Friday, July 15, 2011

Review of the VueZone system

I have been wanting to try a FIC of the VueZone systems for a while, and I finally my wish.

For those who are not about this technology, VueZone used tiny cameras, you can be seen on the left side of the photo. These cameras are wirelessly synchronized to the "gateway" to see you on the right side of the photo.

Everything you need to do is set up that come with these dome-shaped booths that magnetically lock, set the cameras for simple angle cameras. After everything is set up, you can view the material from your computer or the access to iOS or Android.

It was natural to set up a slight inconvenience. After I plugged into the gateway in my router, the cameras and set up my account, he realizes not my cameras. At least not at first. Finally it was underway, and then I was to able to record and still photograph. Sometimes the images or videos at first, would either appear.

Another disadvantage was, that, despite having two cameras, I two at a time display thread could not. I'm not sure whether my computer is too slow, but it is definitely more video surveillance, as I had before me. Therefore can I recommend them, and understand why their network have may have problems with the.

It is also a good budget for approximately $289.95, and there are other cheaper, the models with only one camera or missing motion detection on the VueZone Website.

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