Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sportiiiis sets the warning lights on your glasses

What you see here is each pair of glasses in a heads up display (HUD) a way primarily.

It would be not as effective as one of this video eyewear by Vuzix or MyVu, but what you see in the image are not really designed for watching videos on the go. This Sportiiis victims video detail for effect, if there are seven colored LEDs that light up and flash as a warning to the user.

For example, if the user can not to existing performance monitors such as production counters or heart rate chest strap, the ANT + protocol use, can she in response according to the level of activity lights up. Like when you achieve your optimal heart rate you will receive a green LED. I assume that you get a yellow LED, if you are above or below the target.

For some reason my source only tells how this Sportiiiis can be used for sporting activities but I don't see why not other uses than can happen also. For example, could a blue light comes up when I have a call, then I would answer it with my Bluetooth headset. See? I thought that right now.

The Sportiiiis should in November for about $ 199. by the way, is it Sportiiiis with 4 i, such as Mississippi. In contrast to the old joke, it has four in the future and you can see at least some things.


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