Monday, October 10, 2011

Jabra Supreme Bluetooth headset

I have asked products on many Jabra before, such as the EASYCALL.

One of the problems with the reporting of Bluetooth headsets is that she essentially all the same, but has more than an interesting feature of the SUPREME. His affair boom arm is used to hold, compressed in memory and also serves as its power on/off feature as well.

The SUPREME has a very soft cushions for the ear. It is very convenient, but I have to say that it out if you much shaking their heads.

It also features active noise cancellation, very much to hear someone that lives up to its promise. Other features include wind technology, the gusty sounds of the wind noise in your Bluetooth conversation removed. There are also noise blackout 3.0, for "Technology".

First of all, I found one the top bit hard to use, as the design was very different from the most Bluetooth headsets. There is a button on the flip boom arm, which allows the user to voice guidance and voice control, helped me a lot.

All in all I would recommend the top for indoor use, but they are situations where you your head constantly, shake will be, do not expect it to stay. Note the important thing is that the sound is quite good. The top you can sometime this month, but I can't seem to find a price for it. Click here for more information.

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