Thursday, October 13, 2011

HEX supports new iPod nano with polycarbonate-icon band

We were introduced to a new iPod Nano just a few days, and you can bet your bottom dollar that companies, to churn out accessories for Apple's small portable media player crawl are, to a segment of the market, which capture. Now, HEX is an old hand at Apple peripherals, and they continue this tradition by the unveiling of a new line of icon watch straps.

You emerge in a lively area of user-defined polycarbonate, make the perfect accessory the HEX symbol clock band, when the latest generation of iPod Nano into it is placed. Since you have 16 different types of watches to choose from with the new Nano, you can be sure that the HEX symbol, wrapped around the wrist carry a surefire way every day, more or less is a "new" watch. There are also built-in buttons as well easy access to the iPod-nano-30-pin connector for compatibility with other accessories.

You will be able to choose from five colors such as blue, green, purple, white and black, while a ceramic texture of time adds more detail. If you are interested in, which is icon watch band per piece for $39.95 retail.

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