Friday, July 15, 2011

DXG offers low-cost 3D stills

What you see here is a new type of 3D viewer of DXG, creator of the many great HD camcorder.

This 3D viewer can take only still shots, and I have try it out. You get 3D, you may or may not have been looking, but you have to jump through a lot of tyres for it really.

What happens is that one with the dual camera shoot. This on the back of the camera is only 1, 44 inches, and you can use the images in real time. You can then print and placing them in the document 3D viewer for a "Viewmaster" carry-effect.

When it comes to printing them out, I had problems first. I have the supplied USB cable, but it did not quite work. I finally ejected the SD card (that is included with the product) and plugged in my printer slot. Thanks to PictBridge technology it recognized my 3D images and merging printed it in the form of two 2D images, to make a 3D image in the Viewer. I hope that it will work without problems on other printers.

I tried this with normal 8 x 11 paper, and it worked, but the company recommends 4 x 6 photo paper. Is a clear difference, and I mean, in the truest sense of the word.

In all honesty, we are looking for on one of the best ways to bring 3D to the average consumer. It is admittedly, in the form of still and not for video. If you prefer, you can get it in different colors for about $69.99 on The official DXG website.

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