Monday, October 10, 2011

Road-Torq of Eton

Eton is very good to make emergency products, which are crank-powered, and the street-Torq is designed specifically for automobiles.

Do you have to change a tire ever at night? Not much fun, is it? The road-Torq not the job any more fun, but it makes it easier and safer. The road-Torq is a light with three retractable legs for easy storage and it give also the power, stand up on its built-in tripod.

The road-Torq has a 1.7 W LED flashlight with 90 lumens, and it is on a hinge, so that you can light the light on some good angle. On the opposite side of the flashlight, 3 are red LED beacon flashing lights that other riders receive a message, that you are at work.

All in all I highly recommend the Torq road, especially so you never need to use it. Car trouble just sucks in the middle of the night on a cold day, but what makes it's worse if you find that your flashlight does not work. With the Torq road you can get crank because two minutes you turn 15 minutes power the power.

In other words, be prepared. You get a road-Torq, put it in your glovebox, and they pull out, if you really need it. She should be able, the road-Torq for around $30.00 to the official website of Eton.

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