Monday, June 20, 2011

I want a real backup program

Subscriber Mike Gallagher recently wrote about his computer backup:

HI Terry,.

I am confused about "backup" on your computer. I see all kinds of advertising and articles on the computer backup. What I see, all is not a real backup. What I mean as a "real backup" is that if a hard disk crashes - even one with the operating system on it, full recovery can be done. This is true even if the disk crashed with its smell and Visual effects included - a resulting head crash is loud nasty, short films circuit with sparks and nasty stinking smoke. O.K. get you my point.

If I have a real backup, I replace the hard disk, load the backup CD or DVD, boot and start all the required files on the new hard disk loading, delete the backup media, reboot and am right where I was running, just before the excitement.

Such a procedure really exist, or is just a backup of "backup" application, but not all install them and programs run info? It seems that this is what are backup programs.

I'm looking for a backup program, or any term that you want to use, which allows me create a CD / DVD or a set of them that I can retrieve as described above, without having to go find my original install disks for operating system and applications as well.

I am running windows 7, 64 bit, home premium.

Thank you

Mike G.

Mike the asking - and I am already using, as a number of readers of computer advice of Terry. The solution is a backup image program called Acronis True Image home 2011.

You can make your own recovery from the DVD if you want, or save the image in a large file on an external drive, on a computer across your home network, or even on a second physical hard disk in your computer.

While you could save your image backup and subsequent incremental backups on a separate partition on the same hard disk, which would put all your eggs in one basket.

Be sure to create the CD bootable ("Create Bootable"), since you need (to start so that you can run recovery on the CD) If you actually replace the drive or restore your C: drive.

You can schedule backups to occur when you want to that they occur and the backup that you want to save.

I used Acronis True Image home for a few years - version 7, v9, v10, v11, v2009, ISU and now v2011. It retains everything improves.

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