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Hard Drive and its Components

Hard drive is a place to store data and documents, and place system OS and application programs installed. Actually Notebook can be classified with a Memory, which is a permanent memory, because the stored data and documents will not be lost after a system failure.

Here are some important components of the Hard disk:

Shape of a plate or dish that serves as data storage is round, is a solid disc, has a magnetic patterns on the flanks of a surface. Platter made from metal that contains millions of tiny magnets called magnetic domains. Domains are arranged in one or two directions to represent binary "1" and "0"

The disc consists of several tracks, and some sectors, where the track and this sector is where the data storage and file system. For example, our capacity of 40 GB hard drive, if the format is not its capacity to 40 Gb. because there must be track and sectors used to store the ID identifier of formatting the hard drive.

The number plate of each disk is different, depending on the technology used and the capacity of each disk. For the latest hard disk-drive output, usually a plate has a capacity of 10 to 20 Gigabyte, for example a 40 Gigabyte hard drive capacity, usually consisting of two plates each with capacity of 20 Gigabytes

Spindle is a place to put platter.vPoros shaft has a drive that functions to rotate the disk plate called the spindle motor. Spindle is what role involved in determining the quality of the hard drive because the sooner putaranya, means the better quality HD. The unit for measuring the velocity of the Rotation Per Minutes or so-called RPM.Ukuran that we often hear to this rotation speed, among others, 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM or 10,000 RPM.

This tool serves to read data on the surface of the plate and record the information into it. Each plate has two hard drive head. One on the surface and one below the surface.

This head of an electromagnetic device that is placed on the surface of the plate and attached to a slider. The slider is attached on a stalk attached to the actuator arms. Actuator arms mounted on the shaft actuator dead by a board called the logic board.

Therefore, when the hard work there should be no shock or vibration, because the head can swipe a hard disk so that it will lead to Bad Sector, and also can cause damage to hard drive so the hard drive head can no longer read the Track and Sector of the Hard drive

Logic Board
Logic Board is a board on the hard disk operation, where the logic board so that there are Bios HDD hard drive when connected to the Mother Board automatically recognize the hard drive, such as Maxtor, etc. Seagete. in addition to the Bios hard drive is also a switch Logic Board or Power Supply and distribution of data from the Head Hard to mother board to the control by Processor.

Actual Axis
Actual axis is the axis to be a grip or a robotic hand for Head to read sectors from disk.

Ribbon Cable
Ribbon cable is the liaison between the Head with the Logic Board, where any document or data read by the Head will be sent to the Logic Board to the next is sent to the Mother Board for the Processor can process data in accordance with the received input.

IDE / SATA connector
IDE / SATA cable connector is the connector between the hard disk with the motherboard to send or receive data.

Jumper Settings
Each hard drive has a jumper setting, function to determine the position of the hard drive.

When you installed on the computer hard drive 2 pieces, then you can set the Jumper settings determine where the hard drive where the primary and secondary hard drive which is usually called the Master and Slave.

Master is the main hard drive where the system be installed, while the Slave is the second hard drive is usually required for storage of documents and data. When Jumper settings not set, then the hard drive will not work.

Power connector
Power connector is a source of direct current from the power supply. Power supply to the hard drive there are two parts:
  1. Voltage 12 Volt, serves to drive the mechanics such as dish and Head.
  2. Voltage 5 Volt, serves to supply power to the Logic Board in order to work to send and receive data.
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