Thursday, October 13, 2011

LG Optimus 3D is 3D game converter

3D stereoscopic 3D (graphic, that is) seems to be that these days, what first must we 3D TVs to help usher in 3D movies in the living room, almost every other movie that appears on the screen a 3D version to rake in more Moolah, and even games has taken today also sports the 3D route - the Nintendo 3ds, as well as 3D-fähigen see title on a PC and console platform? Heck, now came even stereoscopic 3D in the world of smartphones, with the LG Optimus-3D one of them is.

I tried some native 3D games on the LG Optimus-3D recently, and they look good, although my eyes tend to, after a while tired, because it requires no glasses to wear, and if you move the listener into the more frenzied moments of gameplay, the distorted Gets the angle of view - that is why my eyes need constantly to correct itself. In any case, much different than photos on the Smartphone display 3D, works great, but for now we talk 3D games on the LG Optimus-3D. If you have some 2D games on it and asked me how it works in 3D, LG has released a 3D game converter app.

This 3D game converter recently received much interest at IFA 2011 in Germany, and is already available for download for LG Optimus-3D Smartphone owners. It is part of the first maintenance release (Mr), and the software will be met, Alraedy in Europe at the roll-out in other regions over the next weeks.

Announced the first software engine that Smartphonebenutzer Open GL-based 2D games in 3D, are transformed, while with the choice to switch back to 2D at any time, can you say, "How is cool"? In any case it would be fun to see how older 2D games are converted - the software is smart enough to find out what's "behind" the depth set can, and should the sprite to before?

As long as your 2D based on Open GL game up and running in landscape mode, which will play 3D game converter app - Nice is the modes between 3D and 2D change just a flick of the 3D of hot key away. Automatically via WiFi you can 3D game converter by the search for software updates directly to the phone settings menu.

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