Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth-car speakerphone

Jabra recently unveiled, the EASYCALL and CRUISER2, and I have a chance to try out the latter. The CRUISER2 is your basic Bluetooth speakers and is very similar to the motorway , the I of reported a few weeks ago.

It has even, clip, which targeted life allows it to your car. This one comes with a mini-USB to USB cable for charging and a car adapter.

The CRUISER2 is able to simultaneously connect 2 Bluetooth devices and has dual microphone technology for excellent sound. I have to say that the sound is good, but I believed that the FREEWAY it better.

There must be something, which is not the highway with a FM transmitter for the synchronization of wireless with the car stereo A2DP. As for the talk time information available 14 hours, with 20 days on standby.

Additional features include the voice guidance of caller ID, battery status, together with the set up. Speaking set-up, I have to say that the CRUISER2 with my phone quickly synchronized. It feels like the Jabra gets faster synchronization with each product, that make them. Soon be their Bluetooth devices to connect, before I it to enable.

You would like to purchase from Kagi, the CRUISER2, if you can get it for a price of about $60-90. I see a different rates in different places. For more information about it here.

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