Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ASUS G74SX-gaming notebook launched

ASUS intends to up the ante, if it around the world of games notebooks, this time development of the Republic of gamers (ROG) collection with the G74SX model. By G74SXenjoy what can? Thanks how about incredible visual performance as a staple for starters, to use a 2nd generation Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GTX 560 M GPU with 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM? Not only that the G74SX to the latest Microsoft DirectX11 graphics support, ensure that your eyes are always experience popping visuals without delete all frame rates in the process.

Not only that the G74SX in tandem with NVIDIA 3D works vision and 3DTV-Play-Technologie, to make sure that the 3D revolution can run with you wherever you go - either that, or you can always hook it up to a 3D-capable HDTV one just in case, you need larger map real estate.

Teaching you to such performance with looks was a model of ASUS G74SX from the start as it has a sleek updated paired stealth design with a Matt Black outside, to send all heat, ergonomic keyboard, soft-touch palm rest and new dual smart fan technology a quieter leave the back of the notebook, and have cooler gaming experiences even late into the night.

With the ability to install up to 16 GB RAM should occur anytime soon with this puppy memory issues. Not only your eyes will enjoy graphic details of the G74SX, also your ears keep the notebook happy with 8-Channel HD audio with THX TruStudio and Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 compatibility. Think that more processing firepower? No problem, as there is overclocking-on-the-fly.

Knowledge, if you go to their gaming notebook update anytime soon? You can set a good word for the ASUS G74SX.

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