Saturday, July 9, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype

Video service and phone Internet Skype was sold to Microsoft $ 8.5 billion. Not very long, it was circulating on the Internet that Facebook was negotiating with Skype for the acquisition of the company. Since the purchase was actually made by Microsoft, Skype will be a new division of the enterprise at Microsoft. It is said that the CEO of Skype, Tony Bates, will assume the title of Division of Skype Microsoft President.

According to a statement published by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, Skype is a phenomenal quality service that is used and loved by millions around the world. Its aspiration is to create a service to allow people to stay in touch with their loved ones anywhere in the world. It has doubled the efforts made by the two companies as the "future of communications in real time '."

Users of Skype and investors were sceptical about the apparent sudden decision. Last year, Skype user base was able to develop up to 145 million of users, which is an increase of 40%. The $ 8.5 billion acquisition cost was considered too high by the investors. An estimate of the analyst found that Skype is about $ 4 billion with revenues from the company 2010.

However, it is clear that Microsoft sees a world of possibilities with the move. It is anticipated that the acquisition will be Microsoft to Facebook, Google and apple.  Experts believe that future Microsoft products will be integrated with Skype, and that advertising can become a part of the agreement.

Users can expect to see that integrated Skype in the last next operating system Microsoft Windows 8. There is also a strong possibility that tablet computers and phones Windows will also embedded with Skype and will meet hopefully public preference. However, as the intentions of the acquisition have not yet made public, users will need to wait for other news are released from Microsoft.

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