Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review of the VuPoint magic wall portable scanner

I think that as a society we away from paper move and go one towards all digital format. When you consider that almost every consumer has a scanner with your printer, that need to be made to most of our documents is digital, fast.

Those who need their scanning in portable form the VuPoint should probably solutions magic wand check-out. I first saw a chance to try it out it at CES a few years ago, and I finally.

I was hoping that I could soon past the frustration factor get, and I have. Quick Start Guide showed me exactly what you are doing at the moment I got it out of the box. Once inserted, I a MicroSD card (not included) I was ready to scan. I found a few of my daughter drawings, and see the results after the jump.

As you can see, there are a lot of edges that are slightly off, but it captures perfectly the image. A little trimming could take care of that, and I am sure that I could easily perfect this time.

The scanner has some "roles", which allow the user to on press and ordinary piece of paper and turn it into a JPG file. Indicator shows how many scan to file, and the device is powered by 2 AA batteries. It comes with a USB cable, so you can download pictures to your computer.

If you feel for this type of portable scan action, you freely select it for about $129.95 on the X-Treme Geek Website.

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