Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colourful KitSound listeners

The latest range of KitSound listeners is to be a treat for the summer. The range of in-earheadphone switch KS1 that comes with a colorful array of ear Bud is about to be launched. A spokesman for KitSound made an announcement stating that their goal is to create attractive audio products with impressive sound quality that offers good value for money.

Experts believe that the range of colorful headphones will be a success in the coming summer months. The sound quality KitSoundboasts premium grade, in brilliantly coloured shells. Apart from create interesting on the external surface, the range KitSound switch KS1 packs also many others the improvement of technology in its minimalist design. Multifunctional to make the hands-free telephone calls or to pass through a playlist is powerful low output noise insulation technology team and a button with capabilities are some of the most prominent characteristics of the innovative range. Listeners are also with a built in microphone.

The range of switch KS1 KitSound can provide sound effects and comfort for all users. The listeners stained come with advice of silicon for small, medium and large for provide comfort. As with much spoken of colours which should make the product has been affected, and the range will be available in black, metallic blue, pink, orange and green.

Audio specialist spokesman said that they are not only affordable, but also elegant, stylish and offer unsurpassed audio performance. The range seems to be targeted towards the fashion conscious younger generation. The company has high for the elegant range expectations.

The KS1Range will be officially launched in the United Kingdom next week. Price respectively £ 14.99 and £ 12.99 for an all-inclusive and free versions of microphone, there are chances for the range to fly the shelves throughout the summer.

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