Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jabra EASYCALL headset was only on the AT & T stores

Jabra is right from the beginning to the Bluetooth headset on, I remember very early days as a colorful display on mobile phones were just starting to proliferate, while those Bluetooth headsets, such as Borg walk on Earth to be seen, been. Now, while colored map on mobile phones are a given these days can still carry it pretty hard, get to those Bluetooth headsets despite it is very common.

This means the Bluetooth headset market is alive and Jabra is more than enough money continues to roll out newer models. Their latest version would be the headset Jabra EASYCALL, which is available exclusively at AT & T retail stores and online today. The EASYCALL is so called because it features easy to use, intuitive controls, where it is by the Jabra CRUISER2, which itself is a popular Autofrei speak, the voice controls has accompanied and superior sound for hands-free on the road, making it a whole lot safer, drive and carry on a conversation at the same time.

The Jabra EASYCALL is announced, the perfect entry-level Bluetooth headset option, be especially so for those who has no previous experience with this headset. The use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology delivers crystal clear sound and voice while it a rather pocket friendly price of only $32 which is not interrupted, the Bank or this month budget, and yet groovy enough to hook up to a few devices at the same time. This simplifies the transition between work and family demands.

Apart from the EASYCALL are also supplied with automatic volume control, you can display status icons for easy viewing, an on-off button slider and spoken voice guidance the current battery level and connectivity status know a seamless and intuitive Bluetooth headset experience delivers the next generation.

How is the next, where there will be some of the very successful Cruiser left off (as creative in the Naming Convention), for the Jabra CRUISER2, improved sound quality, caller ID, handsfree, ' speaking the users ' and voice announcements to offer when it set up the audio guide and connectivity status and low battery charger significantly to announce. Expect you the Jabra CRUISER2 at $79.99 more expensive.

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