Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E fun APEN A4 digital pen plays nice with Apple

If a hardware or software developers something to work, they best do to almost the entire spectrum of consumers meet, and among them are Windows and Apple products. Now, E fun makes the iPhone and iPad right with the APEN A4 digital pen, where it is note you take easier than ever for owners of the two Apple hardware. This will be app-based accessories, where the APEN freely on paper or notebook, to write, while with notes at the same time on the Apple product with a 30-pin cable get sent allows.

Battery life is great to have a wireless environment here with Bluetooth technology, but perhaps might be a potential banana skin, so connected will now go the way. Can imagine, the access to your drawings and notes in only a few finger swipes, keep in mind, create a backup copy of the data that is on your iPhone or IOS is located, just in case something goes wrong.

We are talking about immediate digitizing from here with the digital pen of the A4, and you need not even use a computer, to save time, where is it both for students and professional productivity. Think the a viable solution for those who want to complete their tasks quickly and in terms of cooperation with others. Finally, seems A4 digital pen with the acceptance of the iPad and iPhone, increasing from day to day among students and professionals, a viable solution, because it digitized immediately handwritten notes.

Can share also up to 100 pages into the receiver stores, can your photos on Flickr, Facebook and other social media sites such as and when needed. Handwritten documents may be shared also by e-Mail, if you wish. Expect APEN A4 digital pen, nice with Microsoft Windows XP, to play Microsoft Vista, Microsoft 7, and Mac 10.5, where it costs you $129.99.

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