Monday, May 2, 2011

Beeps on The Computer

No Beep sound at all
Thank you to God because your computer is not in trouble ...... But it still would not work?

Well, there is a problem ya .... The first possibility is the Power Supply, you try to double check your power supply has been installed correctly. Also check whether the incoming voltage as needed. If everything is correct means the Power Supply you with problems ..... The second possibility is the motherboard, check that your motherboard is still functioning properly. A third possibility is your internal speakers, try to double check your internal speaker cables are installed correctly on the Mobo.

Beep once
Siplah sound if only once, this means that all components in fine condition but there are not installed correctly. But if it rang one time and no image on the monitor, there is a good idea to double check your VGA card is installed correctly, neither check the cable associated with your monitor. If circumstances remain unchanged try you check your mobo is still working properly or not. If this happens there may be a problem with one chip on the motherboard. The safest step is to replace your motherboard.Note: before replacing the mobo should try to see if your mobo dusty? try cleaning the possibility of one component between vga and one memory slot problem.

Beep twice
If you hear a sound like this as much as two times we can be sure your memory is problematic. Check your graphics facilities when functioning properly it will display an error on the monitor. If it does not mean there is a problem with the parity part of the first 64KB. Check the existing SIMM, then do a reboot. If the sound is still audible means there is a problem with the memory chip. Change the position of the memory in another slot. If memory serves in the state but the sound still sounds a good idea to replace the motherboard.

Beep three times
Perform tests such as the number 3, usually damages or problems similar to beep twice.

Beep four times
Perform tests such as the number 3, usually damages or problems similar to beep twice or thrice. At the beep three times the problem may also occur because the timer on the less pc works fine.

Beep five times
Outcry not only do the students but also by the memory. Check your memory is halted from the slot until the memory chip is still functioning properly. Try to unplug and plug it in again after the reboot. If you still hear the same sound processor try to borrow your friends ... hehe .... maybe your processor is damaged.

Beep six times
Most likely occur on the chip in the motherboard that controls the functions of the keyboard. Try to rearrange the position of the chip when not soldered. If the sound still sound try to replace it with a new chipset if possible. It also die if chipset is not soldered to the motherboard. If you are not forced to replace with a new mobo.

Beep seven times
The sound of seven times, dizzy .... Make those of us who were students of this problem could be going to pick out foreign exchange reserves held. Possible problems are the Mobo and processor .... Consider the pin (feet on the processor) whether there is a fracture. Or your processor is problematic. Can also because your mobo is less wrong. Try to do a test by installing a processor on another pc that uses the same processor. If the processor works fine then your mobo is problematic. The best way is to replace one component that is less wrong earlier.

Beep eight times
We can be sure your graphics card vga alias problems. Try installing again and check back all the interfaces and related premises this graphics card ... If the problem persists the possibility of damage to the memory in graphics cards or even your entire graphic card. The best step is to replace with a new graphics card.

Beep nine times
BIOS is in trouble ...... try to replace or upgrade your BIOS, if you still have problems once again have to replace the motherboard.

Beep ten times
Hehehe ... reader really sorry .... once again have to replace the motherboard .... CMOS because of his appendicitis.

Beep eleven times
Well, reply that these could be due to memory cahce so PCs automatically disable its to you. What should be done is to re-enable it by pressing ctrl + alt + shift + +
If still less effective in lessening ... please replace your memory.

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