Monday, May 2, 2011

Viruses, Worms, and Trojans

In the world of computers and the internet there are 3 major enemies to watch out for are: Malware, Hackers (exactly Cracker) and Spam. All three do not have to work alone but today is more dangerous because they can collaborate to succeed in his mission. Maybe there are still confused with the various terms in the virus.

There Malicious Program (malware), trojans, spam, worms and so on. Boils down to this, basically it all in. in the category of malware. Then from the WORM, Viruses and Trojans will be divided in various kinds of species. 

Viruses have friends - friends who are also dangerous. However, different ways to attack him. Virus and friends - his friends are classified in the category of malware or stands Malicious Software. Malware is a program or application is made for the purpose alter, destroy, and steal the data of others. This is the type - the type of malware which can disrupt computer systems in addition to virus :

As the nature of the worm, the worm can spread to multiple computers through a particular port. The worm also has the nature of virus IE multiply. Usually the worm made to destroy certain computer systems has become a target from a distance (remote).

Originally a term in the Trojan war. Where the trojan is a tool for inserted in a way to trick the enemy area. Once entered, then the tool changed to destroy the enemy from within. Programmer inspired to create a program that is destroyed and can fool target. As with viruses, Trojans also have the ability to multiplying like a virus. In addition, the trojan also can control a particular program and to fool the system with applications like usual. If your computer is infected with Trojan and have been controlled by the attacker, there are some possibilities that can happen. Here is an example of events if the computer has attacked by a Trojan by the name of NetBus:

•  Delete Files.
•  Send and retrieve files.
•  Running the program - a program application.
•  Display the image.
•  Peek at the programs that are running.
•  Close programs that are running.
•  Open and close the CD-ROM drive.
•  Send messages and invites to talk (chat).
•  Turn off the computer.

Backdoor is a type of malware that attack computer systems by providing access rights so that other users can run the target computer. Based on the way to work and spreading behavior, backdoor can be divided into 2 groups. The first group is similar to a Trojan. They were manually entered into a courses on software and then when the software was installed, they spread. Backdoor in this group is run as part of the boot process. Ratware is designation for the backdoor that turns computers into zombies that send spam. Another backdoor can disrupt network traffic, perform brute-force to crack passwords and encryption, and distributed denial of attack service (DDoS).

This type of malware is a program created for the purpose as the eye - the eye. This has the intent that the program will collect and transmit information about a computer user without being noticed by the user. More information can be just that not too dangerous, such as patterns of computing, especially the internet, someone, until dangerous, such as credit card numbers, PIN for electronic banking (e-banking), and an account password. 

This program will hijack any other program on a computer system such as Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will add function and is directed to access the site dangerous.

Wabbit have similar properties with a worm which does not require a program and documents for nesting. But unlike a worm that spread itself to your computer others use the network, wabbit replicate continuously in a local computer and copies it would undermine the computer sistem. Ferformance computers could be slowed because wabbit ate quite a lot of resources. Besides slowing performance computers because the use of those resources, can be programmed to wabbit have side effects that the effect is similar to other malware. Combinations malware like these that can be very dangerous.

Malware is created with the purpose to record any pressure on the button keyboard. Notes are stored in a file that can be seen then that complete. In it could have information such as application where keystrokes made and time presses. In this way, one can know the username, password, and various other information entered by way of typing. Keylogger is enough dangerous because anything as sophisticated encryption applied by a website, password it still can be taken. Because, the password is encrypted before it is taken by the system. Keyloggers record shortly after the password typed in and not yet processed by the system.

Dialer is a malware that can connect a computer connected to the internet to specific sites that harm the victim. This malware will attack the user's computer by using a dial-up telephone. Dialers can also change the number of regular Internet service providers contacted by a number of other Internet service providers are usually long-distance number, often overseas number. As a result, a phone bill jumped immeasurably.
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