Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thumbs up ear iPhone case

If you are one of the millions around the world, has an iPhone, then surely you would have not left it at that time - alone without a case at all, still a protective screen cover art to ensure that no scratches marked it when you tap your precious phone or it against something else by accident.

Now, why no meal out of the whole situation with the thumbs up ear case for the iPhone? This is true in any case is not chic-est, it resort but definitely attention to you, if someone you speak it encounters.

Later in September this is the hardier auditory accessories are released to the mass market definitely one, and one can say that it is designed for users with ears of all sizes. From late September of this year by Urban Outfitters for £ 12.99are you ready to go there?

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AMCO No. foot silicone egg cracker

Forgetting you crack nuts there is just something about beating fried noodles to a court, while throwing an egg in it added zest of taste. Deft during Chinese chefs in the crack open an egg with empty all gooey goodness in the hot work and throw away that is not the shell in a close to nearby dustbin, those of us, the finesse and experience will but with a few hands make, sometimes even crack the egg shell in such a way that the shell falls some bits and pieces into the mix.

This is no longer a thing of the future in your kitchen with the $8.57 AMCO No. foot silicone egg cracker small puppy takes, the excitement, chaos and germs from your egg-cracking activity. Not only that, you need to worry about fishing eggshells from the bowl, either, and since your hand never really touches upon an egg, it further reduces the chances of transmitting bacteria back and forth.

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Capsule protects iPhone 4 to escape

You know now Mr.. jobs as Apple's CEO. The new CEO Tim Cook, should perhaps consider this EscapeCapsules.

Okay, sound strange. I'm not meaning that Mr Cook in any way from his new position at Apple needs to escape. The EscapeCapsule is not something that you used to leave quickly, but it is something to protect the iPhone 4. Right now, catalyst has their escape capsule on Kickstarter, but really it should be official Apple accessories as it virtually useful for protecting an asset Apple.

What you see here is made of clear polycarbonate effective, which can protect against the elements, including an exo-skeleton. It also protects from effects such as scratches, and although I not the specifics, it goes under water.

The EscapeCapsule protects the hardware buttons and the touch screen. It also comes in a variety of colors and glow-in-the-dark rubber bumper and lanyard.

I have to protect a lot of iPhone accessories from which, and this looks very, very well. If you pledge $50, you can now pre-order the EscapeCapsule. Catalyst intends selling the case for only $70 when it hits the market, so that a pretty good deal.


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Scrabble scramble electronic

Love word games? Boggle or Scrabble, plays it, as long as you have put forward a whole boatload of points makes your opponent, you through your sheer word alone to win may not matter. Now, is a modern interpretation of a classic word game Scrabble. We are talking about the Electronic scramble Scrabble, which actually is a different kind of game, as a payment of just 75 seconds to come up with so many anagrams, how your brain to crack, you can be given, with nothing the letter tiles automatically to recognize the words bit.

Needless to say, is speed essential, where the five electronic 2? tiles are beep and flash, intelligent enough to their relative position and they when placed side by side felt, if they all approved three-discover, in four or five-letter word. If you love flying solo, will challenge then yourself through the formation of how many 5 letter words from the same letter random pass or letters, while the third mode the tiles need from player to player in order to words to form in a limited time so to avoid always removed.

CR2032 started nice to know that every purchase comes with five $29.95 you batteries get directly out of the box.

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Shoot the clock the first thing in the morning

We have seen our fair share of various and crazy alarm clocks in the past, but here is something else, you alarm clock, you are actually interested in could "it using the included remote shooting" requires. Yes Sir, this £ 22.95 alarm clock can literally shoot time - if it goes off course. How does it work? Now, is the alarm itself from a fusion of metal and plastic, where the accompanying plastic toy gun the car alarm noise stop when you show the toy gun on a taxi on the alarm clock built in.

The whole idea behind it? To ensure, you are awake enough that you turn off an alarm clock, with this you not go back to sleep, of course. Would be nice, if you can not replace the image of the car with a photo of your nemesis? This particular purchase you a bit more than usual could in the long term, cost, especially if you need a set of AA batteries for the alarm clock and a few AA batteries for the toy gun. I would recommend to go along with this battery.

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MIT student creates his own grappling hook gun

Grappling hook gun. From Batman, Rorschach from watchmen, everyone wants it, but nobody really does it. It is a kind of spy company that actually makes. Kind of like q has for James Bond.

A MIT engineering students has the world been essentially, what it wants, how he has created a fully functional grappling hook gun.

You can see a video of it after the jump, is and it is with some simple parts such as a chemical fire extinguisher, copper pipe, hose clamps, Blowgun canister 20 oz CO2 made, and it's on NERF N-strike Raider rapid fire CS-35.

As you might have guessed, this is an Instructables project, by a user named "Crreed". He took me to build one of these bad guys want to sure, but I will not be recordings of Osama bin Laden.

Under no circumstances. I would be in a big city on a high building, and then I would want a fire to escape or something safe. I was once the hook was sure wanted to keep my weight, I would like Batman swing.

Yeah, right would as I really do. Yet one must be questions, if it can legally own a grappling hook gun is. I mean, that you could do some serious damage if you hit someone in the breast, as in watchmen. I can not remember me, if it happens in the film, but I would remind you that from the comic book. Honestly, I think, it is comic books who want me to swing from buildings try grappling hook with a weapon.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

32. March, a new Internet series, Prime shoots on PAX 2011

While I discovered on PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle, I described a game developers as chrome. The most booths at gaming conventions are places where the company makes it possible to play players, but was this stand a giant greenscreen cube.

The reason why is because participants on PAX was used, extras in their match, be March 32nd. The game is to follow a combination of a contemporary Noir story in 12, and it is completely interactive.

Apparently, each character is nothing more than silhouettes in various colors in March 32nd. Was their booth, set up that it could be to include participant silhouettes, and finally, they appear as extras in the game prior to the release of the next spring.

It looked really interesting, and I decided to try it yourself. You know that scene in TV/film, where a man casually leaves a suitcase so that someone else can pick it up? I played the guy from the case, deleted. Search in the game, as is my silhouette. I had to draw it for my image to be used.

I'm not sure how a game with nothing more than silhouettes to take effect, but I hear that the game from the perspective of an amnesia is told, sees his dystopian world so crazy. I can't wait to see, as is it out, and I'm in it for me.


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Robotector iPhone cases

If you have an iPhone case, the not so catch ear - or rather, is wanting, the spectrum is then Robotector iPhone cases in any case the work to be done, and do it well, of course. Retails for $24.99 a pop, works this particular iPhone case somewhat in the same way as a terminator theme for your iPhone. Robust and durable silicone made, is it perfectly valuable listeners, to keep protected against all future robotic revolts!

The arms on this particular iPhone case ensures that you always an adequate enough to handle, so that a few thousand miles away during this hour long conversations with your other half, she always certain lives, will handle, never leave again to get your sweaty hands on it. Even better is the ability to take your precious iPhone without, so that consideration value, if you have pick juice up this a purchase still an iPhone case.

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Load a telephone while you walk

We all know that we just by moving much kinetic energy, and all the energy we need for our mobile devices.

Therefore, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have work in Madison on a combine harvester, which stores the energy that we create, by strolling, running or walking.

Tom Krupenkin, UW-Madison Associate Professor of mechanical engineering, says that people generate a kilowatt performance in the Sprint. This is more than enough power laptops, flashlights, and mobile phones.

Reverse Electrowetting uses this technology, you see in the sole of the shoe here. It is the process with which the energy of the movement of the liquid is converted into electricity, and energy, by hiking approximately 20 Watt power.

The developers of this technology created a company called instep Nano power and its first product as the "go and" imagine. I assume that we are looking at a future, where we connect our devices to our shoe when we where we go and our laptops, mobile phones and other devices. According to my source this 10 times longer take a cell phone battery.

Of course, there is a problem with the cable connected to the shoe. Perhaps it could be a hot-swappable battery pack on the sole, but it could smell funny, when placed on the table.


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Pajaggle game took me to a PA junkie

Conventions like Pax Prime in Seattle are opportunities to win the a lot of games, both on board and electronics. One of the best games I saw was this one, Pajaggle.

Pajaggle is a game with a plastic Board, for parts, that fit exactly in the place. This is it. The goal of the game is simply the shape to the right place in the shortest time, about. By the way, the player is to the great piece in the middle of the Board in the last, and say "Pajaggle".

As someone who loves, when things in order, is there something about this game is very soothing. There are other ways to play this game like a game of triads, in which the Pajaggle be placed pieces in groups of three.

I have to say, that the game is rather difficult, as these pieces are laser-cut in a place fits, and some other pieces fit. It looks easy at first, but this game of forms is difficult, because some of the pieces do not fit as easy as it should on the first try.

All in all is Pajaggle fun for all ages. It is for about $29.99 from the Pajaggle online storeavailable.

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Back yard driving range

You know, sometimes just want to reach you head out with your next vehicle and hit a fair number of balls only for some movement or from leave to your frustration, but also moments as, simply prevents vehicle and your way through rush-hour traffic can be because you are too lazy or tired, in your only, with the next vehicle pony field. No place is like home, such as the backyard-driving-range's?

Yes Sir, this $249.95 acquisition is an actual golf training system, which converts each farm in a driving range, just like that without the need to renovate your House. Away up to 150 balls, hiding place, where automatically which included tea are placed on each of them be the ball dispenser so that you do not have must bow down to a ball t before each shot. Think certainly no slew of difficulties, saves the back you?

Los your swing and see the ball to the tent of network flying, which consists of durable nylon with double seams, to help it resist even the most difficult drives or iron shots. The back yard driving range is ideal with side panels, the shots errant Corral to, thereby helping you focus on anything else but your swing. Heck, there is even a handheld tube with which you can pick up 20 balls at the same time and place them in the dispenser on the fly. Even better? You can begin to invite your friends to go this in your backyard.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Montana couple builds ' Hobbit House "

If it is an award for the biggest fan of Lord of the rings, I think that husband and wife Steve and Christine Michaels would take the prize.

The couple have to the Shire built a house in the mountains of Montana, in would fit. I would imagine that if you have entered in the address for Bilbo Baggins on Google maps for Middle Earth, you would be listed here.

Admittedly, it has developed no circular door which j.r.r Tolkien is stressed in The Hobbit or the Lord of the rings trilogy, and it for the world of the "big folk".

You will see a series of photos from my source, indicating that the House is bigger than it looks. There is no way that Gandalf set up his head on the cross-bars here. It is a door, which is so small that it is virtually impossible.

These all over the place looks still, very comfortable, even though the residents have the roof of mowing every once in while. Perhaps Peter Jackson should have shot The Hobbit film here, provided, that does not already have. The entire House cost price of $410.000 that am I sure would have a fraction of a Middle Earth film budget.

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iPhone virtual reality Viewer

The iPhone is able to do a lot of things - not only across the screen itself, but you can also control remote controlled helicopter . This extreme versatility, it had never before seen in any phone before made it a highly desirable phone, so that you can expect to more or less of the frenzy that surrounded the iPhone, release. Now, for the moment, you could add when the retrieve already long list on the iPhone 4's - the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewera different job description.

Yes Sir, this unique device with the iPhone roll out immersive, three-dimensional viewing work experience. Not spend you need something more than the $49.95 price because you will use freely downloadable applications that uses the iPhone accelerometer, so 3D environments inside to move when the iPhone is moved.

Enter the iPhone virtual reality viewer such as some binoculars, where are a few holes at the bottom so that you can access the Smartphone touchscreen display. 3D movie trailers are not the only way, talk with this - also a smattering of the interactive games you can play it. It will be nice with iPhone 4 3 iPhone 3 g/3GS and 2nd/3rd generation iPod touch, iPod touch (fourth generation) play.

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Indoor outdoor mini golf course

If you a keen golfer and your game like would get anywhere on could then perhaps shelling out $169.95 to the indoor outdoor mini golf courseyou're interested in? The name already implies, that can go this can submit, indoors, if the weather does not at all for you in the wild, is cheap and if the Sun out and all is well, you can always bring the whole shebang in the free for a tan and some practice.

This mini golf course will be a walk in the Park, not as you are able to use it in a way and make way where you can ask for players with a variety of obstacles. Hailing from Munich, you can be sure that German engineering tradition is part of the set of DNA from the right go, sporting robust ABS, which does not crack or break despite available is made, the elements, where nine pieces of your imagination can run wild with the nature of the courses, that you design.

It is a maze, the balls that the 3. 5? wide alley which leads to the hole in its Center returns failed, while a kind corkscrew need to achieve the right angle of attack, the hole in the Middle, and who can forget, without deletion on the other hand have to achieve the two-way climb that requires you, a deft touch, the hole in the top? Seems to be a challenge worth purchasing - what you say?

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MABEL, current robot

What you will see, here is MABEL Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science, a special project at the University of Michigan, and it's the "fastest two-legged robot with knee".

How fast can it go? The maximum speed is miles per hour, in a flat, circular track. The speed is pretty good, and it is due to a "human-like weight distribution".

Watch a video of it after the jump, and I can tell you that no special effects in the film were used. I would have not taken, if she had used a greenscreen, to make the bar invisible.

Man, I'd love to get my LEGO set and try and replicate these bipedal robots. The reason working University of Michigan as follows on a robot is, because they help a few robot legs want to develop people with disabilities go again. You want to create a robot that can handle all the terrain, such as the walking robot in Star Wars.

This looks definitely like a scene from a science fiction film. I can not help but to think of the ED-209 robot from RoboCop , if I see this. I believe that ED-209 was much slower. I assume that the advanced MABEL can get better than that of the ED-209 stairs.

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Grace Digital Victoria nostalgic Internet radio

Grace Digital has their latest device for the just announced, masses, where they intended, adding a touch of classic edge to your home. We talk about the Victoria nostalgic marketing vintage design, bring you back in the 1940s, where table top radios is merged, that look like they are the norm in homes that you can afford, but grace digital offer adds a delicious, modern twist by sporting the advanced features of today's Internet radios and cloud music services should be.

Yes Sir, judgements not a book by its cover, and in this case a radio from an external housing. This is a high-quality radio, that promises to deliver crisp, sharp highs and deep base a superior clarity, where you can enjoy your favorite music or radio program talk right in the comfort of your own home.

It is quite cheap as Grace Digital offers its nostalgic Victoria Internet radio for $229.99, but why not see what to offer before you close your mind (and wallet) for good? Sporting an outer walnut with birch inserts, which oozes charm, certainly with 1940s come this device can fill with class D digital 16 Watt RMS amplifier (50 Watt-Peak), the just about any living room, bedroom, Office or kitchen with a rich, warm and detailed sound.

The Victoria-Internet-radio (model # GDI-IRN1941) are also equipped with a 4-line adjustable backlight, five alarm settings, 110 station presets folder, built-in most modern 802. 11n wireless (WLAN)-connectivity and built-in Pandora controls on the remote control. To it in short, you can use to take the full-featured remote control or the other way of downloading a by Grace Digital remote control applications for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Android Smartphone / tablet.

If you are a big fan of Internet radio services, disappoint not this model as your ears can enjoy in addition to more than 50,000 AM/FM/HD radio stations and podcasts Pandora radio SiriusXM, Rhapsody, NPR, Live365,, WeatherBug.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Smart string: A new standard for measuring tape

I even have a freebie from my Bank, which was a combination with an included stylus measuring tape, calculator and Notepad. I thought this was cool until I saw that smart string.

The smart string is like a tape measure, but without the band. In its place is 15 metres away from 20-pound strength string. The string is not as wide as traditional tape measure, which means that you can get more in less extensive space. It measure can also the user less than just shapes, such as the size of the ball, for example.

The digital display means that the user looks no longer tick marks and the reading to three decimal places is accurate. Once the user has his or her measure, he or she can use it on the computer. The built-in calculator can save 3 measurements in its memory, if you need to do a problem of the real story.

All this, plus a flashlight and a level bubble. Smart string is the way of the future for measuring tape, and I wouldn't be surprised, if it a new standard. One day, could we look at traditional tape measures how we look at rotary phones.

You can now get smart string that for $11.99 on ThinkGeek .

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Numark world live

Would you rock things at home when you are away to a DJ? Well, certainly not in a position too far away the character with the Numark world live go now for £ 79.99 a pop-up retail. With this bad boy you need not dead to box next to the field of vinyl to occurs gig, how you your collection of music on a portable media player can store always way (an iPhone or an iPod touch would do well), that it go world live together with the Numark.

At first glance it resemble a number of professional decks, sporting a high-quality setup which works together with the iOS scratch cue, core MIDI DJ software, which in turn enables you browse and mix tracks together. Plays no role, if you are just starting it as a small and highly mobile, or have already reached the sacred rank of "Grand Master"-Numark world live would be a pleasure to use.

A simple system that has an extremely low learning curve with looks to match you with a few large performance plates, to provide, the necessary tactile feedback required for accurate scratching effects and there you Central mixer section enables crossfade tracks along with a variety of other technical areas. To you, DJ wait what are waiting for?

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The Logitech Tablet speakers

Let's face it, Tablet PCs, not the best speakers. So why not make them louder speakers with the new Logitech tablet.

The spokesman of the Tablet might look like, how it is made only for the iPad, but it is really good for each tablet, thanks to the rubberized clip. So have a Galaxy tab, Motorola Xoom or any kind of Android tablet, you should get it.

Tablet speaker uses a 3.5 mm audio cable connection, so that it works on Smartphones, laptops, or any other type of device with a headphone jack. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for power, for about 8 hours worth of sound via USB charging well.

I wonder if I could use it on my laptop, or the weight of the speaker would weigh my screen down until it is flat curved. I think that I would try it out to see what would be the result. In any case, something tells me that we will see much more Tablet Accessories, such as this in the future.

I'm not sure if the exact release date for the Logitech Tablet speakers, but you can preorder it at a price of around $49.99.

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Bracketron cradle-iT-golf cart mount

With these days, golfers have whenever they are green on the, so it is now only toting a bag of clubs to play a far wider range of tools (or toy, depending on your point of view). The Bracketron is cradle-iT golf cart mount an accessory that you might want to have a piece Golf GPS devices - either that, or you want to be your phone with you in a place where it can be accessed easily without the gloved hand in his pocket too often to look at.

The Bracketron has an extremely versatile design, where you can position it on the shopping cart window, cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount basically hyphen or other flat surface in both portrait and landscape modes. It is a powerful suction cannula, which can be has adhesive-free grip technology, which claims it can hold firmly in place without it troublesome to remove any sticky residue behind which - although through my experience, through a patented, mounts, such as Governments, suck fail sooner or later. It is hoped that it can do justice to Bracketron of his side of the bargain.

The mount itself is a safe and easily accessible operator supply, able, with the most smartphones out there on the market, in addition to the popular golf GPS/rangefinder as the Callaway uPro and Garmin cuddle approach. If you are interested, the Bracketron sell cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount only be can $34.95-chump change when one considers the entire amount of money you have invested in golf and accessories all these years.

Some of the features are:-

  • Powerful suction mount with patented, adhesive-free technology
  • Keeps your mobile device with or without case
  • Is rotated and rotates for multiple viewing angles
  • Portable design means that the mountain in your pocket when not in use can be stored
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Suitable for most handheld Golf GPS and smartphones

Press release

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Celluon laser virtual keyboard has also sound

I never thought that I could get used to this virtual projection laser powered keyboard. While I think it would be useful pairs that would create a keyboard on any flat surface, a device with something I need the tactile feedback of the Clickity-click on the keyboard.

I know that I should develop only from the fact, because touch screen keyboards are quiet, and I think that we are away from the traditional button keyboards. Fortunately I can wait a little while to overcome, my fascination with keyboard sounds as the virtual cube laser keyboard with gesture recognition software comes, so that the user can hear the click of control gestures as also keystrokes.

In this capacity that has virtual cube laser keyboard a very liquid interface for its laser projection, so that the image of the key is much better than before. It makes a few with devices via Bluetooth, which means that it is compatible with the most smart phones, tablets and even laptops.

I suppose that I would not, however, with one of this for me, but I tried just tap my finger at my desk for a few seconds, and it was not the same as on a keyboard type. However, this is for you, then go to ThinkGeek and deposit about $170 for it.

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Professional fit fur life treadmill

I read somewhere that you can control a dog, the nuts by going on a treadmill, because if you follow Cesar Millan School of thought, dogs need their daily walk away mental and physical energy burn, and so on do a treadmill is to go to work. Certainly there are others who disputed, and for those who prefer is always walking in the comfort of their own homes with their download risk-taking, professional fit fur life treadmill , which you will set back by a whopping £ 2,535. Yes, Lord, that no change is safe!

Maybe it will be better to rehabilitate, since that was the reason why it for in the first place anyways, was developed alongside the training service dogs to the injured animals. If you one of the more exclusive people that bring your cat for walks, then this could be also worth a look in, not? No idea whether your dog is going to love this or not, such as noise or unusual manner could only his a great turn out, which means you would only blown more than two thousand quid on a really, really big paperweight in your living room.

On the plus side at least on it - go WOW alone and in the corner if Fido preferred down there, because he wants to see real trees and rabbits in the field to hunt.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lightsaber handle lights

Jedi Knight and Sith have a higher set of senses, where nothing, however, fighting in the dark, figure since requires it out more focus, just where is the enemy of strike and Parry chance back. For less mortals like us, this is the time when we need a flashlight (perhaps young Padawans!), and what better way to get your nation the force practitioners than with the lightsaber handle lightsdeclare?

Retails for $19.99 apiece, will require to run this unique officially licensed product, where you can choose, by Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker style Hilts according to declare your preference, a trio of AAA batteries. This is definitely one of the more cute accessories for the upcoming Halloween parties he held no can?

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Griffin Technology provides HELO TC remote controlled helicopter

Griffin Technology knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is why they have decided, with the release of their HELO TC remote controlled helicopter set. What makes these remote controlled helicopters different than the others, we have seen in the past? For the beginning of all iOS device via the touch screen display is can be controlled this particular model of. In a few words said a remote control for the HELO TC - iOS actually is device so that it is even more essential your life not?

Let us look what can bring HELO-TC to the table only. For the beginning of a twin-rotored, indoor helicopters, has been constructed this which with a light metal frame with a black polycarbonate body. Equipped with a flight deck infrared module, you will join transferred this particular bit on an iOS device, make it to the helicopter control signals.

You will be able to choose from two different flight modes touch control, if there is a suspicion that most people would have a field day with it because it instructs the HELO technical throttle, and joystick on the multitouch display to control while leaving that the tendency to steer mode on the iOS device acceleration sensors on the navigating bridge job to do. If you tilt the iOS device, is moved forward, back, and from left to right, for example, the helicopter. The app is heck, even in the position, record and store up to three plans flight, so can you (or other "pilots") a repeat certain flight patterns in the blink of an eye.

The HELO-TC comes with a built-in battery that can that juiced up by just about any USB power source, and include USB port on your computer. As for the flight deck module need, a Quartet of AAA batteries, where it will be connected within the device iOS headphone jack. Fork from $49.99 for HELO-TC if you are interested in, where she should come in time for the holiday season, expect.

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Learning space about balloon with the Bloon

Now that were grounded the space shuttle, essentially, it's time start new ways, to leave the atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic planes banking can be expensive traveling with space, but this is the first time I heard of travelling in the area of balloon.

This lighter-than-air space ship, Bloon, reach 22 miles (36 km) into space. That's not enough to swim passengers with zero gravity enough, to see the curvature of the Earth, but. Check out the video after the jump to see what it might look like.

The balloon is the creation of company zero2infinity and it only stay can be in the room for only a few minutes. From there it easily parachuting to Earth, and you have a great story to tell.

The idea of traveling through the atmosphere in a balloon is not new, since it was first balloonist could see that in fact, that the Earth was round. Too bad not us to the moon can to travel like a balloon in the adventures of Baron Munchausen.

It turns out, we could withdraw the Bloon ready, by the year 2015 see. Up to $156,000 per seat, and I wonder who will pay for this flight is the cost of the flight.

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Neptune Canada is a large underwater experiment

Study on the sea is very important, which is more than just biologists, and Neptune Canada "world's largest wired undersea Observatory".

It is not only Neptune, because it is under the sea, but there is a very clever acronym for North East Pacific time is series undersea networked experiments. Who thought this acronym is a complete genius. The Neptune has sensors in Western British Columbia through Juan de Fuca tectonic plate, and extends over 530 miles.

It specifies six nodes distributed various locations, and I believe that one is seen in the image here of them. It has 250 instruments between these nodes, and it has collected 10 terabits of scientific data since December 2009.

All this amounts to sensors, the measuring and drawing and video images, as well as scientific data, such as such as microbial samples, temperature, pressure, salinity and flow. All this data a TThe official websiteis available to the public free of charge.

As you might have guessed, costs this system to install$ 106 million and has $ 12 million to manage its services. I wonder if we have discovered valuable otherwise this product is enough data to justify these costs only at the bottom edge of the ocean to be abandoned.

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Apple's new campus models introduced

This is a mock up of Apple's new campus, and it is in the development of large architectural firm foster + partners, ARUP North America and Kier and Wright.

As you can see, it is huge and circular, and it appears that the Center is made, to ensure that nature is preserved. I admire this decision, how would this a solid circle and have more room inside.

As it is, can accommodate it about 2.8 million square feet, what is good for 13,000 people. There are also a company fitness center, 300,000 square feet of research facilities and a central plant.

At some point, if all goes well, you should see this plant by 2015. Probably, you will see it before or after this date if you are employed by Apple. I will not present that which iPad 6 and iPhone 8 are sold quite well until then.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised, if Apple world power will be until then. Also, I wouldn't be surprised, if Apple found that all their ideas are actually stolen alien technology. At this point, the huge factory is a Super Star Gate and the aliens show up. That or the great work draws and hangs over the city of San Francisco, independence day style.

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Personal towel warmer

You know, on some aircraft, you pass a nice, hot towel for you before the flight begins the flight attendants to update. Now, you may not jet-setters who spends more time on flights as back home, but that doesn't mean that you from experiencing similar treatment are excluded. This time, you need to take the DIY route, Hammacher brings you the $79.95 personal towel warmer.

Yes Sir, can this warming bin a few towels heating in just eight minutes, the you access to the spa-like comfort right smack in of your own home. It is soft the towels on a soothing dried F, heat, while ensuring that the temperature up to 20 minutes is maintained, so that you always a nice, warm towel available directly after your shower.

This personal towel warmer has very little space - such as the trash can small of a, and indeed, where it now that the lid is closed, work, and press the key. Towels are not the only, what will keep it warm, it is also robes, blankets, or other reasonably size warm clothing.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

MSI X 460 and X460DX notebooks announced

MSI has a couple of notebooks for the masses - and we're looking at the models X 460 and X460DX, where they are both 14? mobile powerhouses, the Pro target, which are always on the go. As part of the X series of ultra-slim notebooks, you can be sure that both units on the latest Intel processors, not running on the processing of PS, not to mention of coming up with with a choice between an integrated Intel GMA HD or nVidia GeForce GT540M graphics card are Microsoft Windows 7 as the operating system of choice right out of the box short.

Because they say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, MSI don't want all the sockets (and Jill's, I suppose) is boring, drone-loving cabin at the end. No. Sir, your ears will be addressed also the inclusion of the THX TruStudio PRO, so that movies and music, you see and hear is a more realistic and thumping sound will be.

An other interesting in addition to these notebooks would be the inclusion of the Intel wireless display (WiDi) 2.0, where the X is a 460 model will hook your notebook to a TV unit of standard Wi-Fi connection leave - leave to live the wireless lifestyle with ease. There are three different configurations to choose from, to help to keep future-proof to a certain extent, but common hardware specifications include a few high-speed-USB 3.0 ports HDMI connection so that seeing full HD movies on a big TV when connected screen and a 1.3 megapixel webcam that should some decent video calls to keep, without a blow.

As usual, a pop your purchases - with prices starting at $799.99 accompany a 1 year standard warranty, it looks like a very attractive offer as a step, get it from the basic mobile workstation models, you from other manufacturers.

Press release

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Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround sound headset

Razer gaming peripherals Pack leads once again with their latest gaming headset Tiamat 7.1. Of course, in conjunction with Tiamat-7.1, there are also the less Tiamat-2.2, which we hardly is not here, which makes only a ripple in the grand scheme of things. What makes the Razer Tiamat 7.1 so special? It is announced to be deliver the first 7.1 surround sound gaming headset in the world unprecedented tactical advantage, if you with opponents in a FPS (first person shooter), are, as you know, would moving the tables enable descend only where your enemies on you, let you make the necessary retaliatory measures.

The first 10 drivers headphones in the world, you will receive 5 of those in each cup of circumaural ear, the you true blue precise positional surround sound. All 10 drivers will be the 7 surround sound channels including the subwoofer; where are 2 for the Center with each for left and right, surround sound left and right, surround back left and right 1 and 2 for the subwoofer. The entire collection of the driver works in unison to deliver a true surround sound experience.

Not only that those who are happy to customize things are looking forward to learn, that you are able, are precisely the volume of individual audio channels, position and deep bass, while 7.1 surround sound mode turn on the headset, if it is required or optimize the transition to 2.0 stereo mode or external speakers depending on the situation. This ensures that your ears will have always the best Setup at any time.

It's a price to pay for everything though, and the same goes for the Razer Tiamat 7.1. These particular puppies is not very cheap at all, where you need to store as it prepares for a worldwide launch at some point in the fourth quarter of the year to $179.99 away at the moment. I would say this is out of the United States, as people in Europe are forced to live numbers €179.99, get, and if you take the weakness of the dollar in comparison, it is only where a breeze you your purchase of should make.

Press release

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All-weather soft case bike mount from Bracketron

This device from Bracketron is motorcycle riding for those into cycling, either or contact. All-weather-soft case bike mount is a way to a mobile device the bicycle handlebar mount, and it works pretty well.

I had a chance to try it out for me, and it lives up to its promise mounting without tools. The screw mount can install by hand twisted, and the easy case snaps in place.

The case is made to lock the zipper closely with, and I was with my iPhone touch screen from there interact. This would have protected my iPhone from rain with "weatherproof housing". Unfortunately, this case was too small for my Motorola droid X, but it is perfect for iPods and iPhones. It even comes with some padding of the gap between the device and the weather-resistant plastic screen.

All-weather-soft case bike mount is all in all an excellent product for bikers who want to keep their GPS on their bar comfortable. I will tell you, my tests that it distracted increases the possibility of cycling.

You can get it on the Bracketron Website for about $39.95.

Source code

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CONVERT (CONVERSION) FILES ONLINE. Many who want to convert files but they do not have any software for that purpose. There is also already has the software but the software does not support the file type/to be converted.

If any of the visitors who experience such thing? If Yes, maybe the visitors may try a file conversion service will Tips and tricks Computer ketengahkan in this post.

Is Media-Convert we can use to convert almost any type of existing file formats/. This service allows its users to convert those files online. So, with this service, we no longer have to install the software first.

Advantages of this service is the complete support of all types/formats file, among other things:

  1. Format Archives, among others: 7Z, BZ2, BZA, CAB, GZ, LHA, LZH, RAR, TAR, TGZ ARCHIVE, YZ1, ZIP.

  2. Format of the Movie, among others: 3 g 2, 3GP, AMV, ASF, ASX, AVI, DV, DPG, FLV, GIF, FLI, GVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, NSV, OGG, OGM, RM, SWF, VOB, RPL, WMV.

  3. Format of the Image, among others: AVS, BMP, DCX, DIB, CIN, DPX, FITS, GIF, ICO, JPE, JIF, JFIF, JPEG, JPG, MIFF, OTB, P7, PALM, PAM, PBM.

  4. Format of the Sound, among others: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4, 3GP.

  5. Format of the Text, , among others: DOC, ODT, OTT, SXW, STW, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTM, HTML.

  6. Data Format, , among others, XLS, OTS ", DOS, DBF, DIF, STC.

To use this service can be done easily.

First, open http://media-convert.compage

Second, click "Browse" to find the location of the file where we store it.

Third, then in the pulldown menu "Input Format" select the type of file format that will be/us conversions.

Fourth, specify the format of the output type/we want by selecting the menu pulldown "the Output Format".

Fifth, and then click OK.

Sixth, wait a few moments until the conversion process is complete.

The seven, and then will appear the URL of the LINK where we can download the conversion result.

Eighth, download the conversion result on the PC.

Of the ninth, done.

Another plus is that we can do a conversion from a given URL file.

In addition to providing file conversion services, Media-Convert also provides File Hosting, Website screenshots, and Send Files To Mobile.


Plug the Analog clock on your Desktop with applications Clocx

Plug the Analog clock on your Desktop with the Clocx Application. For those who use Windows 7, may already be familiar with one of the most notable features include a gadget-the gadget. One is the analog clock gadget. With this gadget, we can install or bring up analog clock on desktop. In addition accessories surely as also serves as an indicator of the time. These features could not be afforded to users of Windows XP.

However for Windows XP users should not feel "envy" because with the application CLOCX, we can also display analog clock on your desktop that is no less Interestingly with existing features in Windows 7. The application freeware such is (free application) we can earn (downloads) on the internet for free. Freeware applications such as large 941 Kb (default) the Full version (5.8 Mb).

To use it, of course, we must download it first. To download it, we can acquire it HERE.

After a successful download, please feel free to install it on our computer. If successful, we will be able to see the analog clock on the top left on the desktop computer. Nevertheless we can put the clock on the other hand as we are.

After we get a fitting place in on your desktop, then we can make those analog clock "locked" so that it can be moved from the venue. To perform the settings are done by right clicking on the clock and then select "Unmoved".

To make arrangements, right-click on the clock and then selectOptions"" so it would appearOptionswindow "", like the image below.

On the tab "general", we can make arrangements, among others: transparency, transparency, passing through the mouse, and others.

In order for the analog clock that appears every time we turn on the computer, select the checkboxes for the "Start with Windows" under the Startupoption.

Still in the window "Options" on aAppearancetab "," us background can change the hours with a variety of options we can choose our way. On this tab, we can also enlarge or decrease the size of these hours, i.e. on the option "Zoom". To enlarge the size of the slider , sliding to the right and instead to minimize the size of the clock, slider slider to the left. But to get the effect, do not forget to mencentangi "enabled" in the sliderdown.

For details, please dicoba-coba yourself.


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Tips For Laptop Battery More Durable

How To Treat The Laptop Battery With Correct (read also Tips caring for and Treating Laptop Batteries). Having achieved his desire to have a laptop usually we will be forgotten or didn't even know to treat a laptop properly. Do use only and use only. We usually will be gelagapan after laptop we experience "coughing". If so, we usually just struck me with what we have our favorite treat on a laptop and then confused to find a "cure". Wouldn't it prevent is better than cure?

One of the laptops are usually experienced if wrong in treating it is laptop batteries. Case in point, among others, the battery consumption is reduced, leaked, nge-drop, not even in thecharge at all.

For those who want to buy a new laptop, before it happens, Tips and computer tricks suggested some of the following things to watch out for.

Do not directly use the laptop that we just bought. When it was new, laptop batteries are still empty shouldcharge in-advance between 4-8 hours until the charge indicators will show full charge (usually green-colored lights indicator will, to a certain brand-brand may be another color). To note is that when charging, laptop should be in a State of death.

Just use laptop batteries for mobile. If we're using a laptop at home or in Office for a long time, we recommend that you remove the laptop battery and use of electricity directly. If the battery is installed charger and in a State of charge (connected to the electricity directly) then this can lead to easy battery leaking quick. In addition, in this manner can cause the hot temperatures can shorten the battery consumption.

Disconnect the adapter when charging the battery is full. Using a laptop with the battery installed while underway replenishment (charge-in) can shorten battery life.

Don't let laptop mengganggur (not used) for a long time (months). This can cause the laptop battery to be losing its capacity. To avoid this, try to turn on the laptop at least once a month.

Remove the battery from the laptop when the laptop is not used in a long time. If you must remove the battery from a laptop, make sure that we keep it in a dry and cool place. Don't let the laptop battery was in place by extreme temperatures or exposed to sunlight directly. This can cause damage to the battery component.

If necessary, install additional fans on the laptop. Use the laptop for a long time can cause excessive heat. This hot and temperatures can be disturbing performance/battery capability.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Display Certain Friends On The Friends Box

How To Display Certain Friends On The Friends Box. When we or someone else opens the Facebook profile page belonging to us then we will see a list of friends who are on Friends Box. The appearance of the list of those friends will be performed alternately and random on every time we open the profile page. Recognized or not, from the friends list, surely there are some friends who are merely the result ofadd updating course or not know them.

If you want, we can make arrangements so that only certain friends that appear on Friends Box . To do this we must do the following settings.

First, login to the facebook account each.

Second, click the profilemenu.
Third, on Friends Box, click on the picture of the pencil (edit).

The four, in the combo box Show xx Friends, we can choose 6.9, or 12 to display the number of friends who will appear in the Friends Box.

Fifth, on "always show this friends" field, type the names of our friends who will always be shown on a Friends Box.

Sixth, Refresh now try your facebook profile page and look at our friends box, have no change?

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Tips on speeding up Loading the Start Menu in Windows 7

Tips speed up Loading of the Start Menu in Windows 7. Maybe these tips are often delivered by a bloger blogger- etc but it doesn't hurt at this time Tips and computer to mengetengahkannya again, who knows there is still a visitor who need it.

When we click Start then the button will pop out menus are often referred to the Start Menu or the Start Menu. Speed the rendering of the menu has been a default is set by Windows. Well, with these tips we're going to try to change default settings with the goal of further speed up the appearance of the menus. The trick is to change the value/ MenuShowDelay value (the value of defaulthis 400) become smaller or low.

The trick is as follows.

First, open the Regedit window so that it will the Registry Editor.

Both, and then click HKey_Current_User\Control Panel\Desktop

Third, then moved to righthand panel then search and find MenuShowDelaykey.

Fourthclick MenuShowDelay , so that the Edit String window will appear, like the image below.

Fifth, replace the default value of 400 smaller value. We can replace with a value of 100, 50, or even 0.

The smaller the value we charge delaythen its the sooner that it means the appearance of menu-menunya be more quickly.

Sixth, Ok after click on the window Edit String then continue with closing the window the Registry Editor.

Seventh now make sure that the appearance of the menus on the Start Menu faster than ever before.

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Remove Delete Confirmation In Windows XP

How To Remove Delete Confirmation In Windows XP. Is the default, every time we will delete any files/folders, Windows XP will always displays a confirmation box (dialog box) which is essentially asking whether we're sure you want to delete the file/folder. If we YES button then the files/folders will be removed and the opposite if we NO then pressing file/folder will not be deleted. Follow tipsnya along Tips and computer tricks here.

A confirmation box or dialog box-its like the image below.

If the dialog box does not prove we need, it may be considered to be a waste of time then we can remove the dialog box. Thus every time we delete on clicking on a file/folder then file/folder directly removed without any confirmation or warning as before.

How to remove confirmation dialog box or a box is as follows.

First, right-click Recycle Bin on the desktop and then select the Properties dialog box appears so that it will "Recycle Bin Properties", like the image below.

Both, and then eliminate centangan (uncheck) the "Display delete confirmation dialog".

Thirdclick Apply , and click OKresume.

Fourth, try to download adelete -a files/folders and make sure the dialog boxhim was no longer appear.

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How to disable the Properties Menu on the Start Menu in Windows 7

How to disable the Properties Menu on the Start Menu in Windows 7. The Menu Properties (accessed via a right click on the START button) on the the Start Menu we normally use to do the settings (settings) that relates the menus on the button in the Start menu and also on the Taskbar. To prevent others from being able to make changes to existing settings, we can disable the menu PROPERTIES. Follow tipsnya along Tips and computer tricks here.

Steps to Disabling Menu Properties on the Start Menu is as follows.

First , run theGroup Policy Editor (gpedit) so that it will open a window Group Policy Editor.

Both, and then click User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar.

Third, then moved to righthand panel and click "Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings", like the image below.

Fourth, then it will appear window "Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings", as below.

Fifth, and then select the "Enabled"

Sixth, and then click Apply or OK.

Seventh, now try to open the command "Properties" on the the Start Menu. If there are no errors then we will find a confirmation windowthe contents "This Operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Pleasecontact your system administrator ". Like the image below.

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Enjoy TV Broadcasting Across The World With Internet TV

Enjoy Worldwide TV Broadcasts With Internet TV. Want to enjoy TV broadcasting overseas but has no parabolic antenna? No need to worry about, now with the internet, we can enjoy TV broadcasting overseas that exist in all parts of the world just by sitting in front of a computer or laptop. We can enjoy them both in the room, in Office, or wherever place is important there is a good internet connection.

We just need an application (software) for it. And applications that we use do not need to be paid, with enough free applications (, freeware) we've been able to enjoy more than 5000 channels (broadcast) TV from 112 countries around the world.

Freeware are Internet TV now has reached version 1.2. Requires no additional equipment to that, we just need a good internet connection. If no impressions would seem dashed.

With the freeware, we can watch TV broadcasts from a variety of genres, for example News, Religious, Children, General, Sports, Business, Music, Movies, Lifestyle, Shopping, Educational, even broadcast adult (Adult). Because nearly all genres can be accessed (including the broadcast of adult) with easy-to-then we should keep an eye on the use of this freeware by children under the age of.

The following features Internet TV:

  • 5000 TV channels

  • Up to date list of channels

  • The original channel rating system

  • The default view or full screen mode

  • No additional equipment required

  • Channel sorting by rating

  • Supports a variety of formats (Windows Media & RealVideo)

  • Personalized favorite channels

  • Filter channels by flow, country, bitrate or content

  • Channel of more than 121 countries

  • Easy and simple to use

  • Free – Free

If interested, please download INTERNET TV here.


  • File size: 762 KB

  • OS: Win 9 x/ME/2 k/NT/XP/Vista
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make Text Upside-Down With The Help Of Script

How To Create Text Upside-Down With The Help Of The Script. Sometimes we want to make something nyleneh the (weird), other than in the other. Included in the published writings make and read by others, for example through a blog, forum, update status facebook, twitter, chat, and more. By doing this, for some people it is pride. The writing nyleneh which Tips tricks computers mean is writing that upside down. If interested, please follow the following tipsnya.

With respect to such matters, Tips tricks computers will center the script that we can use to make writing become inverted. The Script Tips tricks computers get from http://finderonly.comsite).
The steps are as follows.

First, the script copy below.

< meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = utf-8 ">
the reverse Inscription Make
< style type = "text/css" >
textarea {font-family: "Arial Unicode MS", upside-down}

< script language = "JavaScript" >
function flip () {
var result = flipString (document f. toLowerCase. value. ());
document f. flipped. value = result;
function () {flipString (aString)
var last = aString. length-1;
var result = new Array (aString. length)
for (var i = last; i > = 0;--i) {
var c = aString. charAt (i)
var r = flipTable [c]
result [last-i] = r! = undefined? r: c
return result. join (' ')
var flipTable = {
a: ' \u0250 ',
b: ' q ',
c: ' \u0254 ',
d: ' p ',
e: ' \u01DD ',
f: ' \u025F ',
g: ' \u0183 ',
h: ' \u0265 ',
i: ' \u0131 ',
a: the ' \u027E ',
k: ' \u029E ',
//l: ' \u0283 ',
m: ' \u026F ',
n: ' u ',
r: ' \u0279 ',
t: ' \u0287 ',
v: ' \u028C ',
w: ' \u028D ',
y: ' \u028E ',
'. ': ' \u02D9 ',
'[' : ']',
'(' : ')',
'{' : '}',
'? ': ' \u00BF ',
'! ': ' \u00A1 ',
"\'" : ',',
' ≪ ': ' > ',
' _ ': ' \u203E ',
'\\' : '/',
'; ': ' \u061B ',
' \u203F ': ' \u2040 ',
' \u2045 ': ' \u2046 ',
' \u2234 ': ' \u2235 '
for (i in flipTable) {
flipTable [flipTable [i]] = i

< body linkifytime = "0" = "0" linkified linkifying = "false" >
the reverse Inscription


< form name = "f" >
Original article:

< textarea rows = "6" cols = "50" name = "original" onkeyup = "flip" () ">

The reverse inscription:

< textarea rows = "6" cols = "50" name = "flipped" >

Second, notepad and then open the pastekan script.

Third, save the script with extension (.html)

Fourth, run the file by clicking on the double.

Fifth, wait a few moments until the file is open by default browser that we use to surf the internet.

It looks like below.

Sixth, type the text that we want textarea at the top then proceed by pressing ENTER and automatically in textarea the bottom of the article will appear upside down.

Seventh, copy text backwards and then we canpastemem--kan were on the forums, blogs, chat, facebook/twitter status updates, or more.

Eighth, good luck.

( source:)
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