Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Download The Best 5 of Antivirus 2011

Antivirus is a must-have tool for every computer. The computer without antivirus will not last more than 30 minutes in exploring the world of the Internet. In this post I will share the five best antivirus 2011 which can protect your computer from various threats viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious programs.

Here is a list of top five antivirus:

BitDefender Antivirus 2011

BitDefender is the best antivirus in the world for computers, notebooks, Macs, Mobile, etc.. Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 is loaded with new features to protect your computer from unknown antivirus, Internet threats, Spyware and other. Download BitDefender Antivirus 2011

Norton Antivirus 2011

Norton is a very well-known antivirus and antivirus effective enough, and occupies a top position in the world. Norton protects Computer, Notebook, Mobile, etc.. Norton Antivirus 2011 is loaded with additional new features and protect your computer from any form of virus known and unknown. Download Norton Antivirus 2011

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

Kaspersky antivirus known as the performance is very fast and has the ability to defend your computer from any threats known and unknown. Kaspersky antivirus is very admirable that runs directly or indirectly on your computer, in addition to computer kaspersky can also be used to protect your phone. Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

AVG Antivirus 2011

AVG antivirus which is quite famous and award-winning new Award-Winning Antivirus. I think AVG is the best Antivirus in the world. The use of low Ram and many other new features. AVG Antivirus 2011 provides complex protection for your computer. Download AVG Antivirus 2011

McAfee Antivirus 2011

McAfee Antivirus which is good for home computer users and protect your computer from all known viruses and spyware. McAfee provides the performance is very fast and always keep your PC clean from viruses. Download McAfee Antivirus 2011
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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Choose a Good Anti-Virus

Anti-virus is used to prevent infection by a virus or do a scan / cleaning in the file / system infected with viruses / trojans / worms. Anti-virus software is the main defense against the problem of viruses / trojans / worms. Anti-virus should be effective and always up-to-date.

Why should install anti-virus software?
Without anti-virus we become very vulnerable / easily susceptible to computer viruses, among others:
* Infection email attachment.
* Infection "Drive-by" for visiting corrupt websites.
* Viruses that attack via the internet ("worms").
* Spyware triggered by viral infections.
* Viruses that spread using macros in application documents.
* Depending on the software you use, can detect some spyware.

Exposed to the virus can lead to serious consequences, including:
* Theft of personal data.
* Abuse.
* Loss of data.
* The computer becomes slow or unusable.

What does anti-virus software ?
Anti-virus software protects a variety of possible attacks:
* Scan incoming email that contains a virus.
* Monitor files being opened or created to ensure that the files are not infected with the virus.
* Conduct periodic scans of every file in the computer.

What anti-virus software do not ?
Anti-virus software does not protect you against:
* Viruses that do not have a characteristic sign for unique / signature.
* Programs that you install that may have additional features that are not desirable.
* Most of the spyware.
* Spam.
* Various kinds of abuse or criminal activity.
* Hackers who try to break into your computer through the internet.

Anti-virus will not be useful if it is turned off for any reason and will not be very effective when its use is not frequent updates (updates) to recognize the latest viruses. Signature of the virus such a crime map complete with the characteristics of criminals. Each time a new virus appears, will be analysis and create a new bookmark for when the anti-virus reappeared can do block.

How do I choose an anti-virus?
Good for personal use or for the office there are many options

Personal / Standalone or Package?
Most companies selling standalone antivirus program developers can use to make protection against the virus. For packages other protection features such as firewall, spam filtering, anti-spyware and others.

In choosing an anti-virus there are few criteria to consider:
* Price.
* Review on the website that has a good reputation.
* Easy set up and used least.
* The level of quality technical support, including support website.
* Its frequency and lkemudahan updates.

Several commercial anti-virus, among others:
* F-Secure.
* McAfee.
* Symantec.
* Trend Micro.

Free anti-virus software
* Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus.
* AntiVir.
* ALWIL Avast.
* ClamWin, etc.

Suggestions for prevention:
* Do not open attachments from unknown senders.
* Use the macro protection in Microsoft Office, ie Word and Excel.
* Do not forget to update regularly.
* Use only one anti-virus at the same time.
* Providing you update virus signatures regularly, as a general rule, you do not need to buy every single new release of the anti-virus software to stay protected.
* Prevention is Better Than cure.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to fix common computer restarts itself

How you feel when it is pressed for time to finish the task, but the middle of the road, your computer restarts itself, hank or damaged, you will definitely upset absurdly. What if your computer is experiencing this, don't worry, here are the steps to fix your computer, and you don't have to go to a service person.

1. Computer often restarts due to overheating Processor

Processor overheating is one of the main causes your computer to hang or restarts itself often. To check the occurrence of overheating on the processor can be done in several ways, including:

See the condition of temperature on the menu hardware monitor in the BIOS;
Using a temperature monitoring program such as CPUID Hardware Monitor;
Open the case and touched his own CPU temperature in the cooler of Processor.

The main cause of an overheated processor also contains a few things:

The condition of the fan cooling processor that is not optimal;
Accumulated dust on the cooling fins Processor, this is what often happens, especially if the room where the computer storage areas;
It is dry or even absence of the glue paste;
Processor and cooling fan contained in the power supply is dead or not spinning;
The condition of the room where the computer is indeed hot.

To cope with frequent computer restarts because Procesor hot (overheat), we can do several things including:

Always clean the dust contained in the casing and Cooling CPU Processor;
Using the paste as the glue connecting the Processor and Cooling;
Storing a computer in a room that is not too hot (preferably AC);
Using a temperature monitoring program such as CPUID Hardware Monitor for early detection of overheat conditions in the processor.

2. Computer often restarts due to power shortages Power Supply

The cause of the second computer restarts often is the lack of power is not optimal or the Power Supply on the CPU power supply. If you feel suspicious of performance-mounted Power Supply should replace the first part of this Power Supply with Power Supply which proved to function well. For the purposes of the computer now, you should use a Power Supply with a minimum of 500 Watt power.

3. Computer often restarts for damaged VGA Card

Computer frequently restarts itself also can occur because of damage to the VGA card installed in AGP or PCI slot. Usually VGA card that is damaged will be felt quickly in the hot coolant. Therefore if your computer restarts often a good idea also to check the component.

4. Computer often restarts because of bad sectors hard drives

A hard drive is damaged or there are even bad sectors therein can be the cause of the computer become hang, appear bluescreen of deadth or computer can not boot and restarting continues. To prevent and overcome them we could run the ScanDisk program and disk defragmenter regularly and always make sure to turn off the computer by pressing the shutdown button.

Good tips on how to repair damaged, or restart the computer hank often useful and can deal with complaints of your computer so that your work activities are not disrupted due to a crashed computer. Thank you.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Damaged Hard Drive and Bad Sectors

Bad sectors are disk sectors for which data could not be read / written. This may be due to several reasons, but for your operating system, what is important is that the disk can no longer be used. If the disk has not been used, or has been reformatted, bad sector is not really an issue. All the latest operating system will map out bad sectors and avoid them while formatting the drive to use.

Modern hard drives are made with spare sectors that are only used to replace a damaged hard disk space that is bad sectors. This allows the drive to automatically compensate for any manufacturing defects that may have resulted in bad sectors drive when out of the factory. If in the process of formatting the drive, bad sector is detected, the sector this reserve is used to replace them as necessary.

Whenever a problem is bad sectors that were previously used when the sector becomes corrupted because of disk errors. All data on these sectors are threatened damaged or destroyed. The operating system has no way to automatically compensate for this loss. The tip of this problem can potentially cause data corruption on a larger scale and also the instability of the affected system if the data is very important that the file system.

Bad sectors can also be caused by faulty software, or a small error in the head read / write which causes data written on a particular sector that will truly unreadable, and thus appear as bad news for the operating system. Types of 'soft' bad sectors in general can be repaired by removing and then start writing again (to re-install software).

Bad sectors caused by mechanical fault has a tendency to multiply faster so Bad sectors become increasingly rapidly. Because the margin to work on the disk are very slim, surface damage or waste created by a mechanical failure or "head-crash" quickly will cause more damage because they interfere with the head in a read / write.

When you format a drive with the 'hard' bad sectors such as this, will use an empty sector as much as possible to replace the existing Bad sectors as described above. Of course, if the bad sector is still spreading because of loose surface particles or error in the disk, the disk will still be stable. At this point, the only option is to save as much as possible data from the drive before actually dying.

Signs of Hard Disk Damage

Although you may be able to fix software errors caused by bad sectors, and in some cases you may be able to fix bad sectors alone, if your hard drive has begun to fail mechanically. The most basic is to detect signs of failure of your drives before data is lost. Let's look at some common warning signs of hard drive failure below:
  1. Frequent but irregular crashes, especially when booting up Windows.
  2. Error messages are often vague and when to do special activities such as transferring a file.
  3. Folder and file names to be scrambled and changed.
  4. Loss of files and folders.
  5. Wait very long to access the folders and files.
  6. Hard disks do not react for a long time after you request data by opening files or folders.
  7. Chaotic output from print or open the file.
  8. Appears sound (sort of ringing) is very noisy in the Hard drive.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hard Drive and its Components

Hard drive is a place to store data and documents, and place system OS and application programs installed. Actually Notebook can be classified with a Memory, which is a permanent memory, because the stored data and documents will not be lost after a system failure.

Here are some important components of the Hard disk:

Shape of a plate or dish that serves as data storage is round, is a solid disc, has a magnetic patterns on the flanks of a surface. Platter made from metal that contains millions of tiny magnets called magnetic domains. Domains are arranged in one or two directions to represent binary "1" and "0"

The disc consists of several tracks, and some sectors, where the track and this sector is where the data storage and file system. For example, our capacity of 40 GB hard drive, if the format is not its capacity to 40 Gb. because there must be track and sectors used to store the ID identifier of formatting the hard drive.

The number plate of each disk is different, depending on the technology used and the capacity of each disk. For the latest hard disk-drive output, usually a plate has a capacity of 10 to 20 Gigabyte, for example a 40 Gigabyte hard drive capacity, usually consisting of two plates each with capacity of 20 Gigabytes

Spindle is a place to put platter.vPoros shaft has a drive that functions to rotate the disk plate called the spindle motor. Spindle is what role involved in determining the quality of the hard drive because the sooner putaranya, means the better quality HD. The unit for measuring the velocity of the Rotation Per Minutes or so-called RPM.Ukuran that we often hear to this rotation speed, among others, 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM or 10,000 RPM.

This tool serves to read data on the surface of the plate and record the information into it. Each plate has two hard drive head. One on the surface and one below the surface.

This head of an electromagnetic device that is placed on the surface of the plate and attached to a slider. The slider is attached on a stalk attached to the actuator arms. Actuator arms mounted on the shaft actuator dead by a board called the logic board.

Therefore, when the hard work there should be no shock or vibration, because the head can swipe a hard disk so that it will lead to Bad Sector, and also can cause damage to hard drive so the hard drive head can no longer read the Track and Sector of the Hard drive

Logic Board
Logic Board is a board on the hard disk operation, where the logic board so that there are Bios HDD hard drive when connected to the Mother Board automatically recognize the hard drive, such as Maxtor, etc. Seagete. in addition to the Bios hard drive is also a switch Logic Board or Power Supply and distribution of data from the Head Hard to mother board to the control by Processor.

Actual Axis
Actual axis is the axis to be a grip or a robotic hand for Head to read sectors from disk.

Ribbon Cable
Ribbon cable is the liaison between the Head with the Logic Board, where any document or data read by the Head will be sent to the Logic Board to the next is sent to the Mother Board for the Processor can process data in accordance with the received input.

IDE / SATA connector
IDE / SATA cable connector is the connector between the hard disk with the motherboard to send or receive data.

Jumper Settings
Each hard drive has a jumper setting, function to determine the position of the hard drive.

When you installed on the computer hard drive 2 pieces, then you can set the Jumper settings determine where the hard drive where the primary and secondary hard drive which is usually called the Master and Slave.

Master is the main hard drive where the system be installed, while the Slave is the second hard drive is usually required for storage of documents and data. When Jumper settings not set, then the hard drive will not work.

Power connector
Power connector is a source of direct current from the power supply. Power supply to the hard drive there are two parts:
  1. Voltage 12 Volt, serves to drive the mechanics such as dish and Head.
  2. Voltage 5 Volt, serves to supply power to the Logic Board in order to work to send and receive data.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Symptoms of the Virus Infected Computer

Have your computer is infected with a virus? Computer viruses are not harmful are not so annoying, but if the opposite is enough to make us busy for days.

Before you go any further it's good to know the symptoms of a virus infected computer :

* Computer running really slow like a zombie;
* Suddenly silent without command and no response;
* Blue screen or crash and then restart;
* CDROM, hard drive, floppy and USB drives not accessible;
* Display user interface changes;
* Input devices such as keyboard or mouse can not be in control.

So what should be done to overcome the problem of the virus if already infected ?

* Out of the running applications and immediately turn off the computer;
* Remove the hard drive that has been infected, do the procedure earlier backup important data;
* Move the jumper to slave hard drive, then plug in other computers that have installed anvirus an up-to-date;
* Scan hard drive infected with virus;
* Disks in the clear of the virus, the test is working correctly;
* If Step 5 fails, the suggested format and reinstall the operating system because it is the safest way of the elimination of the virus permanently.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Virus Alert on Your Computer

The rapid development of technology and information easily available from various sources on the internet provides the opportunity for hackers to perform the action.

One of the computer viruses they make are only with 1 virus alone they managed to deploy thousands or even millions of viruses around the world in a short time. This really gives the alert to computer users, especially for Internet users to always be careful of the various viruses that can sneak some time in our computer either through storage media such as CD, Flash Disk, Diskette, etc. or through LAN, MAN, or WAN.

One virus that entered into the computer we can develop into hundreds or even thousands of viruses in a short time. This is certainly a critical issue that we face because of the entry of the virus would be fatal on a computer system and data on our computers. There are 2 types of viruses seen from the system, namely virus viruses visible and invisible. A very dangerous type of virus is invisible because we can not see the presence of the virus on our computers while the visible strain can be seen in the form of files with extensions based on the type of virus.

How to secure for our computers protected from viruses is to install an antivirus which can eradicate a lot of computer viruses. One of the antivirus software powerful enough to eradicate computer viruses is AVG or McAffe currently quite widely used by many people. Another safe way is to always be aware of the storage media like flash, floppy disks, CDs, or any other and should be careful if you wanted to install a software that is downloaded on the internet because a lot of software that has been indicated against computer viruses.

If your computer is connected to the internet, always update your antivirus software at least once a month due to computer viruses every day is always increasing with increasing significantly.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Workings of a Virus on Your Computer

A virus is a computer program that has the ability to destroy files or damage a computer system. This of its very be avoided because it is very detrimental to the user or computer user. Then the virus has various types and has a way of working is different.

Here are the types of viruses and how his work:

Virus Files
This virus has infected the workings of an existing application or document on your computer. When an infected application is executed, the virus will spread by infecting files or documents accessed by the application.

Boot Sector Virus
This virus has a way of working that is infecting the hard disk boot sector (boot sector is an area in the hard drive is accessible when the computer is first turned on). If the boot sector virus is active, users will not be booting the computer normally.

E-mail Virus
This virus has a way of working that is spread via e-mail (usually in the form of attached files / attachments). The virus has a special characteristic of the extension. Scr,. Exe,. PIF, or. Bat. If the virus is active, it will transmit itself to the various e-mail addresses contained in the user's address book.

Multipartite Virus
This virus has a way of working that infects computer files on the hard disk boot sector as well. This type of virus will cause many problems because it causes a fatal damage.

Polymorphic virus
This virus has a unique way of working with this virus can change the code itself (change form) while spreading itself to other computers Virus type more difficult to detect because they have such properties.

Virus Beast (stealth virus)
This virus has a way of working that is he able to hide himself by making an infected file as if the file is not infected.

Macro Virus
This virus has a way of working which infect Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel. Documents are usually infected by Macro Virus will modify the existing command in Microsoft Office such as the "Save" to spread itself when the command is run.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Viruses, Worms, and Trojans

In the world of computers and the internet there are 3 major enemies to watch out for are: Malware, Hackers (exactly Cracker) and Spam. All three do not have to work alone but today is more dangerous because they can collaborate to succeed in his mission. Maybe there are still confused with the various terms in the virus.

There Malicious Program (malware), trojans, spam, worms and so on. Boils down to this, basically it all in. in the category of malware. Then from the WORM, Viruses and Trojans will be divided in various kinds of species. 

Viruses have friends - friends who are also dangerous. However, different ways to attack him. Virus and friends - his friends are classified in the category of malware or stands Malicious Software. Malware is a program or application is made for the purpose alter, destroy, and steal the data of others. This is the type - the type of malware which can disrupt computer systems in addition to virus :

As the nature of the worm, the worm can spread to multiple computers through a particular port. The worm also has the nature of virus IE multiply. Usually the worm made to destroy certain computer systems has become a target from a distance (remote).

Originally a term in the Trojan war. Where the trojan is a tool for inserted in a way to trick the enemy area. Once entered, then the tool changed to destroy the enemy from within. Programmer inspired to create a program that is destroyed and can fool target. As with viruses, Trojans also have the ability to multiplying like a virus. In addition, the trojan also can control a particular program and to fool the system with applications like usual. If your computer is infected with Trojan and have been controlled by the attacker, there are some possibilities that can happen. Here is an example of events if the computer has attacked by a Trojan by the name of NetBus:

•  Delete Files.
•  Send and retrieve files.
•  Running the program - a program application.
•  Display the image.
•  Peek at the programs that are running.
•  Close programs that are running.
•  Open and close the CD-ROM drive.
•  Send messages and invites to talk (chat).
•  Turn off the computer.

Backdoor is a type of malware that attack computer systems by providing access rights so that other users can run the target computer. Based on the way to work and spreading behavior, backdoor can be divided into 2 groups. The first group is similar to a Trojan. They were manually entered into a courses on software and then when the software was installed, they spread. Backdoor in this group is run as part of the boot process. Ratware is designation for the backdoor that turns computers into zombies that send spam. Another backdoor can disrupt network traffic, perform brute-force to crack passwords and encryption, and distributed denial of attack service (DDoS).

This type of malware is a program created for the purpose as the eye - the eye. This has the intent that the program will collect and transmit information about a computer user without being noticed by the user. More information can be just that not too dangerous, such as patterns of computing, especially the internet, someone, until dangerous, such as credit card numbers, PIN for electronic banking (e-banking), and an account password. 

This program will hijack any other program on a computer system such as Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will add function and is directed to access the site dangerous.

Wabbit have similar properties with a worm which does not require a program and documents for nesting. But unlike a worm that spread itself to your computer others use the network, wabbit replicate continuously in a local computer and copies it would undermine the computer sistem. Ferformance computers could be slowed because wabbit ate quite a lot of resources. Besides slowing performance computers because the use of those resources, can be programmed to wabbit have side effects that the effect is similar to other malware. Combinations malware like these that can be very dangerous.

Malware is created with the purpose to record any pressure on the button keyboard. Notes are stored in a file that can be seen then that complete. In it could have information such as application where keystrokes made and time presses. In this way, one can know the username, password, and various other information entered by way of typing. Keylogger is enough dangerous because anything as sophisticated encryption applied by a website, password it still can be taken. Because, the password is encrypted before it is taken by the system. Keyloggers record shortly after the password typed in and not yet processed by the system.

Dialer is a malware that can connect a computer connected to the internet to specific sites that harm the victim. This malware will attack the user's computer by using a dial-up telephone. Dialers can also change the number of regular Internet service providers contacted by a number of other Internet service providers are usually long-distance number, often overseas number. As a result, a phone bill jumped immeasurably.
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Beeps on The Computer

No Beep sound at all
Thank you to God because your computer is not in trouble ...... But it still would not work?

Well, there is a problem ya .... The first possibility is the Power Supply, you try to double check your power supply has been installed correctly. Also check whether the incoming voltage as needed. If everything is correct means the Power Supply you with problems ..... The second possibility is the motherboard, check that your motherboard is still functioning properly. A third possibility is your internal speakers, try to double check your internal speaker cables are installed correctly on the Mobo.

Beep once
Siplah sound if only once, this means that all components in fine condition but there are not installed correctly. But if it rang one time and no image on the monitor, there is a good idea to double check your VGA card is installed correctly, neither check the cable associated with your monitor. If circumstances remain unchanged try you check your mobo is still working properly or not. If this happens there may be a problem with one chip on the motherboard. The safest step is to replace your motherboard.Note: before replacing the mobo should try to see if your mobo dusty? try cleaning the possibility of one component between vga and one memory slot problem.

Beep twice
If you hear a sound like this as much as two times we can be sure your memory is problematic. Check your graphics facilities when functioning properly it will display an error on the monitor. If it does not mean there is a problem with the parity part of the first 64KB. Check the existing SIMM, then do a reboot. If the sound is still audible means there is a problem with the memory chip. Change the position of the memory in another slot. If memory serves in the state but the sound still sounds a good idea to replace the motherboard.

Beep three times
Perform tests such as the number 3, usually damages or problems similar to beep twice.

Beep four times
Perform tests such as the number 3, usually damages or problems similar to beep twice or thrice. At the beep three times the problem may also occur because the timer on the less pc works fine.

Beep five times
Outcry not only do the students but also by the memory. Check your memory is halted from the slot until the memory chip is still functioning properly. Try to unplug and plug it in again after the reboot. If you still hear the same sound processor try to borrow your friends ... hehe .... maybe your processor is damaged.

Beep six times
Most likely occur on the chip in the motherboard that controls the functions of the keyboard. Try to rearrange the position of the chip when not soldered. If the sound still sound try to replace it with a new chipset if possible. It also die if chipset is not soldered to the motherboard. If you are not forced to replace with a new mobo.

Beep seven times
The sound of seven times, dizzy .... Make those of us who were students of this problem could be going to pick out foreign exchange reserves held. Possible problems are the Mobo and processor .... Consider the pin (feet on the processor) whether there is a fracture. Or your processor is problematic. Can also because your mobo is less wrong. Try to do a test by installing a processor on another pc that uses the same processor. If the processor works fine then your mobo is problematic. The best way is to replace one component that is less wrong earlier.

Beep eight times
We can be sure your graphics card vga alias problems. Try installing again and check back all the interfaces and related premises this graphics card ... If the problem persists the possibility of damage to the memory in graphics cards or even your entire graphic card. The best step is to replace with a new graphics card.

Beep nine times
BIOS is in trouble ...... try to replace or upgrade your BIOS, if you still have problems once again have to replace the motherboard.

Beep ten times
Hehehe ... reader really sorry .... once again have to replace the motherboard .... CMOS because of his appendicitis.

Beep eleven times
Well, reply that these could be due to memory cahce so PCs automatically disable its to you. What should be done is to re-enable it by pressing ctrl + alt + shift + +
If still less effective in lessening ... please replace your memory.

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