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Computer of Terry Tips Newsletter - June 19, 2011.

When I started my free newsletter, seven years ago, I did not dream that I could keep writing a weekly newsletter for seven years. I was certain that I did of topics and things to say during this period.

Thanks to you, my subscribers, I get questions and thoughts that help me to continue. The issues are important, both for you and for me. Although I try to address at least all the questions, some of them are really good subjects for the articles in the newsletter. I understand that.

As I hope that you are aware, my E-mail newsletters are not published on my website immediately, so the only way to get these really appropriate articles is to subscribe.

Some of the email newsletter articles never make it to my web site. They may be special messages to subscribers or perhaps simply to update at the time that I would otherwise be their position on the site. [...] What CAPTCHA and why do websites Use It?
From time to time, I get a strange message to a Subscriber. They could be confused. They feel frustrated. Or, they could be unhappy…

In it, it is a matter of misunderstanding - a misunderstanding by a computer user on the "confirmation" on the web site requirements.[...]

Not a Subscriber? It is easy to obtain these articles…

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This week online:

With my new design of the web site of Terry, my computer tips, I publish now articles individually rather than as a question online. This also means that I can link with the articles, as I have below:

  • Excel - how to display the column a
    One of the major features of Microsoft Excel is that we can hide individual columns, column groups, and even several groups of columns. Similarly, we can hide the lines. For example, to hide the columns e and F, just click and drag the e header on the e column in the header of f in column (f) [...]

VIPRE Antivirus and
VIPRE antiviru Premium
-June Specials

GFI has added a new option for VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Antivirus Premium - a new life of PC subscription option, but they have announced that it was a special June!

VIPRE Antivirus PC lifetime
2PC – 99,95 $
Unlimited Home license-$129.95

VIPRE Antivirus Premium PC lifetime

Unlimited Home license-$159.95

This week online - Blast From The Past
Newly posted articles

Here are the new individual articles this week on the site of Terry, my computer Tip that have posted in my e-mail or online newsletters.

As above, they are now direct links to individual articles…

  • What is the IP address?
    Subscriber Joseph Murphy has written request:

    I wonder how an IP address is determined and whether it can be modified and how? Thank you, j. P. Murphy.

    It is a good question, Joseph. The response can be simple or it can be used to educate. If you navigate to your home network or access your Internet [...]

  • I want a real backup program
    Subscriber Mike Gallagher recently wrote about his computer backup:

    Terry hi, I'm confused about "backup" on your computer. I see all kinds of advertising and articles on the computer backup. What I see, all is not a real backup. What I mean as a "real backup" is that, if [...]

I love the redesign of web site of Terry, my computer tips - making display section and maintenance much easier than before. I am glad that I switched to WordPress and the Genesis theme framework.

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