Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Petron fun crossbow

So we took a look at the Petron hand bow yesterday, and for those who upgrade a bit more kick in their modern medieval weapons, here is the Petron fun crossbow. At £ 14.99 a pop, this lightweight weapon comes from a less civilized age and can provide a satisfactory twang, whenever you choose to make a sucker-tipped saw blades flying projectile to your destination.

Some Assembly is required to assemble these puppies, but it is easy enough, even a 6 year old have much fun with it. Too bad there are only 3 sucker darts, which accompany this crossbow, which means that you probably more time picking up the DART out of the ground, rather than a hail of arrows to your intended target rains would spend. Best of all, you not the strength needed, you must use this compared to an old school crossbow.

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