Monday, July 11, 2011

Low sales for Nintendo

Research conducted by the firm npd Group revealed that Nintendo did rather poorly in the video game console market. The comparative research of the performance of Nintendo with Microsoft and Sony. The results show that the Nintendo DS and Wii have become slow sellers in the US market, while the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 had high sales year after year.

Some experts believe that the decrease of sales of the Nintendo Wii may be due to the official announcement said the next arrival followed up to her. It was announced that the Wii follow-up will be unveiled at E3 in June.

The Nintendo 3DS comes packaged with a few new tricks. 3D graphics that don't require glasses 3D to display, augmented reality games and a gyroscope with an accelerometer for motion detection effective controls are some of the many features packed in the apparatus. However, some users feel that his appearance is not very different from older versions.

While most users have given the thumb until the Nintendo 3DS user-friendly performance, it has still not satisfied its sales forecast. The opening week, the device was able to sell about 400,000 units. During the month of April, it failed to pass an additional 194,000 devices.

Experts and users remain optimistic on the future follow-up for nintendo wii. It is expected that the Wii 2 will have the opportunity to draw attention to Nintendo which seems to have been eclipsed by other brands. With regard to the 3DS, there is not much hope for further increases in decreasing sales. The reason for the poor performance in the month as well as by the lack of hope in the future sales may be pointed out in mass interest in the future the arrival of the NPM from Sony.

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