Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Volkswagen introduced semi-autonomous hands-driving system

Wait a minute here - I've read it correctly? To Volkswagen's semi-autonomous hands driving system help work around you in your vehicle and this your hands free to do something else? The answer is, where Volkswagen their new system as a temporary car has been dubbed pilot (TAP), where it will link between existing driver help technologies and fully automated vehicles. You paving as the drivers have a role to play monitoring system - but at least type the way for the semi-automatic driving on a highway at speeds of up to 130 km/h (80 mph).

You will find no driverless car here, but TAP results in automatic driving assisting authorities technologies that are already in place in addition to semi-automatic functions that require constant monitoring by you, the driver together.

TAP is the car speed, ensure that it maintains safe distance from other vehicles, while its speed right in front of a bend to control delete. Apart from that will also ensure that your vehicle to lane markers's central position is maintained. Needless to say, can TAP at any time be disabled, if an emergency situation. Despite that it means semi-autonomous, not you can now take both eyes from the road and play around on your iPhone instead.

Are you happy to happen on this type of driving systems in the future, or do you prefer firmly behind the wheel? We suspect that most people would want the latter to stay, because people love to be in the control when this extremely employed Executive who cannot afford a driver. -We say stick to the driver that most of them double as bodyguard anyway so why not get the extra protection on your salary and payroll? It is not as if these intelligent cars IQ in the Knight Rider Kitt. have series...

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