Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top iPad 2 cover of iFrogz

I've reviewed a lot of products from iFrogz above, and I think usually of them as iPad iPhone and iPod accessories for the masses. However, after he that iPad 2 Summit I case, a case that is very noble to see.

Seriously, if I ever clothes, not I would be at a party full of rich people in tuxes and women in fancy surprised, if the case on their IOS had the people in the presence of this type. Just so you know, it is not made of genuine leather, but would deceive me.

The Summit has a Folio case, which has a polyurethane with same material in its core. The Summit event provides access to ports, inputs and sensors, so that nothing is blocked.

Not only it protects against shocks, dust and scratches, but it can also act as a stand for many angles. Close the wrinkles, even in the case, Velcro.

Yes, all in all it's really precious and practically. I can imagine if I could afford an iPad, I would spend a little more to get a case like this. Finally, the price is a modest $59.99 on the website of iFrogz. Who knows how compares this price on an iPad case that consists of real leather? Leave a comment if you know the answer.

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