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Computer of Terry Tips Newsletter - June 26, 2011.

Many of these programs automatically install one or more other programs to help, except that they install their so that they run all the time. Or, perhaps these extras just take time to load while the computer starts, slowing down the process and can remain in memory where they are needed, the memory of the computer by using all the time [...] Get control of automatic startup programs
In my article Speeding Up slow computer, I wrote about the many ways that a slow computer could be accelerated. Only one of these options are involved change any material, which was adding more memory.

I mentioned the problem of all assistance programs that get installed by computer manufacturers and other programs that you install - all programs that are running all the time, taking all the memory and putting the CPU run more difficult?

There are two great free programs that can help you do this [...]

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This week online:

With my new design of the web site of Terry, my computer tips, I publish now articles individually rather than as a question online. This also means that I can link with the articles, as I have below:

  • How to turn on Outlook 2007 reading pane?
    Subscriber Mike Gallagher recently wrote with a problem with Outlook 2007:

    Hi Terry, it's me again. So far I have had no lick with Win XP, SP-3 installed, even after your suggestions. Always try however. I will keep you informed. However, a situation "worse" has developed. My settings for viewing my emails in [...]

VIPRE Antivirus and
VIPRE antiviru Premium
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GFI has added a new option for VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Antivirus Premium - a new life of PC subscription option

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This week online - Blast From The Past
Newly posted articles

Here are the new individual articles this week on the site of Terry, my computer Tip that have posted in my e-mail or online newsletters.

As above, they are now direct links to individual articles…

  • Migration of files when moving from a Vista computer to a Windows 7 computer
    After a recent article mentioning the backup program to use Acronis True Image home 2011, I received a Keith Vigon subscriber email with a question on the subject to use in its process of upgrading its operating system:

    Hi Terry. Generally when changing computers, I have the same (very) basic problem, namely moving [...]

  • Display Internet Explorer 9 Favorites
    New Subscriber Martin Rogers wrote me a problem he had not been able to solve, and web research has not helped. Martin subscribed to my newsletter and then wrote his is…

    Hi, I downloaded just announced and have lost my favorites toolbar. I browsed some of the alternative sites, but [...]

  • Problem installing XP Service Pack 3
    Subscriber Mike Gallagher has recently written request suggestions for the installation of Service Pack 3 on Windows XP computer:

    HI Terry, I have a computer running Windows XP, SP-2. It will not install SP - 3 or a downloaded version, or from the CD of SP - 3. Suggestions? Thank you, Mike G.

    I wrote the return of Mike [...] tell him

I love the redesign of web site of Terry, my computer tips - making display section and maintenance much easier than before. I am glad that I switched to WordPress and the Genesis theme framework.

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