Friday, July 22, 2011

Mirror universe LED digital watch

Most of us carry a watch for a twofold reason it not only helps you keep track of the current time, but it will also make you a whole lot better look of accessorizing with the rest of your outfit. What happens now, if you the mirror universe LED digital watch? The name itself is this mirrored face pretty self-explanatory - a clock will hide the current time, while the chrome front adds a touch of class.

When know it is, simply press the button and the clock, lights, combined with programmable short message is also displayed. There are 93 led a total of, where you can choose from 12 or 24-hour options help to get the time (and message). A few CR2032 batteries are used, and you can determine when it is getting time to replace the batteries - when the lights dim course,!

The mirror universe LED digital clock cost $34.99 - pretty affordable for something so nice and stylish!

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