Sunday, July 10, 2011

IPhone 4 update before the iPhone 5?

The latest gossip on next iPhone 5 made a new revelation. According to a memo from leakage of Verizon, a 64 GB 4 iPhone will be released a few weeks before the launch of the iPhone very expected 5.

This is not the first time for the "64 GB iPhone" to make headlines. In April, a prototype iPhone 4 has been discovered. The prototype is running on a trial of iOS version offering 64 GB of internal memory.

The latest information are come to the attention of the public via a memo from leakage of cellular Russell, a retailer of Verizon . The internet community is divided into two on this particular bit of information. Some believe that it will be a 64 GB upgrade for the iPhone 4 while others are convinced that the mention of the device is simply a typographical error. The release of such a device, according to most of the tech experts, serve no useful purpose.

As for the iPhone 5, it is rumored finally hit shelves in November.  The device was highly anticipated and many times delayed. According to speculation, the iPhone 5 will pack technology with its elegant design. The information available at present suggest that the iPhone 5 will wrap a dual-core processor and operate on iOS 5. It is also suggested that some of the defects in the design of the iPhone 4 will be corrected in the next version of the resounding success of mobile phone range.

Apart from the standard, iPhone features 5 should also be enabled with Near Field Communication that will transform your mobile phone with a credit card. Experts believe that if the iPhone indeed come integrated with NFC technology, it will be a breakthrough that will change for always to the expectations of smartphone users.

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