Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digital camera Sony DSC tx55 does 3D with single lens

When it comes to the world of digital cameras, there are many models to choose from when it comes to the entry level and mid range segments. Only with that many choose to choose which model you should with your money for part? Sony may have a new candidate, fitting are for your needs (and wallet) when it is released later in September of this year for $350, DSC tx55 from the Cyber-shot range come in the form of the Sony digital camera.

With the exceptionally slim and stylish form factor, which have a number of new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TOK-715 camera new new technologies, where among them are "From pixel Super solution" technology, which the camera zoom range becomes a virtual 10-fold boost. Of course many people might think that this would lead to a loss of quality, but Sony's efforts the action from a distance increase would maximum resolution (16.2 million pixels) without losing quality in the image sensor.

This is also the first camera from the Cyber-shot range, a "image effect" where will it further develop mode will deliver without going a Shutterbug artistic possibilities go on an editing software art. Is the DSC tx55 are 16, 2-megapixel, highly sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor, which can deliver, intensive image detail and ultra low noise, regardless of whether you shoot still images or record full HD video, let alone have less than satisfactory lighting conditions. Apart from this, the camera hi speed auto focus also on the subject can block in 0.1 seconds.

While the new DSC tx55 of any SLR camera, DSLR-like is still to achieve picture quality. With superior Auto mode, they can see a variety of shooting situations, where it will go ahead to exposure and other settings. You need estimate no large, bulky lens stereoscopic 3D images to shoot - the DSC tx55 this with using only a lens, where it will take two shots at once uses the first image, depth information, so that a dramatic three-dimensional image can be created.
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