Monday, July 11, 2011

Samsung brings retinal display tablets

The last prototype unveiled by Samsung contains the latest display technologies. With the integration of Samsung retina display in his last tablet, PenTile, it is expected that innovation can become a reference in all future tablet computers.

SamsungPenTile Tablet is the first of its kind to provide a view of the retina. However, it is still not considered to be the standard of the iPad 2 when it comes to overall quality. Samsung has shown that it is indeed possible for their thumb Tablet 10.1, the Galaxy tab to be integrated with a display high resolution.

The display comes with 2560 X 1600 pixel resolution. This resolution of high grade is regarded as a characteristic that most of the major will lack computers. This is certainly a point more for Samsung as more similar tabs with all features a lack of high-quality display. This feat was carried out by Samsung with the placement of 300 pixels in a single inch. This creates a greater density of pixels which makes it the distinction of a single pixel to the naked eye almost impossible for the majority of the population.

Improved display is not all that PenTile has to offer. According to Samsung, power management has also been improved. Once again, it is always a good thing for a Tablet PC package a screen high-definition and a more optimized battery: a delicate combination.

Now, he did not have official for PenTile be integrated in any future tablets. However, it is said that users can expect a commercial version later this year.

This advancement by Samsung this possibility for future tablets to the iPad (2) a real competition. While iPhone 4 is come with display of the retina, the feature was absent from the iPad 2. However, many fans of Apple products is anticipating the feature to add to the iPad 3.

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