Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digital camera Sony DSC tx55 does 3D with single lens

When it comes to the world of digital cameras, there are many models to choose from when it comes to the entry level and mid range segments. Only with that many choose to choose which model you should with your money for part? Sony may have a new candidate, fitting are for your needs (and wallet) when it is released later in September of this year for $350, DSC tx55 from the Cyber-shot range come in the form of the Sony digital camera.

With the exceptionally slim and stylish form factor, which have a number of new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TOK-715 camera new new technologies, where among them are "From pixel Super solution" technology, which the camera zoom range becomes a virtual 10-fold boost. Of course many people might think that this would lead to a loss of quality, but Sony's efforts the action from a distance increase would maximum resolution (16.2 million pixels) without losing quality in the image sensor.

This is also the first camera from the Cyber-shot range, a "image effect" where will it further develop mode will deliver without going a Shutterbug artistic possibilities go on an editing software art. Is the DSC tx55 are 16, 2-megapixel, highly sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor, which can deliver, intensive image detail and ultra low noise, regardless of whether you shoot still images or record full HD video, let alone have less than satisfactory lighting conditions. Apart from this, the camera hi speed auto focus also on the subject can block in 0.1 seconds.

While the new DSC tx55 of any SLR camera, DSLR-like is still to achieve picture quality. With superior Auto mode, they can see a variety of shooting situations, where it will go ahead to exposure and other settings. You need estimate no large, bulky lens stereoscopic 3D images to shoot - the DSC tx55 this with using only a lens, where it will take two shots at once uses the first image, depth information, so that a dramatic three-dimensional image can be created.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simple animation software that performs

While searching the Internet and the search for more than all the illusion of the magician considers some things really caught my eye. Anyone who uses this computer software application as the most simple animation software program on the trading platform. I however ...
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All about conversion and create PDF documents!

Most of us use computers in our everyday work, it means that we are working on the files and documents for different purposes. Documents and files can be created using a variety of formats at our requirements and needs. One of the most popular document formats is used. ..
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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Malaysian Government upset Thursday Web site

A group called "hacker" anonymous threatened to hack into the portal of the Government of Malaysia ( Malaysian time of 3: 30 p.m. Thursday.

Malaysia government website hacked Anonymous Hacker

The hacking activity has been named "Operation Malaysia".

In a statement issued on Pastebin, based abroad Anonymous Hacker explains the reasons why they want to launch the attack:

Greetings, Malaysia,

We have seen censorship by the Government of Malaysia, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks. The Malaysia is one of the more stringent Governments around the world, even block films and broadcasts television. These acts of censorship are inexcusable. You remove a basic human right. The internet is here to freedom, without fear of government interference. Do not think that anyone else does notice. Your structured Government did speak, and hear us top and strong and clear. This is an announcement to all your people. It is a sign, a warning and the ability to listen to the ideas above your own. In a way you are being stubborn. But how this will help any person or country. We fear that if make you other decisions to remove human freedom. We have to act quickly and have no mercy. Rules should be broken. And corruption was supposed to be swept away and forgiven. Now we will be bring your corruption so be prepared. Take this as a favour.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
Forgive us not.
We do not forget.

In short, anonymous Hacker is against various acts of censorship by the Malaysian Government, including its recent move to block file-sharing is sitting as Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks.

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Computer of Terry Tips Newsletter - June 26, 2011.

Many of these programs automatically install one or more other programs to help, except that they install their so that they run all the time. Or, perhaps these extras just take time to load while the computer starts, slowing down the process and can remain in memory where they are needed, the memory of the computer by using all the time [...] Get control of automatic startup programs
In my article Speeding Up slow computer, I wrote about the many ways that a slow computer could be accelerated. Only one of these options are involved change any material, which was adding more memory.

I mentioned the problem of all assistance programs that get installed by computer manufacturers and other programs that you install - all programs that are running all the time, taking all the memory and putting the CPU run more difficult?

There are two great free programs that can help you do this [...]

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  • How to turn on Outlook 2007 reading pane?
    Subscriber Mike Gallagher recently wrote with a problem with Outlook 2007:

    Hi Terry, it's me again. So far I have had no lick with Win XP, SP-3 installed, even after your suggestions. Always try however. I will keep you informed. However, a situation "worse" has developed. My settings for viewing my emails in [...]

VIPRE Antivirus and
VIPRE antiviru Premium
-June Specials

GFI has added a new option for VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Antivirus Premium - a new life of PC subscription option

VIPRE Antivirus PC lifetime
2PC – 99,95 $
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VIPRE Antivirus Premium PC lifetime

Unlimited Home license-$159.95

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  • Migration of files when moving from a Vista computer to a Windows 7 computer
    After a recent article mentioning the backup program to use Acronis True Image home 2011, I received a Keith Vigon subscriber email with a question on the subject to use in its process of upgrading its operating system:

    Hi Terry. Generally when changing computers, I have the same (very) basic problem, namely moving [...]

  • Display Internet Explorer 9 Favorites
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    Hi, I downloaded just announced and have lost my favorites toolbar. I browsed some of the alternative sites, but [...]

  • Problem installing XP Service Pack 3
    Subscriber Mike Gallagher has recently written request suggestions for the installation of Service Pack 3 on Windows XP computer:

    HI Terry, I have a computer running Windows XP, SP-2. It will not install SP - 3 or a downloaded version, or from the CD of SP - 3. Suggestions? Thank you, Mike G.

    I wrote the return of Mike [...] tell him

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Phantom home keyless entry

In view of the fact that it now, an app for just about everything I do not be surprised that there are mobile software to the key replace.

Phantom smart home new keyless entry home system recently announced a new lock system that allows the user to unlock her door with a Smartphone application. It uses Bluetooth technology, and users must set up the lock, to detect their phones before they leave.

In the case of a lost phone, it takes only a simple re-pair. In other words, need to connect it again with your new mobile phone. It is an expense, but at least you do not need to replace your locks. You can use also a regular key, if you are still in this old school, non-digital thinking.

My source says that this application in handy could come if you are in a situation where you carry two bags of food, but only if it somehow "can feel the presence of the phone". Otherwise you would have to fish your phone out of your pocket, it unlock and start the application. This is only uncomfortable as the key.

But it works, is $249.99 it now available for about. Yes, this is a little expensive, but look at it as an investment in your future. Finally, it seems that the Smartphone is going to replace many of the things in our wallets like credit cards and photos. Why is not possible, our key as well as take place?

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Mirror universe LED digital watch

Most of us carry a watch for a twofold reason it not only helps you keep track of the current time, but it will also make you a whole lot better look of accessorizing with the rest of your outfit. What happens now, if you the mirror universe LED digital watch? The name itself is this mirrored face pretty self-explanatory - a clock will hide the current time, while the chrome front adds a touch of class.

When know it is, simply press the button and the clock, lights, combined with programmable short message is also displayed. There are 93 led a total of, where you can choose from 12 or 24-hour options help to get the time (and message). A few CR2032 batteries are used, and you can determine when it is getting time to replace the batteries - when the lights dim course,!

The mirror universe LED digital clock cost $34.99 - pretty affordable for something so nice and stylish!

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Circulation improvement for tripods

This device is no, I repeat, is not no Shambo or a Metro-wrap. Instead, it is a relief to suffering, aching muscles, as well as poor circulation in the lower part of the body. For example, which are circulation improving wraps location inflate or deflate circulation accordingly to help improve, give the a nice workout revised, wounds muscles, while reducing the swelling of your lower extremities.

Some might go so far to say that the hospital is compression boots similar to stimulate the circulation in sedentary patients. The tripods themselves will boast a half-dozen airbags that wrap around the whole leg, inflation and thus your blood vessels to expand some support and contract deflation. Compression helps intervals traffic in your thighs, to stimulate hamstrings, calves and feet, allowing in turn back into the heart blood flow.

You can use a wired remote, choose from three levels of intensity and have the luxury of seven programs to choose from where these different areas are determine and at different intervals. Bring some much-needed relief home for $149.95, what do you say?

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Soulra solar-powered sound system for the iPhone/iPod, in the form of XL!

We plan on the Soulra of Eton Corp reported, and I have a chance to try it out over the weekend for me.

I decided to test it out on my iPhone with an empty battery. At the moment was the Soulra Vari Panel in the sun began to charge the iPhone. It took it much more juice before I could play stereo get sound, but it played, and he played it loud.

What to see you may be unable in this picture is that comes to the Soulra with a plastic cover, make sure that the iDevice is safe. This is good for protection against splashing water, and it is IPX-4 splash proof from all angles.

Of course, if the Sun is not out, you can connect always the AC cable. You had better believe that the remote control comes to.

All in all is the Soulra a good for a day at the beach with your iDevice. I hope to get a lot in your party join. You can get for about $150.00 on the Eton Corp sitethe Soulra.

The Soulra XL, which has a larger solar panel, more speakers, and a place to store the remote control is also available. This model will cost about $250.00 and is available here.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soundmatters FoxL v2 Bluetooth stereo speaker

Remember beeps, back in the day as video games with nothing but and II came? The advent of advanced audio quality in video games immersion level certainly brought a very different experience. Fast forward to today, and become a decent audio and video playback on most devices, but the built-in speakers on your iPhone, iPod, will likely iPad or other portable media player and Tablet for that matter not in the position, the whole House to rock bottom be.

What can you do? Why, hook you up to an external speaker, of course. Some might want to do it the wired way, but others prefer the wireless lifestyle, that is, where the Soundmatters FoxL v2 Bluetooth stereo speakers. Read all about it in the extended post.

This device is announced to be perfect iPad Guide, where it said quality to deliver, which will, love even audio purists, now like about the? There are a number of special sound features including foxL's patented "Twoofers," "Bassbattery," in addition to other technologies, to deliver a smooth, deep bass and an "open & airy" listening experience.

Targeted the iPad (and his successors, of course) offer particularly the Soundmatters FoxL v2 Bluetooth stereo speaker's "Cathedral forward"-driver alignment and high transparency acoustic Grill audio quality you, you probably not from something so small would have expected. To verify that your device is good to juiced and Bluetooth connectivity to maximize the FoxL v2's has.

Soundmatters FoxL v2 Bluetooth stereo has a battery life speakers up to 8 hours, and while it is loaded, it can also play what media you it over the air feed. It is cheap as at $199, though, where every purchase will come with a USB computer cable strap, travel, to charge 3.5mm-Stereo-audio-Kabel, bags, anti-slip mat and manual. For those who are stuck in the last century and is a cable connection, rather it is cheaper at $169 a wired version.

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Cadence-4 bit-steel clock

You know, like the ladies love their handbags and shoes to bits and can never get enough of them? Good guys have their interest in any form, by bling as well, and more often than not, they come in the guise of the watches. Me Yes, Sir, the expensive watches that you peered through the shop window glass have, when you were a kid to do themselves just how the hell one does in life, to buy one? Finally, names like Rolex and Patek come not cheap, numbering in the tens of thousands for a high end model.

Enough not to put your ego a timer now, how about a replacement, which shows the world are you sophisticated, yet simple? Here the Cadence 4-bit steel watch comes in, as a new addition to their line 4-bit clocks, also known as the 4-bit steel. Much like in the rest of its predecessor, this new model will on 4-bit binary code if its to say, the time comes.

Freaks will definitely love the mysterious manner, in which the time is displayed, and the rest of the world have their part to figure it out. To know how to say, the current time, check on the clock. Is it a Quartet of fields that represent the numbers 8, 4, 2 and 1. The key lies in these numbers, where the least significant bit always on the outside of the dial will be. For example, you will be 8 always closest to the hands with 4 second 2 is third and 1 outside the closest. I hope should that not be a statement to get you started, sufficient enough?

Nice to know this is waterproof to 5ATM, Cadence 4-bit steel watch making it ideal for everyday use, without worrying about it rusting many years from now, or completely to finish. Quartz glass coated with a Sapphire the face of the watch will have scratched a hard time. How much for this fashionable watch? We are looking at $115 a pop when it arrives later in August.

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DreamGear Action Pack plus for the Wii

DreamGear has many interesting video game accessories, and I have a chance to try the Action Pack plus for the Wii. This Wiimote accessories plus have a rubberized surface for better grip and very well with the motion.

I liked some controls such as the racing wheel, the I for 2 cars gameused. I enjoyed the classic mod controller for games like Super Mario, Wii. The gun mount, which you see in the picture made me wish I had more first person shooter (FPS) games as it dual triggers (one for the B trigger button) and another for the A-key was.

The only thing that I could get to work properly was the archery housing. I tried it on a Wii sports resort, and I could get not only a good shot. The Action Pack Kit had also an enclosure for the Wiimote, which measures a racket, baseball bat, Golf Club, and a light sword, which uses two AAA batteries to shine.

As a whole makes Action Pack plus for the Wii , the Wii, which is more fun for the whole family. She should get in the situation on the official website DreamGear for about $59.99, but simply verify that you have a Wii remote jacket.

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Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth-car speakerphone

Jabra recently unveiled, the EASYCALL and CRUISER2, and I have a chance to try out the latter. The CRUISER2 is your basic Bluetooth speakers and is very similar to the motorway , the I of reported a few weeks ago.

It has even, clip, which targeted life allows it to your car. This one comes with a mini-USB to USB cable for charging and a car adapter.

The CRUISER2 is able to simultaneously connect 2 Bluetooth devices and has dual microphone technology for excellent sound. I have to say that the sound is good, but I believed that the FREEWAY it better.

There must be something, which is not the highway with a FM transmitter for the synchronization of wireless with the car stereo A2DP. As for the talk time information available 14 hours, with 20 days on standby.

Additional features include the voice guidance of caller ID, battery status, together with the set up. Speaking set-up, I have to say that the CRUISER2 with my phone quickly synchronized. It feels like the Jabra gets faster synchronization with each product, that make them. Soon be their Bluetooth devices to connect, before I it to enable.

You would like to purchase from Kagi, the CRUISER2, if you can get it for a price of about $60-90. I see a different rates in different places. For more information about it here.

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Mario memory jogs the gray matter

For those who had before a taste from Mario Party, you know, just like lots of fun was the game in its many iterations on different consoles, whether portable or home-based models. The "ever more the better"-Sprichwort considered edge of competitiveness course here, Nice, playing with a computer only missing opponents, in particular, if a computer is deaf to your cursing.

What is with Mario memory? Now, you can say that a video game has brought the real world. What once as a game concentration known was that $15.99 Mario memory takes the popular plumber franchise and makes it physical. It is hoped, that you stick a better time with your family about this game, not to mention help you (and everyone else) improve memory.

It doesn't matter if you have no friends, you can always decide to go against their own, if you it, but where is wish you the fun, that? There are 54 chance cards with your favorite characters Mario & landscape, while 20 article maps will add a whole new fun game mechanic. Like game your memory after he go?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Darth Vader-DJ stereo headphones

I think that one of the obligatory musical tracks, which will have listened to the Imperial March, if you join the Imperial Army, when Emperor Palpatine and his trusted right-hand man, Darth Vader, the universe would be governed. If this is the case, then what better way to a stunning piece of music as with Darth Vader DJ stereo headphoneshear?

With a thumping 40 mm power drivers, which has become the Dark Lord of the Sith "append" on each earpiece, must the Empire insignia on the flexible soft headband to show to the world, nay, Galaxy, you just the Group of roots are printed. The headphones itself is black in color-sporting a 75? long isolated no questions about it, cable and beautifully with Smartphones, MP3 players and other devices, use a 3.5 mm connection play.

It will cost you any Republic credits for the Darth Vader DJ stereo headphones, but you must rather part with $49.99 to get this, you Star Wars fanboy.

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gScreen SpaceBook dual screen laptop

Just so you know that you are not dreaming, see a laptop with two monitors. I'm pretty sure that someone probably, invented this as who would want a dual-screen laptop? Finally, have I usually three Windows go on my laptop at any given time.

GScreen SpaceBook has two 17.3 inch screens. It has a quad-core Intel Core i7-740 M processor and 8 GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M-Grafikkarte.

Sounds good to you? This is certainly done to me. Now, am I right to learn how to create applications. I could sure use a dual-screen laptop for my work. Here's the downside: it weighs in at 10 pounds.

Yes, I am not sure if I want to haul something, the heavy and I wonder whether the most laptop bags can handle also weight. Just so you know, the screens you can fold together, and you might have a single-screen computer, if you want.

GScreen SpaceBook (not to be confused with Facebook) is reserved for around $2.795 are. This is quite expensive for a laptop, and it reminds me of the days when laptops used to very heavy and costs quite a bit. Considering that the old-school laptops put the foundation stone for the laptops that we have now, the SpaceBook is set perhaps a similar standard. Perhaps we are looking at a future where every laptop has two screens. I say, why not four?

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Petron fun crossbow

So we took a look at the Petron hand bow yesterday, and for those who upgrade a bit more kick in their modern medieval weapons, here is the Petron fun crossbow. At £ 14.99 a pop, this lightweight weapon comes from a less civilized age and can provide a satisfactory twang, whenever you choose to make a sucker-tipped saw blades flying projectile to your destination.

Some Assembly is required to assemble these puppies, but it is easy enough, even a 6 year old have much fun with it. Too bad there are only 3 sucker darts, which accompany this crossbow, which means that you probably more time picking up the DART out of the ground, rather than a hail of arrows to your intended target rains would spend. Best of all, you not the strength needed, you must use this compared to an old school crossbow.

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Sprout biodegradable watch

I'm sorry, news about watches today, but I cover could not certainly to pass, $34 sprout biodegradable watch on my clock by can be! Why so, do you ask? Why not the same now, if the type that are all efforts to go green, has made you do with a clock? Think most of us would that watches are mainly made of metal and plastic, and the more expensive ones are to pass from one generation to another, and why is always something biodegradable?

Let's face it children can appreciate not a Rolex, and chances are they charge become expensive as the thrash, before they know how precious it is. Sprouting biodegradable watch plays a cool role here-it has an organic cotton band, consists of biodegradable corn resin case, while a sustainable bamboo dial and mineral crystal lens sure that is the whole thing back to dust, finally, if you bury it after it gives up the ghost.

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G form extreme portfolio for iPad

Have iPad/iPad 2? It goes without saying that one of the first would not Swarovski crystals few accessories that you purchase for your spanking new Apple tablet, you can insert, on the iPad back, but rather a protective box which you later can choose to bling up on your own. The G-form extreme portfolio for the iPad, as well as his successor only the right for you, then perhaps if decent protection is what you are looking for.

Finally, no one loves, delete your iPad or other mobile device for that matter, and as I always say, the first drop is the most painful. Integration of the G form remarkable RPT (reactive protection technology), extreme Portfolion is specially designed and manufactured stateside, where it is not only light, that you will not tired, out too fast holds the iPad in your hands, but is also to some extent water resistant.

The flexible RPT technology can be used for a number of tablet sizes, and apart from the iPad and its successor, another Tablet rival can also fit well. The case has been reinforced with polycarbonate and RPT corners provide front and protection for the Tablet corner, if it is in use. An adjustable easel setting, one in the Pocket for documents and a reversible zip make it a snap to make the thing even in a protective Tablet format in an instant.

Is how hard RPT? Now, more than 90% of the energy of an impact, stiff be up immediately like armor absorb it means, that your valuable Tablet is no longer violated as it should. All pre-orders are sent the extreme portfolio for iPad coming August 11th, and you can place pre-orders up to 2 per customer only.

Not expected guess G form some really large order quantities with this constraint?

Press release

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Razer mouse bungee updated and is back in action

Back in the days when computer mice, trackballs had, getting the right kind of mouse pad is that in addition to Teflon feet of your mouse glide effortlessly, very important - after all, about help, so that you have on your target precise objective Kingdom come with the rocket launcher or railgun Frag can. Fast forward to today and you have optical mice is the norm, and during the laser tracking, works well on most surfaces, a dedicated mouse pad the task would complete the comfort of hardcore gamers still prefer.

Razer, is an old hand, when it comes to gaming peripherals, has just announced that she the have upgraded Razer mouse bungee - where is the device of a sturdy, to help your mouse cord tightly boast arm it, so that cord said not to experience any form of Dragg against surface thread or at the end of turmoil is messed up. Not only that, with installed anti-slip feet and a weight on the Razer mouse bungee basis it regardless, how aggressive are your strokes remain immobile is.

In addition, Razer updated slim design and stockdunkel finish will seek certainly a medium this in addition to your gaming arsenal make. The black surface of gotta love be because this means that it is more difficult to see what dirt, which is collected on it in the course of time. It will be for $19.99 stateside, retail trade, although their life across the pond with just € 19.99 - making it more expensive will end up after conversion. It has always been the case with Razer products, so I think that it is something, that Europeans will have with life.

You can place your pre-order for the upgraded Razer mouse bungee, like it to start sending the July 28 - around the world. It is needless to say, a group of players, who don't need the Razer mouse bungee-ones, the cordless mice to use to get the job done, of course.

Press release

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cyber Snipa sonar portable mini speaker

Are you looking for a spanking new portable speaker? Well, if you love the wireless way, you should check out the FoxL v2 Bluetooth speaker that we considered yesterday, but that is a great deal for those who want something more affordable (the price will be discussed later in the extended post), then you wrong portable mini speaker go sonar with the Cyber Snipa .

As MOM used to say: do not judge book by its cover and a no. fear t-shirt these words emblazoned on them had "It's not the size of the dog in a battle that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog" - or something to that effect. Now, this applies also to this relatively small loudspeakers, where it is reveals ability his physical form factor.

Announced to "frighteningly powerful", where portable speakers for mobile devices is concerned, Nathan Newman has, to say the following product manager of the Cyber Snipa on the sonar portable mini speaker "really proud we are on the loudspeaker design, both in its appearance and functionality." "The sonar portable mini speaker is truly the premier spokesperson for take away from your mobile device experience to the next level and simply blows your standard speakers, no matter whether you at home or at the pool this summer lounging set."

Relying on a patented vacuum-bass system, the sonar packs quite the punch and has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that is said to last for a good 4 hours non-stop audio playback, before it requires another trip to the nearest outlet. For those who want a still tub thumping experience, here's an idea - how about connecting multiple units in a daisy-chain configuration?

And now, something that it is everyone's heart - the price in the vicinity. Finally in the current shaky economy worldwide it makes sense, if bang to get the best for your buck, and the Cyber Snipa portable mini speaker can sonar you for $29.95. In fact it plays nice with pretty much any device as long as those supporting the 3.5 mm audio jack.

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Plick is a new type of building block

This is the Plick, and they are a building block toys that are quite electronic. Similar to the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Plicka, allows the user to build functional robot mechanical toys like a.

Watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see that it stretchy has connector these things for the supply of motors and sensors. Stretchy ports act as rubber bands, so that you can them all kinds of things belt.

For example, the Plick contain an engine brick (due to lack of a better word), which rotates like a propeller, a LED light, a sound sensor, distance sensor, and much more, I'm sure. These different bricks can be linked together, creating all kinds of contraptions. It is a great way to teachings about how electronics work.

I don't know how hard it is to learn this particular toy, but it definitely LEGO beats, as it can work with more than just its own brand of brick. Finally, the video shows that the Plick, wooden toys, can be strapped for crying out loud!

There are not so far, any word on when the Plink for the market is released. In view of the building block competition, I hope that it has a lower price.

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Bergmonch-roller can belt to the rear.

I have been wanting to take a bike on a mountain for a while now. Of course, I am form, and probably not these pedals from the uphill very well.

Fortunately, this Bergmonch (German for "mountain monk") has my back. In fact, it can fold up and be set on my back like a pack. So, if a hill, the bike can rise does not exist, you can go back only on the. I suppose that I could there but the site that may not allow go.

Granted, this Bergmonch create a burden on my back, which is worse than Christ from the Pilgrim's progresscould be. By the way, the Bergmonch is a bike not really since it technically is a scooter.

Despite high load, it would be fun on a mountain very scoot, after the long walk is. Devices like this make me want to make one of these "extremes" adopt lifestyle to see you on TV commercials. Since I'm not a skater, bungee-jumper or surfer, might this set of wheels my only option.

Of course, I don't think that I can afford this, as it costs about $2,150. I hope I have some money for a hospital Act the worst should happen.

Source code

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ASUS G74SX-gaming notebook launched

ASUS intends to up the ante, if it around the world of games notebooks, this time development of the Republic of gamers (ROG) collection with the G74SX model. By G74SXenjoy what can? Thanks how about incredible visual performance as a staple for starters, to use a 2nd generation Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GTX 560 M GPU with 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM? Not only that the G74SX to the latest Microsoft DirectX11 graphics support, ensure that your eyes are always experience popping visuals without delete all frame rates in the process.

Not only that the G74SX in tandem with NVIDIA 3D works vision and 3DTV-Play-Technologie, to make sure that the 3D revolution can run with you wherever you go - either that, or you can always hook it up to a 3D-capable HDTV one just in case, you need larger map real estate.

Teaching you to such performance with looks was a model of ASUS G74SX from the start as it has a sleek updated paired stealth design with a Matt Black outside, to send all heat, ergonomic keyboard, soft-touch palm rest and new dual smart fan technology a quieter leave the back of the notebook, and have cooler gaming experiences even late into the night.

With the ability to install up to 16 GB RAM should occur anytime soon with this puppy memory issues. Not only your eyes will enjoy graphic details of the G74SX, also your ears keep the notebook happy with 8-Channel HD audio with THX TruStudio and Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 compatibility. Think that more processing firepower? No problem, as there is overclocking-on-the-fly.

Knowledge, if you go to their gaming notebook update anytime soon? You can set a good word for the ASUS G74SX.

Product page

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The axis security hub from Eton Corporation

If you are not familiar with Eton Corporation, you should then be likely. Their products are multi-purpose, supported by the American Red Cross, and emergency. I have a chance to try, some of their products, including the Scorpion and raptors.

The axis is a "battery-less security hub", and it is looks for extreme weather scenarios are designed. Why do I say that? It is set up for seven band channels, as well as to the weather / FM bands.

It is propelled a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which can be identified by a pull handle, which you can see barely on the right side of the image. It is possible, use 3 AAA batteries, and then you are set up with radio, flashlight, and much more.

Were that I stuck in a situation where I was caught in my home without power, I could the axis to power my cell phone, provided that it worked with a USB cable for charging.

The axis is features such as a flashing red LED light with the flashlight, in audio and audio-out ports, with all children, and an alarm clock and digital clock flows. All of this can be purchased for about $70.00 on the homepage of Eton.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

SuperTooth HD Bluetooth car kit

The SuperTooth HD Bluetooth car kit is out touted this claim disputed the most advanced model of its kind on the market someone by the manufacturers themselves there? It is said that the SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Handsfree three times has the power as compared to other models, while communicate on social networks with nothing but only voice commands - hopefully the algorithm is intelligent enough to meet the needs of non-English native speakers, to serve.

Features would include the SuperTooth HD includes two speakers V-array technology, spend a few 2.5 Watt speakers and a 5.4-Watt amplifier, high-fidelity audio in the process. Built-in dual microphones can pick up votes still more clearly, while the anti echo and noise reduction DSP control for this get you communicate with the person at the other end in a clear manner.

With the inclusion of the driver's enhanced voice commands can select calls, pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level and retrieve voice mail, without having to take her eyes outside of the road, nor is not the steering wheel. Ebnen is the SuperTooth handsfree Assistant feature, which is powered by Dial2Do to prepare the way for the driver and send Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS messages via voice, now, such as the? All of these articles will be posted as audio files, so that the receiver can hear them. Keep in mind that Dial2Do free for the first 6 months cost you at least $3.99 per month thereafter.

Other capabilities include incoming E-mail messages according to read, as well as incoming SMS messages out loud (for Android and BlackBerry only) read. A2DP-audio-streaming of music, podcasts, and turn-by-turn, smart phones and GPS navigation navigators are also part of the Treasury, while multi-point technology helps you connect up to 2 phones at the same time. Do you want to get the SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Handsfree home? It costs $129.

Press release

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Mophie juice Pack air, in the snap mode!

It seems like every time Mophie makes any changes to the juice Pack air, they make a very big deal. We have reported on the juice Pack air forand is intended to give some extra juice on an iPhone device.

You have now made a no-brainer. I have before trying them himself, and it looks as the only change is that the snap has a removable bottom insert the phone easier. You can see the image to the seam on the removable storage management snap-in.

I'm not sure how many are new to these other functions, but it has a standby switch, the between charge and can switch to standby mode. Then there is the LED status indicator, indicating is charging mode and current battery life. Oh, I have, that it has a USB free of charge and sync, if you connect to iTunes, without him from the juice Pack remove want to?

Like I said, I have no idea, how many of these features are new to the snap, but here are the statistics: it has additional talk time of 6 hours on 3 g, up to 12 hours on 2 g. It has also 36 hours of audio playback and 9 hours of video playback.

You can get the Mophie juice Pack air snap to the Apple Store at a price of $79.95.

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She will not likely these glasses of Transformers 3-d movie with catch me

The third movie is transformers, dark side of the Moon, this week, and it's no surprise that the it in 3 - d. Hasbro is everything is ready for sharing with all kinds of toys, and this is especially one of them, 3D glasses.

As my title means that there is no way I wear in the theatre, although the multiplex fee-paying price of "Rental". My son, in the picture here is a different story. By the way, these glasses equipped 3-d movies work only on RealD, but the toy comes with red and blue type, as well as a 3-d poster.

You can get for around $9.99 at Toys R US websitethis 3D mask. I couldn't find it on the Hasbro Web site, but it is available in Optimus Prime form. Check the jump for more core transformers action.

Hasbro leader class Hummel has, for example, a different version of Bumblebee with the Mechtech. There we looks on very similar as the OPS battle Bumblebee , a while ago reported. I must admit that the sounds of less cooler are, and it is difficult to fold it up in a Camaro. It costs about $44.99 and stands on the site of Hasbro.

In the big picture I intend to try out some transformer toys in small and medium-sized recently. Once again I would like to, that the transformers looked this cool back in the day. Check the Hasbro toy shop Web site and see what you can find if you're a fan.

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Review of the VueZone system

I have been wanting to try a FIC of the VueZone systems for a while, and I finally my wish.

For those who are not about this technology, VueZone used tiny cameras, you can be seen on the left side of the photo. These cameras are wirelessly synchronized to the "gateway" to see you on the right side of the photo.

Everything you need to do is set up that come with these dome-shaped booths that magnetically lock, set the cameras for simple angle cameras. After everything is set up, you can view the material from your computer or the access to iOS or Android.

It was natural to set up a slight inconvenience. After I plugged into the gateway in my router, the cameras and set up my account, he realizes not my cameras. At least not at first. Finally it was underway, and then I was to able to record and still photograph. Sometimes the images or videos at first, would either appear.

Another disadvantage was, that, despite having two cameras, I two at a time display thread could not. I'm not sure whether my computer is too slow, but it is definitely more video surveillance, as I had before me. Therefore can I recommend them, and understand why their network have may have problems with the.

It is also a good budget for approximately $289.95, and there are other cheaper, the models with only one camera or missing motion detection on the VueZone Website.

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JAKKS Pacific Plug and play video games

We have reported for article by JAKKS Pacific, and I had the opportunity to try out three their plug and play video games. All three of them are stuck in the white and yellow composite cable TV, and they are pretty much all fun.

The first is the joystick, which brings back the quality of the arcade the PAC-man retro-arcade. Not only PAC-man is, but all sorts of games such as Xevious, Galaga, dig dug, and ten more. I found that it definitely put me back to the old Atari 2600 times, but with better graphics was. Hit the jump to see the other two gaming systems.

The second is Golden Tee Golf, and it is only a game of golf with a track-ball controller. The player is able to, draw it back of the Club of roles on the track ball, and to the front quickly right to strike. I found this one difficult to control, but then again, I never really like to play golf.

The third is Big Buck Hunter, and it is a TV adaptation of the arcade game, where you're shooting bucks, does not do. If your sport shooting defenseless animals is not, has the game also shoot UFOs, Cowpies and moonshine jugs. This game was the only one, the a sensor, and 3 AAA batteries of the three I checked.

Speaking each of them requires 4 AA batteries, and they all are batteries, on the Jakks Pacific website now at different prices.

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OtterBox Defender case series for the iPhone 4 and IOS 2

I'm not sure why we have not reported other OtterBox products before, but I had the opportunity to try out the Defender series cases.

The Defender series for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are very similar. Interior, as well as a silicone skin case have each of them an inner polycarbonate shell with a foam. You are also snap-on covers, that allow you to your iDevices. For the iPhone 4 has a clip, and the iPad for the 2 has something like a stand.

These special cases are iDevice protect at any rate your favorite, from scratches, as well as the shock absorbing. I find it hard to believe that these protect not out of the water, and I can see why this disclaimer do the official pages for these products.

My only complaint is that it very difficult, the Defender falls on and turn off the devices. My thought is this: the best fits the armor can not set to be as pajamas. Let not what I just said have put you off, as their tutorial videos are a great help.

If you are interested in this kind of protection, you can visit the official website of OtterBox and get the Defender series for the iPhone 4 for $49.95 and the Defender series for the iPad 2 for about $89.95. I'll let you decide whether this is to pay a high price for this type of protection.

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DXG offers low-cost 3D stills

What you see here is a new type of 3D viewer of DXG, creator of the many great HD camcorder.

This 3D viewer can take only still shots, and I have try it out. You get 3D, you may or may not have been looking, but you have to jump through a lot of tyres for it really.

What happens is that one with the dual camera shoot. This on the back of the camera is only 1, 44 inches, and you can use the images in real time. You can then print and placing them in the document 3D viewer for a "Viewmaster" carry-effect.

When it comes to printing them out, I had problems first. I have the supplied USB cable, but it did not quite work. I finally ejected the SD card (that is included with the product) and plugged in my printer slot. Thanks to PictBridge technology it recognized my 3D images and merging printed it in the form of two 2D images, to make a 3D image in the Viewer. I hope that it will work without problems on other printers.

I tried this with normal 8 x 11 paper, and it worked, but the company recommends 4 x 6 photo paper. Is a clear difference, and I mean, in the truest sense of the word.

In all honesty, we are looking for on one of the best ways to bring 3D to the average consumer. It is admittedly, in the form of still and not for video. If you prefer, you can get it in different colors for about $69.99 on The official DXG website.

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Swirl USB hub

This is a USB hub, probably by the rigors of the Yoga is gone for years, able ways to twist that were previously unimaginable. This 4-port USB hub - and string-manager intends to fulfil its task to protect of your equipment against damage to property, and can even expand to accommodate additional cable, if the need arises. You will end up with a four-port USB hub and cable Manager for $24.99 a pop, boasts a flexible neck, which will protect all USB devices from accidental damage. The neck itself sports 360-degree mobility, while integrated cable management with a Quartet of the anchor helps to drive cable. There are definitely a must buy for those, the neat freaks.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

iDucky for some wet musical fun

It's always fun, beautiful, long bath after taking particularly long and exhausting day at the Office. Of course, what is better than soaking in a warm bath with your favorite aromatherapy candles burn while you a glass of milk and some cookies to the page on Munch have reading your favorite book in another hand? Why would some always useful your favorite tunes! Enter the iDucky floating bath duck, that works not only as a speaker for MP3 player is-wasserdicht it as an FM radio to boats.

It is compatible with all devices, as long as it is connected via the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Retails for $29.99 a pop, that iDucky is powered by a couple of AAA batteries, and have an egg station, a range of 10 meters - which should be enough has to work the most bathrooms with, unless it lives in a mansion.

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Ion U - record USB music archive system

For those of you who are still your vinyl records, and want to convert your tracks into digital files, have answered your prayers.

The ION U - record to add to a turntable, cassette player or other line sources music archiver. It can then attach to a computer and turn them into MP3 files (or WAV format) only traces.

Any drivers for this operation, and includes an EZ vinyl/tape-recorder software for PC and EZ audio converter for Mac, for "hassle-free recording". It has also Audacity software that can record, edit, and reduce noise for both platforms can. Also included are and phono input options, and an input volume control knob.

Now, there is only one thing that you need to be concerned about: the copyright police. Actually, I'm not sure an MP3 from a record or cassette tape recording concerning what is the law. I guess if you tried to share it, then you would probably get in trouble. Perhaps. Does anyone know the legality behind it? If you do, you feel free, leave a comment.

Anyway, if this is something that you in are, go ahead and to the X-Treme Geek Website and $59.95 deposit head.

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Spatula-docking station

Kitchein master would definitely love to have a well equipped kitchen and for those who consider a spatula collection much roast to do not ausgelacht to have. To now, where you to stow away when not in use, this scraper? When see the organised person who you are, Spatula cradle! This $39.95 purchase is a modular spatula system that will hold up to five of these essential kitchen tools in the form of organized and easily accessible position, recording a mere 6 square countertop space.

Each spatula head to the included handle attached and can work with but a button touch - much like blade Shaver be removed. You will be hidden way neatly in a holder with a footprint than a CD cover to further reduce kitchen is no more clutter. You will find that three different hard plastic spatulas (two with slots) and one without, a skimmer and a narrow, flexible silicone spatula in the entire business size.

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Review of the VuPoint magic wall portable scanner

I think that as a society we away from paper move and go one towards all digital format. When you consider that almost every consumer has a scanner with your printer, that need to be made to most of our documents is digital, fast.

Those who need their scanning in portable form the VuPoint should probably solutions magic wand check-out. I first saw a chance to try it out it at CES a few years ago, and I finally.

I was hoping that I could soon past the frustration factor get, and I have. Quick Start Guide showed me exactly what you are doing at the moment I got it out of the box. Once inserted, I a MicroSD card (not included) I was ready to scan. I found a few of my daughter drawings, and see the results after the jump.

As you can see, there are a lot of edges that are slightly off, but it captures perfectly the image. A little trimming could take care of that, and I am sure that I could easily perfect this time.

The scanner has some "roles", which allow the user to on press and ordinary piece of paper and turn it into a JPG file. Indicator shows how many scan to file, and the device is powered by 2 AA batteries. It comes with a USB cable, so you can download pictures to your computer.

If you feel for this type of portable scan action, you freely select it for about $129.95 on the X-Treme Geek Website.

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Prelit Halloween tree

If you are the type who loves, is at the beginning for all and each one would be prelit Halloween tree in any case then in the pipeline - provided that you celebrate, holiday, of course. Finally, still a long way harms Halloween in October, but it was not on this $249.99 garden extension now, has it? With 240 coloured LEDs plastic are coated in flower to four leaf, this metal tree is cast an eerie, orange Halloween glow. The LEDs was to work, while the branches and trunk weather resistant metal that are coated in a black vinyl wrap that the orange light contrasted made are evaluated for 25,000 hours.

Most 6.5 feet tall, the tree sport 10 industries soft tips are, so that you to replicate the random natural pattern of a live specimen can make. With a built-in stand and a Quartet of operations is stability in the free more or less ensured, unless of course, a tornado decides to drop by and say hi. To verify that you have an outlet in the area, these puppies until when the opportunity comes to light.

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Jabra EASYCALL headset was only on the AT & T stores

Jabra is right from the beginning to the Bluetooth headset on, I remember very early days as a colorful display on mobile phones were just starting to proliferate, while those Bluetooth headsets, such as Borg walk on Earth to be seen, been. Now, while colored map on mobile phones are a given these days can still carry it pretty hard, get to those Bluetooth headsets despite it is very common.

This means the Bluetooth headset market is alive and Jabra is more than enough money continues to roll out newer models. Their latest version would be the headset Jabra EASYCALL, which is available exclusively at AT & T retail stores and online today. The EASYCALL is so called because it features easy to use, intuitive controls, where it is by the Jabra CRUISER2, which itself is a popular Autofrei speak, the voice controls has accompanied and superior sound for hands-free on the road, making it a whole lot safer, drive and carry on a conversation at the same time.

The Jabra EASYCALL is announced, the perfect entry-level Bluetooth headset option, be especially so for those who has no previous experience with this headset. The use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology delivers crystal clear sound and voice while it a rather pocket friendly price of only $32 which is not interrupted, the Bank or this month budget, and yet groovy enough to hook up to a few devices at the same time. This simplifies the transition between work and family demands.

Apart from the EASYCALL are also supplied with automatic volume control, you can display status icons for easy viewing, an on-off button slider and spoken voice guidance the current battery level and connectivity status know a seamless and intuitive Bluetooth headset experience delivers the next generation.

How is the next, where there will be some of the very successful Cruiser left off (as creative in the Naming Convention), for the Jabra CRUISER2, improved sound quality, caller ID, handsfree, ' speaking the users ' and voice announcements to offer when it set up the audio guide and connectivity status and low battery charger significantly to announce. Expect you the Jabra CRUISER2 at $79.99 more expensive.

Press release

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fujifilm Instax mini 50 s, spontaneous moments to capture

Yes, we know that summer time if you spend your time outdoors instead of is home to at the, zapping aliens and save the world once again from one other extra-terrestrial threat. For those who know that summer days can be extremely volatile, it makes sense to capture those wonderful moments with a camera. Granted, most of us already have a digital camera in some way or other (phones count for, you know), but as of the turn back and go old school once?

We are talking high-quality instant photo prints from Fujifilm Instax mini 50's, where it can deliver beautiful. Is the latest addition to the popular Instax family, is the Instax mini 50's confidence on Instax instant everywhere shot mini film that results in credit card prints, size, where can these then and are developed on the spot - let experience to take a retro, when it comes to the memories on the spot with friends and family share.

Come in an elegant and yet compact design in a glossy black surface, the Instax not rags mini 50, if they take to creative photo. After you can all benefit from a few shutter-Entriegelungstasten, located on the front and side of the camera for high- or landscape prints. To keep pace with the time, there is also a practical self-timer, which at the same time - take one or two images for you, while each print writing one for a friend with a blank strip at the bottom of some space for you a message capture is to leave the fun of the moment.

Additional features of the $129.99 Instax mini 50 years.:-

  • Macro lens for close-up recordings up to 30 cm
  • Intelligent Flash for light background
  • Exposure indicator display
  • Brightness control, lighten or darken photos
  • Tripod mount
  • Glossy black surface

Press release

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iCADE iPad arcade machine

The iCADE iPad arcade cabinet , which was first spotted on ThinkGeek, as part of their April Fools prank, was finally in the flesh thanks to demand from users who think that it is so crazy idea finally is not enabled. The robust built (it must, otherwise, who else should it stand in the position to the rigors and abuse that cabinets from a player's frustration to lose through arcade?), iCADE-gaming case specifically in a certain retro designed, so that it, an Apple iPad or its successor, the iPad 2 can accommodate, bring users back to the good old days when quarters on the always hungry machines in a grubby-looking local arcade were to be fed, how you the village high score best attempts.

According to Ty Liotta, head of ThinkGeek's GeekLabs partnership "we to make audio in our vision of the iCADE reality with ION." "After it as a day April Fool's day back in 2010 was announced, wanted, that there will be thousands of our customers and we excited to make it become a reality through this partnership."

The iCADE is as a desktop sized arcade game that encounter Cabinet, where it boast a fully functioning gamepad with the buttons and retro-arcade joystick is complete. Gameplay is a no brainer on this puppy-everything you need to do is push one IOS in the integrated cradle, hook up to the iCADE over a Bluetooth connection, and you are good to go. ICADE itself is powered by a few AA batteries, so that we, that you get batteries such as Sanyo Eneloops would suggest if you're going to do a whole host of games on it.

Not only that, the ThinkGeek iCADE rendered the original April Fool's day sport retro style graphics, people all over the world to fall into it. Expect more downloads and purchases of Atari classic games from the Apple app store with this version of $99.99 . Atari is also up hype from this release have rolled out 100 of his classic games that are compatible with the iCADE. Atari succeeded to the games for compatibility with the iCADE, where configure among them include beloved titles such as Pong, asteroids and centipede, among other things.

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Veebeam-HD brings Internet on your TV

Smart TV is there for several years, but it's safe to say that she have enforced in the mass market really only have not. Now, for those, the sick and tired of viewing of videos as well as ketchup on your TV programs on a much smaller notebook display to play are, here is the Veebeam HD to solve your suffering. With this small puppy, you can easily just about any content in your home TV stream from your notebook. They call it - live sports, streaming music, film are websites, home videos from your hard drive, the more or less indefinitely as long as you can display it on your computer.

Because the Veebeam HD wireless spectrum works, you need to worry about it when it comes to a less cable to keep your home clutter-free and tidy. Everything you need to do is plug the USB receiver into misleading looking £ 139.99 Veebeam HD unit, hook it up to your TV at the insertion of the separate USB antenna in your computer or a notebook it no matter, whether it is running Mac OS X platform or Windows on the.

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Volkswagen introduced semi-autonomous hands-driving system

Wait a minute here - I've read it correctly? To Volkswagen's semi-autonomous hands driving system help work around you in your vehicle and this your hands free to do something else? The answer is, where Volkswagen their new system as a temporary car has been dubbed pilot (TAP), where it will link between existing driver help technologies and fully automated vehicles. You paving as the drivers have a role to play monitoring system - but at least type the way for the semi-automatic driving on a highway at speeds of up to 130 km/h (80 mph).

You will find no driverless car here, but TAP results in automatic driving assisting authorities technologies that are already in place in addition to semi-automatic functions that require constant monitoring by you, the driver together.

TAP is the car speed, ensure that it maintains safe distance from other vehicles, while its speed right in front of a bend to control delete. Apart from that will also ensure that your vehicle to lane markers's central position is maintained. Needless to say, can TAP at any time be disabled, if an emergency situation. Despite that it means semi-autonomous, not you can now take both eyes from the road and play around on your iPhone instead.

Are you happy to happen on this type of driving systems in the future, or do you prefer firmly behind the wheel? We suspect that most people would want the latter to stay, because people love to be in the control when this extremely employed Executive who cannot afford a driver. -We say stick to the driver that most of them double as bodyguard anyway so why not get the extra protection on your salary and payroll? It is not as if these intelligent cars IQ in the Knight Rider Kitt. have series...

Source code

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Top iPad 2 cover of iFrogz

I've reviewed a lot of products from iFrogz above, and I think usually of them as iPad iPhone and iPod accessories for the masses. However, after he that iPad 2 Summit I case, a case that is very noble to see.

Seriously, if I ever clothes, not I would be at a party full of rich people in tuxes and women in fancy surprised, if the case on their IOS had the people in the presence of this type. Just so you know, it is not made of genuine leather, but would deceive me.

The Summit has a Folio case, which has a polyurethane with same material in its core. The Summit event provides access to ports, inputs and sensors, so that nothing is blocked.

Not only it protects against shocks, dust and scratches, but it can also act as a stand for many angles. Close the wrinkles, even in the case, Velcro.

Yes, all in all it's really precious and practically. I can imagine if I could afford an iPad, I would spend a little more to get a case like this. Finally, the price is a modest $59.99 on the website of iFrogz. Who knows how compares this price on an iPad case that consists of real leather? Leave a comment if you know the answer.

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Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite x 4 crack full

Review of CorelDRAW X 4

A few years ago, each new version of CorelDRAW is a major event in the world of the PC graphics but then leaving Adobe Corel to support.
So what's new? Of course, as with each version of the latter, with the new look interface CorelDRAW and fresh.
An area of the interface has been completely changed the Welcome screen that offers now to help access to tab with new features, gallery show examples of images and, for the first time, integrated information updated.

Panel Quick Start offers also a quick access to the new model in the dialogue, which has also been completely redesigned and offers choices more than 80, arranged in a class of brochures, business cards and so on. CorelDRAW X 4 now also offers the Save as which is dedicated as a design template that gives you a wide selection of different levels.

In addition to X 4 adds support for importing a Microsoft Word file, for the first time also supports file Publisher PUB. Renewal of the most important of CorelDRAW X 4 is in the function tambahkannya to support import and export for the latest version of Adobe Photoshop PSD and PDF Acrobat standard and now to deal with the management of the base color on the manipulation freely downloadable Color Management Module (CMM) of Adobe.


Minimum system requirements

  • Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, ultimate, and Business (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows XP Edition, professional, family, Media Edition, the 64-bit or Tablet PC Edition (with latest Service Pack and critical updates)

  • Pentium III, 800 MHz or AMD Athlon XP

  • 512 MB RAM

  • Mouse or Tablet

  • screen resolution 1024 x 768 (1024 x 768 on a Tablet PC)

  • DVD-ROM drive.

  • 370 MB of disk space (CorelDRAW X 4 only, more space will be required for other applications of the suite)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Download CorelDRAW X 4 full crack keygen SN of 4shared

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Download games for mobile and HP berry

EH... more search-search game for HP ya... I have a link to download a bunch of games free alias free phone mobile aka 2011. all of the files is free and we should not be in line to run games all.There are 314 games which include:

  1. Age of empires offshore
  2. Age of heroes
  3. Bejeweled
  4. Bouncy
  5. Bowling
  6. City magnate
  7. Dash dinner 2
  8. Dance Sales
  9. Football
  10. Hentai sudoku
  11. Kama sutra
  12. King kong
  13. Medal of honor
  14. Need for speed
  15. Night club
  16. Princes of Persian classical
  17. Princes of Persian Sun time
  18. Princes of Persia the two Thrones
  19. Princes of Persia within Warrior
  20. Rayman
  21. Sexy poker
  22. Sonic the hedgehog
  23. Star war 2
  24. Super mario 3
  25. Assault tank
  26. The sims 3
  27. Tomb raider
  28. Tony hawks
  29. Warcraft
  30. Worms
  31. Etc.

All these games can also be read on your hp berry, then please visit following link and begin to choose the games you like best...

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    Lenovo ThinkPad T60 1952 AP2 15 "notebook $225 to Woot!"

    Ends at 10 PM PDT. Woot! The refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad T60 1952 AP2 15-inch laptop for $220 + $5 shipping = $225 shipped. 2504 Advanced mini dock with key with purchase included IBM. [Compare]

    15-Inch display, Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz processor, Intel GMA 950
    1 GB DDR2, 60 GB HDD, CDRW/DVD, 802.11a/b/g, 6-cell lithium-ion

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    Monday, July 11, 2011

    HP coupon codes up to 30% off HP laptops & desktops at HP

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    Samsung brings retinal display tablets

    The last prototype unveiled by Samsung contains the latest display technologies. With the integration of Samsung retina display in his last tablet, PenTile, it is expected that innovation can become a reference in all future tablet computers.

    SamsungPenTile Tablet is the first of its kind to provide a view of the retina. However, it is still not considered to be the standard of the iPad 2 when it comes to overall quality. Samsung has shown that it is indeed possible for their thumb Tablet 10.1, the Galaxy tab to be integrated with a display high resolution.

    The display comes with 2560 X 1600 pixel resolution. This resolution of high grade is regarded as a characteristic that most of the major will lack computers. This is certainly a point more for Samsung as more similar tabs with all features a lack of high-quality display. This feat was carried out by Samsung with the placement of 300 pixels in a single inch. This creates a greater density of pixels which makes it the distinction of a single pixel to the naked eye almost impossible for the majority of the population.

    Improved display is not all that PenTile has to offer. According to Samsung, power management has also been improved. Once again, it is always a good thing for a Tablet PC package a screen high-definition and a more optimized battery: a delicate combination.

    Now, he did not have official for PenTile be integrated in any future tablets. However, it is said that users can expect a commercial version later this year.

    This advancement by Samsung this possibility for future tablets to the iPad (2) a real competition. While iPhone 4 is come with display of the retina, the feature was absent from the iPad 2. However, many fans of Apple products is anticipating the feature to add to the iPad 3.

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    Application Smart Samsung TV service passes

    Samsung made an announcement indicating the success of Smart TV App Store company. In accordance with the Declaration, the Smart TV App store has managed to exceed the 5 million download milestone.

    The company offers 550 Samsung Apps. They are targeted for smart TV series from Samsung which is currently available. According to the statement issued by the Korean electronics giant, the Smart TV App service played exceptionally since it was launched about 14 months earlier.

    Among the most popular Samsung Apps download, YouTube application holds the number one position. The application has been topping graphics downloads in the United Kingdom, we and many other countries. Kang-hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President of the Media Center Solution for samsung Electronics said that applications Smart TV has a possibility to the lists of top of the download page for global and regional.  He added that, since the TV is a family based device, adding social features such as games of chance and networking, will create a whole new world of possibilities to the users.

    Progress has step however, day to the next. After the service was launched, it took them almost 11 months to reach the 2 million. The mark of $ 2 million was completed in January of this year. But during the next four months, the progress was stiff and reached an additional $ 3 million download. Now, Samsung Apps are available in 120 countries and sees an average of 100,000 downloads every four days.

    According to Kevin Kyungshik Lee, Vice President of Visual Display Business - Samsung Electronics, the applications that are specifically designed to improve the experience of television have managed to achieve the status of "living room norm". He added that applications Smart TV by Samsung are a revolutionary change in the living room entertainment and their diversity and the experience that they have to offer will continue to grow.

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    Low sales for Nintendo

    Research conducted by the firm npd Group revealed that Nintendo did rather poorly in the video game console market. The comparative research of the performance of Nintendo with Microsoft and Sony. The results show that the Nintendo DS and Wii have become slow sellers in the US market, while the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 had high sales year after year.

    Some experts believe that the decrease of sales of the Nintendo Wii may be due to the official announcement said the next arrival followed up to her. It was announced that the Wii follow-up will be unveiled at E3 in June.

    The Nintendo 3DS comes packaged with a few new tricks. 3D graphics that don't require glasses 3D to display, augmented reality games and a gyroscope with an accelerometer for motion detection effective controls are some of the many features packed in the apparatus. However, some users feel that his appearance is not very different from older versions.

    While most users have given the thumb until the Nintendo 3DS user-friendly performance, it has still not satisfied its sales forecast. The opening week, the device was able to sell about 400,000 units. During the month of April, it failed to pass an additional 194,000 devices.

    Experts and users remain optimistic on the future follow-up for nintendo wii. It is expected that the Wii 2 will have the opportunity to draw attention to Nintendo which seems to have been eclipsed by other brands. With regard to the 3DS, there is not much hope for further increases in decreasing sales. The reason for the poor performance in the month as well as by the lack of hope in the future sales may be pointed out in mass interest in the future the arrival of the NPM from Sony.

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