Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bergmonch-roller can belt to the rear.

I have been wanting to take a bike on a mountain for a while now. Of course, I am form, and probably not these pedals from the uphill very well.

Fortunately, this Bergmonch (German for "mountain monk") has my back. In fact, it can fold up and be set on my back like a pack. So, if a hill, the bike can rise does not exist, you can go back only on the. I suppose that I could there but the site that may not allow go.

Granted, this Bergmonch create a burden on my back, which is worse than Christ from the Pilgrim's progresscould be. By the way, the Bergmonch is a bike not really since it technically is a scooter.

Despite high load, it would be fun on a mountain very scoot, after the long walk is. Devices like this make me want to make one of these "extremes" adopt lifestyle to see you on TV commercials. Since I'm not a skater, bungee-jumper or surfer, might this set of wheels my only option.

Of course, I don't think that I can afford this, as it costs about $2,150. I hope I have some money for a hospital Act the worst should happen.

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