Friday, September 2, 2011

Stem iZON remote room monitor announced

Stem has just announced their iZON remote room monitor - this looks like a kind of modern droid, which has been programmed to see rooms with its multitude of sensors. In fact, it is not (sorry for the frustration!), and R2-D2 must not worry, that he would be soon unemployed at any time. In fact the stem iZON remote room monitor is actually an app-controlled video camera, which deliver live-streaming of audio and video to iOS devices from Apple we are talking about, that it to anywhere in the world.

iZON, in fact, easy come most wireless networks offer secure remote monitoring via the free stem: connect app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Let you iZON all just do and whenever it detects a movement or sound, these shots of a free, private YouTube send account itself - how intelligent is your name, where it tells you? It makes me remember of Star Wars: attack of the clones, where R2-D2 in Senator Amidala room to see stand over them while they slept.

Even non-techies can get used in the blink of an eye, at the iZON, where you put it on a horizontal surface, or to ceiling mount. Location, tilt and swiveling simply with its special magnetic base, which lets you stitch iZON is a basic security device that records for something exceptional. The stem: Close you app can be downloaded for free, and it takes but a few steps to a secure user account at the start streaming live audio and video.

If you are interested, can iZON directly from here ( as well as in select locations best buy be purchased. People who swear on the Apple store can you out of there soon select up, where there is a popup retails for $129.95.

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