devices and $89.99 for 10 devices - where a year's worth of protection, as well as support for all Web based browser itself provide each subscription.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work, the recycling truck

Recycling is the way to go in this day and age. Finally, the rage is green, and at least you get to hold the Earth for the next generation. If you in your home to go green children want to get, can you start with the basics, that reuse have. Therefore $119.95 work recycling truck which is actually a rear-load recycling trucks are stored in the compact, and refuse dump - much like the real deal.

Created by brother, renowned German safer for 85 years she will come with a few 3.25 X 2 recycling storage bins that lift by hand into the truck hopper with a grapple dumped are. Rotating a button will work recycling truck and a Packer blade kick into high gear, which allows debris in an internal storage compartment, which draws it up paper crumpled to 100? CU or other small things.

I don't think that food place there is going to work, but, that only the whole place (or just your cabin) can stink as last week pizza starts to decompose.

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Dell Inspiron one 2320 desktop aimed at families

If you replace your aging one on looking for a new desktop, then perhaps an all-in one solution, so in fashion these days is up your alley may be. We are talking about the Dell Inspiron one desktop here 2320, where it has called for the "ultimate"Stay connected"all-in one desktop" from Dell provides the latest entertainment and interactive experience for your entire family.

No matter, whether you fight him from eating your homework with the dog, therefore top stop, to prevent computer, or to pursue budgetary costs and prevent is that debt, the Dell 2320 to Inspiron one a little something should offer something for every taste.

I have to say, it looks pretty much like all other all-in one computers are, as the decisive factor should be the type of hardware that is implemented under the hood. We know that these puppies into the choice a built-in webcam with HD help between an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, optionally separate graphics card, keep you in touch with family and friends from a distance in high clarity, as well as Wi-Fi support come to the wireless lifestyle of life.

Not only that, with a 23. 6? WLED display resolution of 1920 x 1080, you'll be able to see all your favorite videos, and check your photos in clearer than ever before. Of course, only to keep the competition, Dell threw in the touchscreen function option included. Installed memory is 6 GB but can continue 8 GB expanded, as it is with a standard 1 TB drive with the option to double that amount if your budget and needs.

Other connectivity options include HDMI connection and a 8-in-1 memory card reader. Their eyes are not the only one, who is also possible in a treatment, such as the ears, immersive SRS Audio (with optional JBL speakers) know to appreciate, and if you want you can throw in the optional integrated TV tuner.

If you are interested 2320 in the Dell Inspiron one, can then pick one from the $949.99.

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G clip 4-in-1 Golf compact tool

Golfers have to their fair share of gadgets, you know, though the choice could be limited in comparison to a true blue geek. Now, if you then perhaps may buy only 3 gadgets for your golf hobby, £ 14.99 G-clip compact 4-in-1 golf tool should be made, mandatory, let alone that it is relatively affordable. Not everything expensive is good and vice versa. Finally, if it 9 out of 10 PGA members would recommend tour partner, know you sure, that this is an impressive gizmo. What do you with him?

For starters, this comes highly portable device with a built-in magnets, which will contain your placeholders while a stainless steel-divot tool helps repair and aerate green. Not only that, they doubled is also, as a club rest, for your handles to stay dry, now how about that? A suspension bracket can hold thick or thin a few tea of any length, while shaped Velcro will securely hold your loose gloves. Not only that, it will be added instantly to your belt or waist, is easily accessible whenever you need it.

In view of the fact that it seems the scales at a mere 1 ounce (28 g) tips to be if he made a golf widow mother the perfect gift for dad. Maybe it could turn only when more golf than he would want to play the turning point for him, way out of the game completely after that.

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Native Union desert POP phone

I have native Union products at conferences before, and with the POP-phone, to give my view children (age between 8 and under) training.

You see, on mobile phones were all calls that have made my children. She had the opportunity to always, the entire phone in hand hold, and had never the wide receiver or windy little cord.

For those that Miss at the time of the receiver might want to check, the native Union POP phone, right in the headphones male-female the most smartphones and simulates an old school phone. This version you see here is the Union of desert-POP phone, and the cover design is made to honor the men and women the United States military. In fact, a portion of all sales at the USO, the organization that the troops for a long time has been entertaining go.

So, if you really want this, you should be able to it on the Native Union website for about $49.99 for a limited time. I'm not sure how long this deal up way will be, but since veteran's day over a month, it should be until then.

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BluestSoft DiskArchiver one touch home

Many a time, we are told, a backup of all our work to make, but the time of the day (or, depending on your backup plan) discipline seems to escape us the majority of the time. Now, we say, "if only it was something that we can perform these backups with minimal effort." Come now, if you take your hard work on the digital platform value, but you all necessary steps to ensure there is a copy somewhere? I assumed since you folk are all busy, a gadget that takes most of the guesswork is perfect.

Thus the relatively small BluestSoft DiskArchiver one touch home page introduced, where this USB device somewhat similar dimensions with the iPhone - even if shares are not the functionality for a portable media player with communication device, but instead are embedded with powerful backup software.

Everything you need to do, is this device into the computer connect the one touch backup (OTB) button, and you're good to go - the software is running to by even a quick backup of the entire hard disk, but if you think that this is not required, is always possible, straight segments of the hard disk backup, including files, select folder or additional partitions.?I have to say that the amount of memory is rather disappointing, although the average consumer, 500 GB and 1 TB capacity enough be good.

The DiskArchiver-one touch home back up the entire hard disk or partition is able with the push of a button of an easier touch now how much you it to be expected? Voice commands? The saved image will then be stored as a compressed archive file for later retrieval. Should the disk somehow not one day, do fret not — they are the complete conditions which restore restore archive of DiskArchiver one touch home, and this is done without going through the OS reinstall and update process, not to mention that each application over and over again installed.

Buying one is DiskArchiver-one touch home with 5 PC licenses, go hand in hand, where the DiskArchiver one touch is enough to automatically identify each PC, intelligently retrieve during each PC settings as default values. The 500 GB and 1 TB models are for $169 and $259, retail.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fire extinguisher drink your thirst

I realized that something very real at the table - no matter what kind of dishes, I down from throat to push, as also the array of these slide smoothly down drinks, nothing beats to clean, cold water. It is only a refreshing feeling MSG, especially when so much of today's food contain, to induce the tend to thirst. Now, if you're going to ensure that the fire in the mouth out is set, since you a too many jalapenos in your pizza had, like about doing it in style with £ 17.99 drink fire extinguisher?

Keep in mind this is for drinking only and no fire nearby-, which call for an actual fire extinguishers would. Of course, it could also mislead this uninformed and so make sure no idea that it is OK to drink from a fire extinguisher, that you affect your environment correctly. These drinking vessel seems to have the perfect thing to parties, and it will definitely on the cool list themselves under foreign. Each drink fire extinguisher can to Hawkins's life-saving water or your favorite poison, of course keep.

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E fun Nextbook Premium 8 not honeycomb

E fun connects the Tablet fight their latest addition of the Nextbook family, but that's one thing that we are about sore are - it runs not to the Tablet optimized version of the Google Android operating system, which is known as honeycomb, but rather runs on the Android Smartphone-centric 2.3 gingerbread instead. Thus I tempted fall of pooh poohing it, before I with the rest of which information, would I better this tablet judge not by its operating system.

The Nextbook Premium 8 (as you already now, show the most devices that are usually the size of the screen and the Nextbook Premium 8 a number to the name of the model sport this principle corresponds to faithful know) comes with a 8 color TFT capacitive multi-touch touchscreen that ought to be enough for the average user, but those who use higher resolution displays could probably see this as not good enough. Other hardware specifications are after the jump.

Want to go online? Don't worry, as with most nowadays Nextbook Premium 8 is the sport of Wi-Fi connectivity, and it seems rather enter the e-book reader as a multimedia-centric Tablet-after all, it comes with an e-book reader-software, Kobo eBook Store app, SlideME Program Manager, Office suite Viewer and ASTRO file manager. Powered by the RK2918 rock chip processor, Flash programs can be run to installed with Flash 10.1, while the operating system are updated to the luck in the future update can functions through its over the air (OTA).

Not only that this is the first model in the premium product range, the function is a 2.0 megapixel front, that is before the camera, just in case, that you are looking for some video calls, while 4 GB of internal memory MicroSD memory card slot further complemented with a (, to take another 16 GB of data), sports a mini-USB connector, integrated speakers and a 4-way G-sensor.

Expect to shell out $299.99 for these puppies, as it comes from online dealers as of today.

Company page

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Siblings sharing promotes tricycle

What is life without a little here and there conflict? The $299.99 nebengeordneten tricycle , you see above which may be a dent in your monthly budget, at least it kills two birds with one stone, but I could ditch the collection another feathered friend, if I succeed, to support more points, this particular buying to find Trike. On the one hand have to buy only a tricycle instead of two, so that means more cost-efficient maintenance in the long run. Twins even better if you gave birth, do not you think so?

Number two, keep an eye on your kids make at the same time as she are on the same Trike would be rather than one to fall from the highest branch of the tree in the garden, while the other is a dive in the shallow part of the pool. Certainly, two small children on a single trike is far less heart stopping, and of course easier.

Ah, the third 'bird' so to speak with a single stone - must you don't buy a larger bike for some time to come, as both sides are wide enough for stability, spring cushioned for extra comfort and can be adapted to growth spurts. There is even a wooden cargo box is located behind the rear driver seat away some toy or other elements (but certainly not a third sibling) tuck. Make sure you have a preference for the Assembly of things, otherwise this comments from you in the next parents could reduce survey by the children.

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E fun APEN A4 digital pen plays nice with Apple

If a hardware or software developers something to work, they best do to almost the entire spectrum of consumers meet, and among them are Windows and Apple products. Now, E fun makes the iPhone and iPad right with the APEN A4 digital pen, where it is note you take easier than ever for owners of the two Apple hardware. This will be app-based accessories, where the APEN freely on paper or notebook, to write, while with notes at the same time on the Apple product with a 30-pin cable get sent allows.

Battery life is great to have a wireless environment here with Bluetooth technology, but perhaps might be a potential banana skin, so connected will now go the way. Can imagine, the access to your drawings and notes in only a few finger swipes, keep in mind, create a backup copy of the data that is on your iPhone or IOS is located, just in case something goes wrong.

We are talking about immediate digitizing from here with the digital pen of the A4, and you need not even use a computer, to save time, where is it both for students and professional productivity. Think the a viable solution for those who want to complete their tasks quickly and in terms of cooperation with others. Finally, seems A4 digital pen with the acceptance of the iPad and iPhone, increasing from day to day among students and professionals, a viable solution, because it digitized immediately handwritten notes.

Can share also up to 100 pages into the receiver stores, can your photos on Flickr, Facebook and other social media sites such as and when needed. Handwritten documents may be shared also by e-Mail, if you wish. Expect APEN A4 digital pen, nice with Microsoft Windows XP, to play Microsoft Vista, Microsoft 7, and Mac 10.5, where it costs you $129.99.

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Ali spagnola power album shot glass USB

I have to say that I games no personal experience with drinking. I can honestly say that this product for me is, and I don't think I can recommend it simply because I do not try it out.

At least I tried to not drink part. Shot-glass-USB comes with a USB-stick, which has 60 songs, of which approximately one minute long. As the first song by Ali spagnola States take you a drink after each song ends.

In the event that you worried about, too drunk to keep shot glass are the, it comes with a detachable lanyard. The USB drive full of music, tucked nicely under the Cup itself.

This is, preachy about alcohol and responsibly, drink where I could get really, as I admit must, that drink irresponsible way seriously could promote.

I personally would like to one ", the passes first" to see competition between Marion of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Legolas from the Lord of the rings. My money is in Marion.

If you are not an AA-twelve step program and this makes Ali spagnola hours drinking game itself want to check, then can you buy it for around $29.99 here.

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Hercules XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club speakers

Ever heard of Hercules above? Sure you have, even if only the legendary deity, which is second to none and it long to the ancestor of the Spartans praised. Well, this time around, Hercules, we are talking about has nothing to do with old legends, but still its strength and characters, such as the company keep it audio products pitchers, which will rock your world and the roof to bring.

A leader and pioneer in the digital DJ controller and a digital-audio specialist, Hercules has introduced a renewed style of multimedia speakers in the form of the XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club. This particular pair of compact computer speakers were used inspired by the Professional PA systems by DJs, and your eyes are to identify with the trendy and innovative spirit of this new XPS speaker. I am sure that your ears will agree to, as you dive you a in the nitty gritty in the extended post.

If you like music from DJs then you fall groove, definitely in love with the XPS 2.0 30 DJ be Club speakers. With a wide metal grate, which protects the Central driver, are painted the speakers with contrasting and matte surface, that your personality DJ highlighted. Heck, Hercules decided even in a unique end-of-year "DJ touch" for fans to throw, that want to listen to music in the comfort of their room or Studio.

to ensure that the bass return, the XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club speakers equipped with a port on its front. The full range of connectivity features and controls on the right satellite front, providing easy and immediate access to volume and tone adjustment buttons are strategically. Not only that, it's a headphone output and an auxiliary input lets you to connect with an MP3 player or other compatible portable media players. Apart from that, the enhanced speaker system delivers a balanced sound and a 10 Watt RMS output, since it early next month for $59.99 hits the markets one pop.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Road-Torq of Eton

Eton is very good to make emergency products, which are crank-powered, and the street-Torq is designed specifically for automobiles.

Do you have to change a tire ever at night? Not much fun, is it? The road-Torq not the job any more fun, but it makes it easier and safer. The road-Torq is a light with three retractable legs for easy storage and it give also the power, stand up on its built-in tripod.

The road-Torq has a 1.7 W LED flashlight with 90 lumens, and it is on a hinge, so that you can light the light on some good angle. On the opposite side of the flashlight, 3 are red LED beacon flashing lights that other riders receive a message, that you are at work.

All in all I highly recommend the Torq road, especially so you never need to use it. Car trouble just sucks in the middle of the night on a cold day, but what makes it's worse if you find that your flashlight does not work. With the Torq road you can get crank because two minutes you turn 15 minutes power the power.

In other words, be prepared. You get a road-Torq, put it in your glovebox, and they pull out, if you really need it. She should be able, the road-Torq for around $30.00 to the official website of Eton.

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Jabra Supreme Bluetooth headset

I have asked products on many Jabra before, such as the EASYCALL.

One of the problems with the reporting of Bluetooth headsets is that she essentially all the same, but has more than an interesting feature of the SUPREME. His affair boom arm is used to hold, compressed in memory and also serves as its power on/off feature as well.

The SUPREME has a very soft cushions for the ear. It is very convenient, but I have to say that it out if you much shaking their heads.

It also features active noise cancellation, very much to hear someone that lives up to its promise. Other features include wind technology, the gusty sounds of the wind noise in your Bluetooth conversation removed. There are also noise blackout 3.0, for "Technology".

First of all, I found one the top bit hard to use, as the design was very different from the most Bluetooth headsets. There is a button on the flip boom arm, which allows the user to voice guidance and voice control, helped me a lot.

All in all I would recommend the top for indoor use, but they are situations where you your head constantly, shake will be, do not expect it to stay. Note the important thing is that the sound is quite good. The top you can sometime this month, but I can't seem to find a price for it. Click here for more information.

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Kanex AirBlue of Portable Bluetooth music receiver

These small disc that you see here is the Kanex AirBlue, and it is very similar to the Orb-music player , I suggest a few days.

It is a portable Bluetooth music receiver, wirelessly playing a user, can hear and iDevice all favorite media from one of his own words, the Kanex AirBlue to control Smartphone or any compatible Bluetooth device.

I have to try it out, and it is a phone with the disc, AirBlue pairing and plugging into the speakers. The area is about 33 feet away, and it works "High fidelity and premium sound" with the, that it advertises.

I think what makes the AirBlue is that it is small, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is also easy, and for those who this can be a car stereo, you need to calculate how it adds via USB.

I had to admit that I had some difficult pairing with him, and had to check the FAQ section on the official website to get it right. After that, it played just fine.

You can get the Kanex Airblue from the official website for about $49.00.

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Spooky ice planet lab

If you believe that you the imagination of the violinist and can $19.99 come with something so creepy as foreigners and other Xenomorphs, then perhaps in the spooky ice planet labwant to invest. This is also allows a unique opportunity to create creepy crystallized creatures, and it, to study the properties of the crystals in this science Kit itself. While someone from so young as 10, is, I'm pretty sure that the older can have their fair share out there also also fun with him.

Who says that you up Halloween fun with creepy, spooky and scary things had to wait? This crystal growing kit can those with a taste for science to consider Crystal properties when creating their own version of monsters. It is also a Workbench subject, all the Crystal is to keep the production of tools, not to mention shaped wells for the planting of trees and situating Sentinel errors, a skeleton and the ice Lord himself.

A full user guide is in the mix to directly out of the box, JumpStart thrown and even better news is this - there is no need for a small fridge, go into this.

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Twilight Supernova for golfers, love to play late into the night

Not everyone has doesn't mean the vision of a cat in the night, but that you can enjoy your game of golf, even though you are whacking way in low-light conditions. This unique £ 29.99 twilight Supernova a professional golf ball with integrated effects is enabled is LEDs. As soon as you tee off (or spending some bunkers, try your way through chip), it blinks fast amounting to 7.2 times per second - and stay that way up to 8 minutes. Providing enough time for you to see the ball so long and to go, you should think so?

Not only that there is a back-up plan with the twilight supernova. At the moment, the LEDs blink, stop, supernova of patented guest speaker delivers technology to ensure that the ball can shine too bright for several hours. Available in blue, green and white, see it positively radioactive after it have given you a good slap. The built-in battery can last around 40 hours or 300 results depending on what comes first, and I think that it even for a alternative toys for cats, around with the night hunt could make.

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