Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to fix common computer restarts itself

How you feel when it is pressed for time to finish the task, but the middle of the road, your computer restarts itself, hank or damaged, you will definitely upset absurdly. What if your computer is experiencing this, don't worry, here are the steps to fix your computer, and you don't have to go to a service person.

1. Computer often restarts due to overheating Processor

Processor overheating is one of the main causes your computer to hang or restarts itself often. To check the occurrence of overheating on the processor can be done in several ways, including:

See the condition of temperature on the menu hardware monitor in the BIOS;
Using a temperature monitoring program such as CPUID Hardware Monitor;
Open the case and touched his own CPU temperature in the cooler of Processor.

The main cause of an overheated processor also contains a few things:

The condition of the fan cooling processor that is not optimal;
Accumulated dust on the cooling fins Processor, this is what often happens, especially if the room where the computer storage areas;
It is dry or even absence of the glue paste;
Processor and cooling fan contained in the power supply is dead or not spinning;
The condition of the room where the computer is indeed hot.

To cope with frequent computer restarts because Procesor hot (overheat), we can do several things including:

Always clean the dust contained in the casing and Cooling CPU Processor;
Using the paste as the glue connecting the Processor and Cooling;
Storing a computer in a room that is not too hot (preferably AC);
Using a temperature monitoring program such as CPUID Hardware Monitor for early detection of overheat conditions in the processor.

2. Computer often restarts due to power shortages Power Supply

The cause of the second computer restarts often is the lack of power is not optimal or the Power Supply on the CPU power supply. If you feel suspicious of performance-mounted Power Supply should replace the first part of this Power Supply with Power Supply which proved to function well. For the purposes of the computer now, you should use a Power Supply with a minimum of 500 Watt power.

3. Computer often restarts for damaged VGA Card

Computer frequently restarts itself also can occur because of damage to the VGA card installed in AGP or PCI slot. Usually VGA card that is damaged will be felt quickly in the hot coolant. Therefore if your computer restarts often a good idea also to check the component.

4. Computer often restarts because of bad sectors hard drives

A hard drive is damaged or there are even bad sectors therein can be the cause of the computer become hang, appear bluescreen of deadth or computer can not boot and restarting continues. To prevent and overcome them we could run the ScanDisk program and disk defragmenter regularly and always make sure to turn off the computer by pressing the shutdown button.

Good tips on how to repair damaged, or restart the computer hank often useful and can deal with complaints of your computer so that your work activities are not disrupted due to a crashed computer. Thank you.
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