Monday, June 20, 2011

Migration of files when moving from a Vista computer to a Windows 7 computer

After the article of last week mentioning the backup program to use Acronis True Image home 2011, I received a Keith Vigon subscriber email with a question on the subject to use in its process of upgrading its operating system:

HI Terry.

Usually when I turn to computers, I have the same problem (very) Basic, namely moving my contact email, contacts, old messages etc. to the new computer, the same applies to the bookmarks in different search engines, as well the files, photos, etc..

Almost everything I could want from the old computer to be available on the other and a Neanderthal like... hmmmm... me, to be able to do so. The program that you described in this last missive would work, or is there a best suitable for this.

The problem, I think that I can encouner is now I am using Vista and a new computer will have Windows 7 - which will be a problem?

Thanks as always


I wrote back to Keith to remind him that Acronis True Image home 2011 is a backup program - it is not a migration program to automatically move all your files and settings to a new computer.

If you restore the image of a system of Vista on a Windows 7 computer, it would overwrite everything on the Win7 computer with Vista backup - including the rewriting of Windows 7 itself with the backed up files of Vista. However, the system probably not be bootable, since the equipment would be different.

The problem is that your different drivers (video, ethernet, etc.) would not meet the new hardware. Another part is a Microsoft anti-piracy, Windows is no longer installs all the chipset drivers on the Windows installation DVD, so if the new computer has a chipset northbridge and southbridge different that the original computer, the operating system restoration will miss some critical files needed to start successfully.

While the "Plus Pack" ATIH2011 includes the possibility of creating a backup to restore "different material", if you perform a restore of the image, it is the operating system and all. -When you start the first time, it will ask your Windows license code to license the OS on the new hardware.

The actual value of an image of ATIH backup in this situation, it is that it would be available for you to copy of individual files and folders on the new computer. ATIH will "mount" the image as if it were a hard disk - and you use Windows Explorer to copy files and folders of this pseudo-drive to the computer. In this way, you could get your data - then or later.

Your programs have to be reinstalled as the programs often store information in the Windows registry. You do not want to copy the files from the Windows registry of the computer in Vista on the new computer, even if you could (when you run Windows on the new computer, it locks the registry files, so that you could not have replaced their).

There are some programs designed to migrate the settings of new computers, but I haven't tried them. Use one for a customer that Dell sold with their computers about 5 year; Unfortunately, it is very basic common programs (settings windows, IE, Outlook Express settings, settings of Microsoft Office) and ignored most of his tricks.

Microsoft has their own free program for you help to migrate to Windows 7. He called Windows easy transfer and can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.

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