Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vibroy portable vibration speaker

If you then surely you would know an audiophile that high-quality loudspeakers offer great-sounding music - it is only natural to be. Of course, most high-quality speakers are also great, but that $29.99 Vibroy portable vibration speaker could surprise you just how this is a unique, powerful pocket-sized music speaker. It can almost everyday objects in speaker - of conversion and if a specific device with headphones work, it also works with Vibroy.

You can decide to stay the Vibroy objects, even your coffee cup to a spontaneous speaker portable vibration speaker in everyday life such as boxes, empty food containers, furniture heck. As it is rather small, you can slip it in the bag, so that you can it to everywhere dead. The "magic" stickers on the Vibroy be hold easily on virtually any surface, and if you want to remove, pull it at a 45-degree angle and restick it again and again. You are dirty should be, can clean it in an instant with a damp cloth.

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