Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After France you come, stay in a bubble

Some of you may remember when we this story about the Igloo village in Finland, fall, which remain in glass igloos while observing the guests of the northern lights.

A French designer named St├ęphane Dumas came up with a similar model with sleeves bubble for the observation of the stars at night. Thanks to an airlock at the entrance and a quiet pump that creates pressure, these rooms have always their bubble form.

There's a video after the jump, what you look like these rooms to see. You have that white look of the sixties and seventies's science fiction movies, and the transparent ceiling looks calm. Just so you know, this room from recycled plastic are manufactured.

I like the look of the room from the video, but I wish there were more private. Not only, everyone can see what you are doing in the bubble, but there is a toilet in the room, the only a few metres from the bed. For couples, this could be a stay to indicate a little.

My source says that one night is $700, but I hope that this price includes rent the park for the night. The video says, that it approximately $283.


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