Thursday, September 1, 2011

Panasonic Lumix FX90 gets Wi-Fi connectivity

Remain more or less is the Wi-Fi Internet access in these days, and with many more devices on the market with integrated Wi-Fi, it goes without saying, that is to see a compact digital camera, such functionality does not carry as a huge surprise all is more these days. Of course there are always a different method retrofit of Wi-Fi connectivity in the camera, and this is through an Eye-Fi SD memory card - but you don't have to with Panasonic's latest Lumix FX90, of course.

We are discussing a 24 mm ultra wide LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT lens with F2.8 brightness 802.11 b/g/n connectivity that tossed where the FX90, it will in the latest model. take 5. Why support Wi-Fi? Now, everyone is so social these days and want to date with the latest events to upload immediately stopped photos locally on your social network page certainly makes sense, and I am sure that the journalists who want to be discreet with their subjects would do better with a smaller camera like this.

Apart from Panasonic Lumix Club introduced, a cloud-based service that can be accessed through a Smartphone and a browser. Lumix Club allows it, upload photos, which of course were shot with the LUMIX FX90, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, or YouTube at the same time. Account comes with each Lumix Club of a free application known as Lumix link, where it will play nice with iPhone and Android engined smartphones had to share photos by connecting the Lumix FX90 on their compatible Smartphone, relying on the network operator, to send these photos online.

What to say, the Lumix FX90? Supplies such as on a 12, 1-megapixel hi-speed CCD sensor, the also full-HD-video recording capability in the AVCHD format? Not only that you get extra goodies such as automatic shooting modes, active mode in MEGA o.i.s (optical image stabilization), motion Deblur, face recognition, facial recognition, AF tracking, intelligent ISO control and intelligent scene selector and intelligent exposure.

No idea when the Lumix FX90 come, but the press release company to keep the price if that happens at some point later in the year.

Press release

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