Friday, July 15, 2011

JAKKS Pacific Plug and play video games

We have reported for article by JAKKS Pacific, and I had the opportunity to try out three their plug and play video games. All three of them are stuck in the white and yellow composite cable TV, and they are pretty much all fun.

The first is the joystick, which brings back the quality of the arcade the PAC-man retro-arcade. Not only PAC-man is, but all sorts of games such as Xevious, Galaga, dig dug, and ten more. I found that it definitely put me back to the old Atari 2600 times, but with better graphics was. Hit the jump to see the other two gaming systems.

The second is Golden Tee Golf, and it is only a game of golf with a track-ball controller. The player is able to, draw it back of the Club of roles on the track ball, and to the front quickly right to strike. I found this one difficult to control, but then again, I never really like to play golf.

The third is Big Buck Hunter, and it is a TV adaptation of the arcade game, where you're shooting bucks, does not do. If your sport shooting defenseless animals is not, has the game also shoot UFOs, Cowpies and moonshine jugs. This game was the only one, the a sensor, and 3 AAA batteries of the three I checked.

Speaking each of them requires 4 AA batteries, and they all are batteries, on the Jakks Pacific website now at different prices.

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