Friday, September 2, 2011

USB vibrator is your valuable data, as well as

You know how to mix business with pleasure? Now, for those who want their secrets close to their chest, this particular USB flash drive in any case is worth a look in. We are talking about a USB flash drive with not only space to stow away away of valuable data, and in addition it also has a hidden feature - you keep the ladies happy, because this is also a vibrator.

Known as the Duet, the USB flash drive vibrator become slippery nature, sporting that way for you to customize the different speeds if you want, and of course, it is waterproof. Otherwise how else will you it clean to keep when you are finished with your private non-commercial?

Only considers how much memory the Duet? We speak over 16 GB here, which is far more than what that come with most of the other standard USB flash drives. Designer TI Chang and Michael Topolovac came to the realization that one something so personally would power be cable, batteries, the biggest complaint from women about such as vibrators or that it come together with an obscure loading station.

The entire solution? Now, a USB port by was regarded as the solution, where simply plug you it in a computer or laptop and go. Might want to block, if you spend a little alone time with the Duet the door, otherwise you literally with your down - could be caught pants, if you do not want skirts, i.e. digging. Since the ladies who spend most of the time it would be, they come in different colors.

I would be a lot more careful the next time that someone me a USB flash drive, of course, is, make your brand and model to ensure that it is this particular version not to note.


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Frolicat bolt laser cat toy

You know how cats of love stuff, to hunt, whether it is alive or inanimate is here something that the your kitten (and adult cats, of course), that for hours - studded laser cat toy could think with Frolicat bolt. As you named can say, is projecting this device a red dot (similar to this laser pointer work) on the surface, where you to point and your cat crazy attempts to track down it, only to see that it can be "killed" or "mutilated".

You can choose to manually use it, where you share out the dose of frustration, or contact him to deliver on the automatic mode and you hours of fun for your favorite cat. Everything, that you do, must it alone to work, it would be on a flat surface and turn it on. Screw will turn off automatically after a 15-minute session, and make sure that you are a Quartet of AA batteries hanging around it juiced up to keep.

I am not sure whether Jon would shell out $19.99 for the Frolicat bolt laser cat toy Garfields birthday rolls around…

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Stem iZON remote room monitor announced

Stem has just announced their iZON remote room monitor - this looks like a kind of modern droid, which has been programmed to see rooms with its multitude of sensors. In fact, it is not (sorry for the frustration!), and R2-D2 must not worry, that he would be soon unemployed at any time. In fact the stem iZON remote room monitor is actually an app-controlled video camera, which deliver live-streaming of audio and video to iOS devices from Apple we are talking about, that it to anywhere in the world.

iZON, in fact, easy come most wireless networks offer secure remote monitoring via the free stem: connect app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Let you iZON all just do and whenever it detects a movement or sound, these shots of a free, private YouTube send account itself - how intelligent is your name, where it tells you? It makes me remember of Star Wars: attack of the clones, where R2-D2 in Senator Amidala room to see stand over them while they slept.

Even non-techies can get used in the blink of an eye, at the iZON, where you put it on a horizontal surface, or to ceiling mount. Location, tilt and swiveling simply with its special magnetic base, which lets you stitch iZON is a basic security device that records for something exceptional. The stem: Close you app can be downloaded for free, and it takes but a few steps to a secure user account at the start streaming live audio and video.

If you are interested, can iZON directly from here ( as well as in select locations best buy be purchased. People who swear on the Apple store can you out of there soon select up, where there is a popup retails for $129.95.

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Panasonic Lumix GF3X announced

Panasonic's range of Lumix digital cameras have, since they began, and the latest model in the family, ready and ready to go, the Panasonic Lumix GF3X, which is currently announced, the company would smallest compact system camera to date, makes a completely new retractable zoom lens Lumix G Vario X, PZ is successful 14-42 mm function.

What makes this lens so special? For starters, it will provide a retractable design that offers a whole new level of mobility in addition to stunning photo quality, make sure that your beloved GF3X to too much with you photos without much of a DSLR dead you can. However, you expect the range of the controls and quality, the measure up to a DSLR, but if you one, can compromise the, then the GF3X seems a pretty good bet.

Also the H-PS14042 lens, if model numbers are your thing, this particular lens electric zoom operation, measurement of approximately 26.8 mm long, while 3.35 ounces have tip the scales at around. Their eyes are dedicated versatile zoom range of 14-42 mm (35 mm camera equivalent: 28-84 mm) which makes it suitable for a variety of scenes, between landscape and portrait.

Apart from that, there is also an other Lumix X lens, which announced - the Lumix G VARIO X, PZ 45-175mm/F4.0-5.6 ASPH. / Power o.i.s, the excellent image reproduction for realistic textures, sharp edge to edge delivers pin-contrast, a unique nano surface-coating, which a minimum to ghosts and flaring in a natural environment without transparency is achieved.

This partnership between the Lumix-GF3X and its new lens allows light-speed AF of about 0.1 second - shooter so that it is a quick to reach. As for the new 14-42-PZ lens, which also comes with power o.i.s (optical image stabilizer)., it is much easier for beginners, clear and sharp photos in conditions to capture light less than satisfactory.

If you want to have more control over your shots, then manual focus is possible thanks to the manual focus lever, which provides even more precise control. You can pick up the Lumix GF3X in a black body and black lens or a silver body silver lens kits options by October, US$ 749, 99 a pop. As for the Lumix G VARIO X, PZ 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH. / Power o.i.s (H-PS14042) lens, which is available for $399.99.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vizio offers 8 tablet Hulu plus-support

Portable entertainment-, which is the name of the game for many hardware and software developers these days. As soon as you fantastic hardware apart from a stable software platform for digital media to a portable device to deliver running to anywhere can, and you have a winning, if the price also sensitive, what people are comfortable with, of course.

Now, VIZIO, the company that tends to make large TV sets without breaking the Bank is back with their Vizio 8 tablet, that support the service Hulu plus to where can the required software you need for free from Android market, to your portable entertainment-action is going to download. Who wants to get a Tablet only to entertain, while on d-go are, consider what your sub$ 300 Tablet VIZIO now offers.

Let us talk you through the app itself - this is an app that has certainly generated its fair share of buzz before its release, where it becomes a huge library of TV and movie content to deliver to from more than hundreds of providers and independent developers, where participants, which to the Tablet Vizio rock such will enjoy a rich cache of entertainment for only $7.99 per month.

The Hulu Plus subscription service to Vizio of the Mission of providing high-quality technology and "entertainment freedom ™" Supplement for the consumer without too much strain on your monthly budget. You think about it - if you buy a DVD every month spend that money on a monthly subscription instead? Each subscription you can access current and previous seasons shows like 30 Rock, modern family, the X-files, arrested development, and family guy.

Heck, Vizio table is Wi-Fi capable, you surf the Web as well, if you not just your favorite movies from the past or the last blockbuster are employed, and to ensure it can be your world rock, a trio of speakers raised was to improve, in the audio whether you the Vizio tablet in the high- or landscape mode set. An integrated universal remote app for home theater control and a HDMI port completes the list of outstanding characteristics. A customer reported?

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Moon watch illuminates your room

There is nothing quite as romantic as is with your beloved one under which you make light of the full moon only, it is safe, not a vampire or werewolf and you're good to go. For those that the warm glow of the moon to miss, such as that of the Moon right in your bedroom? This is now possible the Moon Clock that retails for $32 a pop - so you sleep under the stars (actually, only the Moon because you your own glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling must specify) directly in your own bed.

This glowing clock not only specially with 65 different actual photos of the Moon, you always remain, it also lets you know just how late it is. A combination of paper, plastic and glass made the Moon clock with a single AA battery are equipped. Definitely one of the cooler to find devices in the bedroom, and have it sure as hell beats the normal plastic clock from IKEA.

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Parrot asteroid for portable entertainment on the go

It seems that the Internet is more or less everywhere in these days - even if you to in your car on the road are, you get of the presence of Internet to rid cant - although GPRS and EDGE connectivity in may store for, the places are more rural and must still 3 g support. Now, the name has Parrot, synonym for wireless peripherals for smartphones and mobile phones their latest model - the Parrot asteroid, just announced the next generation of car recipient, the Advanced handsfree telephony with access to Web services for the first time merge.

The asteroid Parrot will be able to steer the future of the Internet in the comfort of the car, where a solution that is specifically designed for the aftermarket and OEMs customize concocted. This is also the first car receiver is edited by Parrot, where there are powered by Google Android operating system. At the moment is it connected to a GPS dongle (which comes with the product) and a 3 G key (which unfortunately not provided), so that she can access various innovative Web services.

For people who live in the United States, it is half a dozen applications that will be rolled out later October. Cards will be a cartographic service, which is smart to identify enough and find points of interest, the vehicle. Apart from that, you can choose let always the zoom without hands that use telephone numbers of your choice.

With road trip, this is a route provides service to tourist attractions vocally historical as well as meteorological information associated with the selected location. You can also see you are images that are displayed on the large screen, but make sure that your eyes on the road, also of course will be peeled.

The Parrot asteroid you can enjoy music from various sources, such as a USB flash drive, an iPhone or iPod, a compatible MP3 player or even a SD memory card- and heck, even online radio stations with the kind permission of 3 g connectivity. Expect to shell out $349 to the Parrot asteroids - a customer reported?

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Panasonic Lumix FX90 gets Wi-Fi connectivity

Remain more or less is the Wi-Fi Internet access in these days, and with many more devices on the market with integrated Wi-Fi, it goes without saying, that is to see a compact digital camera, such functionality does not carry as a huge surprise all is more these days. Of course there are always a different method retrofit of Wi-Fi connectivity in the camera, and this is through an Eye-Fi SD memory card - but you don't have to with Panasonic's latest Lumix FX90, of course.

We are discussing a 24 mm ultra wide LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT lens with F2.8 brightness 802.11 b/g/n connectivity that tossed where the FX90, it will in the latest model. take 5. Why support Wi-Fi? Now, everyone is so social these days and want to date with the latest events to upload immediately stopped photos locally on your social network page certainly makes sense, and I am sure that the journalists who want to be discreet with their subjects would do better with a smaller camera like this.

Apart from Panasonic Lumix Club introduced, a cloud-based service that can be accessed through a Smartphone and a browser. Lumix Club allows it, upload photos, which of course were shot with the LUMIX FX90, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, or YouTube at the same time. Account comes with each Lumix Club of a free application known as Lumix link, where it will play nice with iPhone and Android engined smartphones had to share photos by connecting the Lumix FX90 on their compatible Smartphone, relying on the network operator, to send these photos online.

What to say, the Lumix FX90? Supplies such as on a 12, 1-megapixel hi-speed CCD sensor, the also full-HD-video recording capability in the AVCHD format? Not only that you get extra goodies such as automatic shooting modes, active mode in MEGA o.i.s (optical image stabilization), motion Deblur, face recognition, facial recognition, AF tracking, intelligent ISO control and intelligent scene selector and intelligent exposure.

No idea when the Lumix FX90 come, but the press release company to keep the price if that happens at some point later in the year.

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Razer unveils the blade-gaming laptop

Last summer at E3 2011 in Los Angeles, Razer revealed their keyboard, play by BioWare specially Star Wars: the old Republic. Now, in Seattle, Symone Prime 2011 was the place where the Razer presented their blade.

The Razer blade is a 17.3 inch gaming laptop, a fast Intel Core i7 processor and high-performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor from a lightweight aluminum housing has.

The blade has a Switchblade user interface, which has a 10 has adaptive tactile buttons. In and of itself, everyone has the ability, a small screen. There is also a multi-touch LCD Panel, which is formed as a touchpad may work, and it important game information such as maps in MMOs.

Razer claims that his sword a thinner, less than half, that of the current mobile systems at 0.88 inch games. It weighs at 6,97 kg, much lighter than most games laptops.

Other features include a built-in 60-WH battery 320 GB, 7,200 RPM SATA HDD, wireless network 802.11 b / g / n compatible, as well as an integrated HD webcam.

As you can see in the image here, I get only a shot of him under glass. I didn't get a chance to try it out and it will be in the fourth quarter at a cost of $2799.99.


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