Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parrot asteroid for portable entertainment on the go

It seems that the Internet is more or less everywhere in these days - even if you to in your car on the road are, you get of the presence of Internet to rid cant - although GPRS and EDGE connectivity in may store for, the places are more rural and must still 3 g support. Now, the name has Parrot, synonym for wireless peripherals for smartphones and mobile phones their latest model - the Parrot asteroid, just announced the next generation of car recipient, the Advanced handsfree telephony with access to Web services for the first time merge.

The asteroid Parrot will be able to steer the future of the Internet in the comfort of the car, where a solution that is specifically designed for the aftermarket and OEMs customize concocted. This is also the first car receiver is edited by Parrot, where there are powered by Google Android operating system. At the moment is it connected to a GPS dongle (which comes with the product) and a 3 G key (which unfortunately not provided), so that she can access various innovative Web services.

For people who live in the United States, it is half a dozen applications that will be rolled out later October. Cards will be a cartographic service, which is smart to identify enough and find points of interest, the vehicle. Apart from that, you can choose let always the zoom without hands that use telephone numbers of your choice.

With road trip, this is a route provides service to tourist attractions vocally historical as well as meteorological information associated with the selected location. You can also see you are images that are displayed on the large screen, but make sure that your eyes on the road, also of course will be peeled.

The Parrot asteroid you can enjoy music from various sources, such as a USB flash drive, an iPhone or iPod, a compatible MP3 player or even a SD memory card- and heck, even online radio stations with the kind permission of 3 g connectivity. Expect to shell out $349 to the Parrot asteroids - a customer reported?

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