Monday, July 11, 2011

Application Smart Samsung TV service passes

Samsung made an announcement indicating the success of Smart TV App Store company. In accordance with the Declaration, the Smart TV App store has managed to exceed the 5 million download milestone.

The company offers 550 Samsung Apps. They are targeted for smart TV series from Samsung which is currently available. According to the statement issued by the Korean electronics giant, the Smart TV App service played exceptionally since it was launched about 14 months earlier.

Among the most popular Samsung Apps download, YouTube application holds the number one position. The application has been topping graphics downloads in the United Kingdom, we and many other countries. Kang-hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President of the Media Center Solution for samsung Electronics said that applications Smart TV has a possibility to the lists of top of the download page for global and regional.  He added that, since the TV is a family based device, adding social features such as games of chance and networking, will create a whole new world of possibilities to the users.

Progress has step however, day to the next. After the service was launched, it took them almost 11 months to reach the 2 million. The mark of $ 2 million was completed in January of this year. But during the next four months, the progress was stiff and reached an additional $ 3 million download. Now, Samsung Apps are available in 120 countries and sees an average of 100,000 downloads every four days.

According to Kevin Kyungshik Lee, Vice President of Visual Display Business - Samsung Electronics, the applications that are specifically designed to improve the experience of television have managed to achieve the status of "living room norm". He added that applications Smart TV by Samsung are a revolutionary change in the living room entertainment and their diversity and the experience that they have to offer will continue to grow.

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