Friday, July 15, 2011

She will not likely these glasses of Transformers 3-d movie with catch me

The third movie is transformers, dark side of the Moon, this week, and it's no surprise that the it in 3 - d. Hasbro is everything is ready for sharing with all kinds of toys, and this is especially one of them, 3D glasses.

As my title means that there is no way I wear in the theatre, although the multiplex fee-paying price of "Rental". My son, in the picture here is a different story. By the way, these glasses equipped 3-d movies work only on RealD, but the toy comes with red and blue type, as well as a 3-d poster.

You can get for around $9.99 at Toys R US websitethis 3D mask. I couldn't find it on the Hasbro Web site, but it is available in Optimus Prime form. Check the jump for more core transformers action.

Hasbro leader class Hummel has, for example, a different version of Bumblebee with the Mechtech. There we looks on very similar as the OPS battle Bumblebee , a while ago reported. I must admit that the sounds of less cooler are, and it is difficult to fold it up in a Camaro. It costs about $44.99 and stands on the site of Hasbro.

In the big picture I intend to try out some transformer toys in small and medium-sized recently. Once again I would like to, that the transformers looked this cool back in the day. Check the Hasbro toy shop Web site and see what you can find if you're a fan.

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