Friday, May 6, 2011

Symptoms of the Virus Infected Computer

Have your computer is infected with a virus? Computer viruses are not harmful are not so annoying, but if the opposite is enough to make us busy for days.

Before you go any further it's good to know the symptoms of a virus infected computer :

* Computer running really slow like a zombie;
* Suddenly silent without command and no response;
* Blue screen or crash and then restart;
* CDROM, hard drive, floppy and USB drives not accessible;
* Display user interface changes;
* Input devices such as keyboard or mouse can not be in control.

So what should be done to overcome the problem of the virus if already infected ?

* Out of the running applications and immediately turn off the computer;
* Remove the hard drive that has been infected, do the procedure earlier backup important data;
* Move the jumper to slave hard drive, then plug in other computers that have installed anvirus an up-to-date;
* Scan hard drive infected with virus;
* Disks in the clear of the virus, the test is working correctly;
* If Step 5 fails, the suggested format and reinstall the operating system because it is the safest way of the elimination of the virus permanently.
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