Monday, October 10, 2011

Twilight Supernova for golfers, love to play late into the night

Not everyone has doesn't mean the vision of a cat in the night, but that you can enjoy your game of golf, even though you are whacking way in low-light conditions. This unique £ 29.99 twilight Supernova a professional golf ball with integrated effects is enabled is LEDs. As soon as you tee off (or spending some bunkers, try your way through chip), it blinks fast amounting to 7.2 times per second - and stay that way up to 8 minutes. Providing enough time for you to see the ball so long and to go, you should think so?

Not only that there is a back-up plan with the twilight supernova. At the moment, the LEDs blink, stop, supernova of patented guest speaker delivers technology to ensure that the ball can shine too bright for several hours. Available in blue, green and white, see it positively radioactive after it have given you a good slap. The built-in battery can last around 40 hours or 300 results depending on what comes first, and I think that it even for a alternative toys for cats, around with the night hunt could make.

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