Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E fun Nextbook Premium 8 not honeycomb

E fun connects the Tablet fight their latest addition of the Nextbook family, but that's one thing that we are about sore are - it runs not to the Tablet optimized version of the Google Android operating system, which is known as honeycomb, but rather runs on the Android Smartphone-centric 2.3 gingerbread instead. Thus I tempted fall of pooh poohing it, before I with the rest of which information, would I better this tablet judge not by its operating system.

The Nextbook Premium 8 (as you already now, show the most devices that are usually the size of the screen and the Nextbook Premium 8 a number to the name of the model sport this principle corresponds to faithful know) comes with a 8 color TFT capacitive multi-touch touchscreen that ought to be enough for the average user, but those who use higher resolution displays could probably see this as not good enough. Other hardware specifications are after the jump.

Want to go online? Don't worry, as with most nowadays Nextbook Premium 8 is the sport of Wi-Fi connectivity, and it seems rather enter the e-book reader as a multimedia-centric Tablet-after all, it comes with an e-book reader-software, Kobo eBook Store app, SlideME Program Manager, Office suite Viewer and ASTRO file manager. Powered by the RK2918 rock chip processor, Flash programs can be run to installed with Flash 10.1, while the operating system are updated to the luck in the future update can functions through its over the air (OTA).

Not only that this is the first model in the premium product range, the function is a 2.0 megapixel front, that is before the camera, just in case, that you are looking for some video calls, while 4 GB of internal memory MicroSD memory card slot further complemented with a (, to take another 16 GB of data), sports a mini-USB connector, integrated speakers and a 4-way G-sensor.

Expect to shell out $299.99 for these puppies, as it comes from online dealers as of today.

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