Sunday, July 10, 2011

7-inch tablet on the way to Fujitsu

Fujitsu prepares a 7-inch tablet, which will be published by the third quarter of this year. The new Tablet is followed by the Windows 7 inch released 10.1 Tablet this month. The last Tablet has Android 3.1.

The tablet will come out with a lot of the latest technology with high expectations of performance in the market. Details and specifications are not yet available by Fujitsu. But, as it comes with the latest version of Android, it should be consistent with other similar devices on the market.

Experts believe that the new tablet, which is designed with a standard touch screen with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, will be an interesting competitor to devices already established such as the iPad. It is also assumed that the support of a pen and a 3.5 g module will be added to the new tablet.

Although the Tablet is supposed to be in compliance with the standards of the computer market tablet, the price is expected to be considerably lower than that of most of its competitors. While most tablets are attached to ranges of prices which are considered to be rather expensive for many consumers, the upcoming Fujitsu is set at less than $400. Technology experts believe that it's a wise move by Fujitsu and that he will be received with great enthusiasm from consumers. According to the company, the Tablet is made available at a fair price above 200 pounds.

To maintain the low price tag, it is said that the production of the tablet will be renting or otherwise managing the Taiwanese to be built MDOS. The company which will take on the manufacturing is still unknown. Although the market seems to be littered with tablet devices, the low price range will definitely create a spark of interest among buyers.

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