Friday, September 2, 2011

Frolicat bolt laser cat toy

You know how cats of love stuff, to hunt, whether it is alive or inanimate is here something that the your kitten (and adult cats, of course), that for hours - studded laser cat toy could think with Frolicat bolt. As you named can say, is projecting this device a red dot (similar to this laser pointer work) on the surface, where you to point and your cat crazy attempts to track down it, only to see that it can be "killed" or "mutilated".

You can choose to manually use it, where you share out the dose of frustration, or contact him to deliver on the automatic mode and you hours of fun for your favorite cat. Everything, that you do, must it alone to work, it would be on a flat surface and turn it on. Screw will turn off automatically after a 15-minute session, and make sure that you are a Quartet of AA batteries hanging around it juiced up to keep.

I am not sure whether Jon would shell out $19.99 for the Frolicat bolt laser cat toy Garfields birthday rolls around…

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